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Want Your Blog To Succeed? Get Stats Tracking Now!

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So you have a website or blog setup, it looks good, and you have some traffic coming to it each day.. Now what?

It’s time you start analyzing who is coming to your website, how they ended up there and what they want!

Why You Need Stat Counters

There are allot of programs out there that you can install to run in the background of your blog and tell you everything from how many hits you are getting per day, to what percentage of your viewers are from a certain country, to how they got to your blog in the first place.

It is important to have the ability to analyze everything that you can get your hands on when it comes to your website.

Advertisers Love Them

That’s the biggest advantage! Users can not fake their Stats like they can their RSS Feed or Newsletter Subscribers!…statistics never lie. This is why  things like “unique visitors per day” are going standards in this industry, and if you don’t have the numbers, you won’t get the business!

Top Stat for WordPress

website stats, website Analytics, traffic 22773v1-max-150x1501

Google Analytics
At the very least, you need to use Google Analytics. With Google’s new tracking device, you can literally see EVERYTHING that goes on in your website!  Things like search engine keywords and even a user’s city and state.

It’s crazy how much information Google Analytics gives you, but because of this dominance it has easily become the standard in stat tracking ability.

alexa page rank, website traffic, analytics

Alexa.com Widget
Alexa is one of the biggest internet tracking services, and has a database of billions of websites all over the Internet. No matter what people say as far as tracking isn’t important, , advertisers use Alexa to get a quick reading of how popular a website really is, Remember Stats Don’t Lie!

This is why you  need to install the Alexa.com widget on our website to ensure that we are maximizing our reading from the Alexa.com servers.

alexa page rank, website traffic, analyticsQuantcast (Quantifier)
Quantcast is another popular online stat tracking service, much like Alexa.com.  The “Quantcast Quantifier” plugin makes it easy for you to do this on a WordPress blog. Go ahead and download the plugin and install it through WordPress’ plugin area in your admin panel.

Quantcast, is a very nice tool for seeing things that you wouldn’t otherwise, like a users’ income levels and education level.

I use Google Analytics to track real-time stats like user hits, Alexa.com to boost our rankings and Quantcast to look into user demographics. The three together make a great 1-2-3 PUNCH!

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  • http://www.vladexperiment.com/ Vlad Olariu

    H John, nice post, very useful! Can you tell me the plugin that you use to share the post? Thanks.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hey Vlad, Thanks for the comp,, glad it helped. You can get the plugin that automatically post to twitter at http://alexking.org/

    Very nice simple plugin.

  • http://www.vladexperiment.com/ Vlad Olariu

    Thank you very much :)

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  • http://www.widespread.in Tech Articles

    Thanks for this. I am going to install the Alexa widget now!

  • http://ileane.wordpress.com ileane

    Hey John, thanks for telling me what Quantcast is. I started seeing in with the SEO Site Tools extension that I'm using for Chrome but I was too lazy to investigate. I'm a big GA fan and I guess most WordPress users are. I also use it on Blogger. I never hear good things about Alexa stats, so I avoid looking at them for my blog, but with the SEO Site Tools, I always view Google PR, Alexa, Quantcast and others for any site I visit.

    Thanks again!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Tech TY for the comment. Yea, def get the Alexa widget on there.. I have the small one and really doesn't matter where you have it.. Just Have It..

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Ileane you are welcome :) GA is great especially for a free tool.

    Alexa works fine, and it is what advertisers use to prove a sites stats, it is not perfect but gets MUCH better once you break 100,000 rank

  • http://ileane.wordpress.com ileane

    John, I forgot to mention the thing about advertisers. I don't have many ads, so I don't have personal experience, but I never hear of anyone being turned down by an advertiser because of their Alexa rank. Do you know anyone? Also do the advertisers also determine how much they are going to pay based on Alexa? I just keep hearing that Advertiser use it, but I never hear any specifics. And the Alexa reviews is something else that seems vague. Do the reviews improve your ranking or not? No one ever seems to know for sure??

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    I don't anything about the reviews, never cared to learn since every site I have ever seen on Alexa has no rating lol

    As far as advertisers using Alexa, they def do. That is one of the things they look at and if you go buy ads anywhere Alexa is a factor.

    Alexa isn't perfect, but it's the same system we all use so it is not perfect for everyone so we are on a level field. If it didn't work for me, but worked for you, then I wouldn't put much weight on Alexa, but since it works the same for us all, then it is something you should look into. Also nice to see your rank drop and know your work is paying off :)

    When people tell you they are in the top 20% websites on the net, they get their stats from Alexa.

  • http://ileane.wordpress.com ileane

    John, I'm sure advertisers use it, but I'd love to know exactly how they use it. For example, I'd like to hear this from a blogger “I was turned down by advertiser XXX because my Alexa Rank is only X,XXX,XXX” those are the specifics that I would love to see from anyone that is concerned about Alexa rank. All of the information is way too vague for me to show any concern. I'm sure it's out there though. I'll make a deal with you, if I find the specifics I'll let you know and if you find them first you let me know. Deal?

    FYI – my rank continues to drop and I have received 4 great reviews and I have given close to a dozen. I stopped giving reviews only because I don't know if doing them is a waste of time or not. I'll keep you posted on that one too!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    The Alexa rank is a good stat to show how much traffic a site get.s So if you have a higher Alexa then advertisers won't bother trying to advertise with you.

    Now if you have a lower rank then advertisers will come to you with opportunities.

    Also your Alexa is a good base on what you can charge or be offered for advertising.

    Like I said earlier, every site uses Alexa stats, whether it is perfect or not, it works the same for everyone.

    So it is a stat that people look to, it is NOT the only stats, but it is a big stat.

    The stats are allready there..lol If your Alexa is in the millions you will not be able to sell or be offered advertising,, if your Alexa is undder 100,00 you will be getting offers and can begin to sell advertising. This is all if you even want to sell adverting. some do, some don't.

    As far as the reviews, I think they are a waste of time.. your rank is dropping because your getting more traffic, I don't think the reviews have much to do with it.

  • http://ileane.wordpress.com ileane

    John, thanks for your help. I think I understand it better now.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Your Alexa is dropping nicely,, that's what matters. :) It's a good stats, also feels good seeing your stat fall.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Your Alexa is dropping nicely,, that’s what matters. :) It’s a good stats, also feels good seeing your stat fall.

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Limited Offer > FREE 30 Min One-On-One Consulting Call Learn More Now