Top 5 Reasons To Use Responsive Website Design [Infographic]

Top 5 Reasons To Use Responsive Website Design [Infographic]

Are Using Responsive Website Design?

If you don’t know what that is, let me explain.

Responsive design will automatically fit any screen size you are using, desktop, mobile or tablet.

I have used responsive designs for clients with My Free WordPress Install Service and on some of my own sites, recently on Brainy Marketer

I have to say I am happy with the results and how easy they are to work with, but there is one hiccup.

When you are making graphics for a responsive design, there is an added cost since your graphics will not be static, they will have to expand and contract to fit the screen your reader is using.

Honestly that is the only negative I have personally seen while working with them.

Today’s Infographic gives you 5 great reasons why you should use a responsive design, but I’d like to add in 2 bonus reasons.

1. Branding, using a responsive theme will keep your branding strong across any screen your visitor uses, your logo, colors and design will still be present. Compared to using a mobile plugin, which will mainly look like a generic RSS feed with or without your logo.

2. Make More Money, a responsive ttheme will have all your banners and offers still showing, they will all be rearranged to fit the screen but they WILL all still show.

Have a affiliate offer banner?

Have a nice email opt in box?

Have a banner for your services?

No problem, they will all still be there helping you get clicks and make more money.

Ohhhh yea,  I just thought of another negative to going responsive, the time it will take you to choose ONE to use. :)

There are so many amazing responsive tthemes out there that it will be hard to narrow to one.

It took me like 3 hours over 2 days of searching on ThemeForest to pick the theme for Brainy Marketer haha and I have about 10 bookmarked I’d like to use on other projects.

Let’s get to the Infographic, I hope you enjoy it – Top 5 Reasons To Use Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design [Infographic]

source: genetech


  • Cody

    Thanks for sharing. This well done.

  • John Paul

    TY Cody,, I agree,, great Infographic.

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