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Video Boss All New and Bossier

Posted by in Internet Marketing

Video Boss – Now Even Bossier

I’m happy to share that finally after a year off the market, Andy Jenkins has returned with Video Boss and now is better then before.

video boss, videoboss
For those that don’t know who Andy is, he is a Emmy award winning Hollywood video editor that has brought his skills to the Internet Marketing world.

When you see big launches from people like John Reese, Frank Kern, Ryan Lee and many more.. chances are it was Andy who did up the videos for them.

You can watch the First video for Video Boss on Thursday when it goes live.  For now, you can get notified as soon as the videos are live by visiting the launch page below.

video boss video, video boss

Who doesn’t want to see Frank Kern holding a big medieval sword after a few sips of Champagne :)

Here are a few preview images of what you will see in the first Video Boss video.

And yes that is a talking head of Eban Pagan haha

video boss bossier


video boss vid


video boss review

Andy is setting up Video Boss launch up to be different then we are all used to.. he is having some fun with it.. so whether your thinking of buying or not.

I recommend you follow the launch, watch the videos and take some learning away that you can use on your launches.. and who knows.. you may learn something about video marketing alone the way :)

Video Boss – Now Even Bossier will launch tomorrow Thursday, but for now you can get on the Early Notice list – Video Boss


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