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12 Smarter Ways To Use Twitter For Small Business

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When using Twitter for a Small Business, your may have a few goals in mind like…

Expanding your brand
Finding new customers
Supporting existing customers
Making sales
Getting customers to your door
Building mutually beneficial relationships

twitter for small business

No matter what your goals are, there are a few things you can do to better use Twitter to help you reach any or all those goals.

For me, it all starts with having a smarter feed, since your feed is really the first thing people will pay attention to once they land on your Twitter page.

When a new customer or potential customer lands on your Twitter page you want them to see, a nice image, a nice clean header image and you want them to see an ACTIVE FEED.

This will tell them that there is “someone” there if they need help or have a question.

Once we get your feed looking good, there are a few other things you can do on Twitter to help you get the MOST out of your time on Twitter.


12 Ways To Use Twitter for Small Business


Be Human and Show Personality

Be you, showing that there is a real person with personality behind the Twitter account is one of the best things you can do on Twitter to help your business.

Learn to share things that are NOT about business, or even your business. Share things similar and that relate to your business, but that are funny, clever, news related etc…

Also acknowledge holidays with funny images or even images of you and your family or team members.


Be There, Be Available

Your #1 goal on Twitter BEFORE anything else, is to get people to trust you!

Once you have their trust it will be much easier to get them to listen to what you share things you say and share.

The best way to do both is to be active, be available, be helpful.

When potential followers or customers visit your Twitter feed and see that you are sharing great content and answering questions on a regular basis it will make them see you and trust you and start to listen to you and potentially bring them one step closer to buying from you.


Share Helpful Content

You have to assume that the people that follow you, followed you to learn more about you and your Small Business.

So the best way to do that in a SOFTER way, is by sharing tutorials and how-to’s about your product or services.

This does 2 things…
1, It helps people see the value of your product or services and will help motivate them to buy.
2, It helps your customers to better understand and use your products or services.


Be The One They Think Of First

You want to be the ONE they think of first when they want or need something in YOUR niche.

Your goal here is to constantly share helpful on target content that fits around what your small business is or does so that you are constantly in there feed, in their face on there mind.

You want people to come to you and follow your feed because they know they will get great information on a daily basis. Once they are following you, then they will start to not only see the content you share from OTHERS, but they will start to see YOUR content as well.


Promote In A Smarter Way

Most small business owners come to Twitter with a mindset of sell sell sell, and that is not a smart move. You have to be smarter with the way you promote, you have to learn how to promote through content.

How do you o this?  

If you manage your stream correctly and follow the tips I shared above, then you won’t have to do much “promotional hard selling” stuff.

But when you do want to do harder push promotions for new products, or holiday discounts or whatever. Keep it fun and relevant and your promotions will be seen in a positive way and not a negative.

The fact is, if you just keep a well managed feed by following the tips I shared above, you will have customers and followers LISTENING to you and ACTING on what you share.


Understand and Use Hashtags

Using hashtags in tweets will help you expand your conversations and audience on Twitter. The hashtag can be used following any word or phrase to identify a common topic, for example #smallbiz is a popular small business hashtag.

By liking on the #smallbiz hashtag it will bring up a list of all the tweets, conversation that also use that same hashtag.

But overuse of hashtags will get messy and take focus away from the actual tweet you are sending, so I would say use no more than 2 hashtags per tweet. That gives you the benefits of hashtags without being annoying.

Think of hashtags as your “foot in the door” to bigger conversations.


Keep Growing, Get Leads

Remember that soft promoting with content I talked about above?

This is what you do that, to gain new leads, emails of potential customers. By sharing helpful content in the form of blog posts, ebooks, slideshares, videos, webinars etc… will give you the ability to then get their email address where you can THEN do more ongoing promotion directly to their email.

When you hear people say they do social selling, this is what they mean, share great content, get their email, promote through email and make sales.


Google Loves Twitter

Google now includes Twitter data in their search results, meaning tweets now get ranked for keywords.

So make sure to include your keywords from your content into your tweets, and use keywords in the image files you share.

This will give you the potential to get tweets ranked, but it also to let Google know what you talk about most and are an expert in giving you an even better chance to get your CONTENT ranking higher.


Dig Into Twitter Search

If you want to use Twitter for small business, then Twitter search is a goldmine.

A lot of small business owners have no idea how powerful the search feature can be for discovering new customers.

All the tweets sent every week are all available to be searched through using twitter.com/search-advanced.

How can you use the search feature?

What if you want to find new customers, you would do a search for term, phrases people interested in your business or products would search.

You own a dog clothes business, can search terms like “dog clothes” “pet clothes” “clothes for pets” “cold pets” “pets in winter”.  You want to search terms people would use when talking about problems YOUR business can solve.

Once you find those tweets, conversations you can then jump into those conversations and offer help or answer questions, just be helpful, solve their problem.


Share The Visuals

Sharing images in your tweets will get you more retweets then a tweet with no image, that is a proven fact. So learn to find great images that match the content of the tweet perfectly.

You can also share just images, funny images, holiday images, think of the personality stuff I shared above.  This is a good time to just have fun and show you are a real and normal person, not JUST a business.

Share image quotes, share funny images, share personal images of things you enjoy, even share images of you “doing” your business.

If we take our dog clothes biz example, I would share funny or cute images of pets that are cold, in the rain or in the snow and add some funny message like…”Boy I sure wish I had some boots”

It’s funny, cute, shows you have personality and a bonus… it’s promoting your business WITHOUT promoting your business.


Believe In The Power Of Influencers

Influencers are people, “experts” in a niche that have a large following and have influence in that following, people listen to them because they have been here and have proven to be someone to be heard.

By finding and building relationships with influencers, your small business can benefit greatly on Twitter by the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

To find your influencers, start by searching for industry keywords and paying particular attention to who is getting retweeted the most, also search their blogs to see if their content is getting attention.

Once you have a handful of influencers, you can put them into a list so you can keep track of what they tweet and engage with them on a regular basis.

Understand in the beginning it will be a lot of GIVING on your end to get that influencer to see you and connect with you. The more you give and support them the faster they will give and support with you and your small business.


Let Them Find You

Now you should know that you need a good head shot, and header image and match your profile colors with your brand, so I won’t go into that, but I will go into 3 important areas that all small business owners should get right.

Share your location, website, age and bio.

Location – Tell people where they can find you, very important if you are a local business.

Website – Add your website url, but not a shortened url, you want people to see your website name. You can also use a Twitter landing page, that is setup just for your Twitter followers.

This is a great way to personalize and start to build that relationship with a potential customers.

Age – Seems silly, but sharing your age helps validate you and people will trust you a little more when you share personal information.

Bio – Talk about how you can help people and why they should listen. A little personality here goes a long way too.


Using Twitter for small business has changed a lot in the past few years, you now have to have goals, you have to have a plan.

If you follow the steps I shared above and put in the work and time, you will start to see real results.

More traffic to your blog or website, more conversation and retweets on Twitter, more email opt ins and MORE SALES!

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  • http://www.ssipe.in/ Anika Sharma

    Amazing post. It really gives insight to people who may be apprehensive or
    just not as knowledgeable on how to use Twitter to their advantage.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Glad you enjoyed the post Anika

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