Twitter Fails: How You’re Using Twitter All Wrong

Twitter Fails: How You’re Using Twitter All Wrong

Twitter Fails: How You’re Using Twitter ALL Wrong

twitter fails

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had hit my 1 year anniversary for the Kidney Transplant I had received, I wasn’t able to work a 9-5, so I decided to start a blog as a way to make money.

I started my new blog here, but I had no money to use to promote and drive
traffic to my new blog.

I had been using Social Media for a while when Twitter came onto the scene. I was excited at the potential, people were talking about how great it was at getting you attention and driving traffic

Obviously, I was very excited.

I told a friend about Twitter and how I was going to use it ti get tons of traffic to my new blog.

She laughed and said, “what’s a Tweeter?” lol

She wasn’t impressed, but I was, I was ready to jump into Twitter and get all that new traffic.

I jumped right in, using Twitter for what felt like 6 hours a day every day.

I didn’t really “get” Twitter at that time, I just knew I had to post a lot of stuff and watch the followers come rolling in and all the traffic role into my new blog.

This story doesn’t end well…

I wasn’t seeing any results so I thought the fix was to share even more, I was sharing something like 50 tweets a day, I figure no one is seeing my tweets, I need to send more, more, more..

Really bad idea, this was my biggest Twitter fails.

I was on Titter each day for like 8+ hours, sharing, hoping.

Nothing happened, I got like 5 new followers and no traffic to my blog after 2 weeks of hard work.

I was depressed, terrible thoughts ran through my head.

I thought was the content I shared not good?

I thought that starting a blog was probably a big mistake.

I thought that all I heard about Twitter was a big lie.

I was embarrassed that my friend was right.

I had no idea what went wrong.

So I decided Twitter wasn’t for me, I left it for about 2 years.

And you want to know what was the most frustrating part of all this?

I was actually sharing good content, helpful tweets.

I later realized that my tweets were great, my mistakes were, sharign to much and sharing to
the wrong people, or not sharing tweets that fit my blogs topic

If you have been using Twitter to gain attention and traffic to your blog and have not seen the results you have hoped for…I bet you are making the same mistakes I made when I first started on Twitter.

You can literally have the best Tweet to send…

Great image.

Great headline.

Great Call To Action.

But if you’re showing that Tweet to the wrong person and you are sharing those tweets incorrectly, or you are sharing way to many tweets in a day then you have no chance of getting any attention from them.

Let alone gaining any traffic to your blog.

Your time = wasted.

I had to learn that the hard way…and it almost cost me to close my blog.

I want to help you not start and make the mistakes I made when I first used Twitter.

I am Launching a 3-Part Free Twitter Training Video Series

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The Dilemma of FREE

We all love Free right< free food, free services, free stuff, free information.

But I think online and in the content and digital marketing space, free can sometimes be a negative.

With so much free this and free that online, I believe people see free information as lower quality.

When most of the time, that is NOT the case, I know with me I have shared “free” blog posts for well over 9 years and I can say those posts have been very helpful to many readers.

I see free differently, I think free content/information should kick-ass.


Because when your free information is great, it will automatically pre-qualify people when it comes time for you to put out a pay for product.

Billy Bob will be thinking…

“wow John Paul’s free webinar was awesome, imagine what he shares in his paid course”

Make sense?

So don’t be quik to devalue free training, because you never know what you will learn that can help grow your blog or business.

So don’t forget…

I am Launching a 3-Part Free Twitter Training Video Series

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  • Don Purdum

    Hi John Paul,

    I couldn’t agree more! Free content should absolutely be the best it can be!!! Especially if your business model is a service based business like yours and mine is.

    Twitter has been a HUGE boost for our success over the last six to eight months. I’ve met some incredible business owners and entrepreneurs and a number of relationships have blossomed because it.

    It’s my number one social site, followed by LinkedIn.

    Thanks also for sharing a bit of your inspirational story John Paul! Your story is the American story and I’m proud to learn of your accomplishments and I look forward to getting to know you better!

    I can always learn something new, so I’m heading over to sign-up for the Twitter training right now.

    Happy New Year!

    ~ Don

  • John Paul

    Don, good here we agree,, so many people see their “free” content the wrong way. make it great and you have now pre-qualified yourself for any paid product in the future.

    and Ty for the support, I hope my story of ups and downs motivated you a little bit man… main reason I share it,, if I can see success, then ANYONE can.

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