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Traffic Tactics That Drive Free Traffic On Demand

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Traffic Tactics For Driving Free Traffic

If you been online long enough with your blog or website, you know it is all about traffic, and I’m sure you have tried many traffic tactics that may or may not have worked.

The reason for top gurus true success online is more about the amount of traffic they get, and not so much that they know more then you.

We all want more traffic to our blogs and if we can get Free traffic it makes it that much more exciting.

There are many traffic tactics out there to get you free traffic, like using social media, but that has been talked about many times before.traffic tactics

Today I wanted to share a few tips that I have used and still use today that you may or may not have heard about before.

Some are more powerful then others, but they all work. Sometimes the simplest things are the more effective.

Keep ADDING fresh, relevant, content

When it comes to writing content with keywords, think big. You want your blog to be found via THOUSANDS of different phrases every month.

Also, search engines prefer fresh sites which keep gradually adding new content. Don’t let your site go stale.

This can also be done with articles, apply the same techniques. Shoot for one article a day.

Make your domain name easy to read

Which of the following is easier to read and understand?

www.johnpaulaguiar.com or  www.JohnPaulAguiar.com

See how using a capital letter at the start of each word makes the second domain name easier to read – and easier to remember… Simple right?

Whenever you mention your url anywhere, ALWAYS use the caps version. A good place to start doing this is in your email signature file, and social sites profiles.

This will make your url easier to read and remember.

Use keywords in your image file names

My blog gets 200 – 300 visits a month from images, it may not be the best quality, but it free and I don’t have to do any work for them, and that’s a Win-Win for me :)

Google Images – http://images.google.com – makes it easy for people to search for graphics online.

Now when choosing the file name of an image on your blog, use one of your key phrases, for example, “dog-beds.jpg” if you’re promoting dog beds.

You can also take this a step further and use the same keywords in your ALT tag for your image.

Do your keyword research.

I know I know, doing keyword research isn’t a big secret.. but it is SOOO important I had to add it here.

If you want to get LOTS of traffic from search engines, you need to find out the exact phrases which people are typing into search engines. There are free tools available for this, but they’re not nearly as useful as the more comprehensive paid tools.

I use Google AdWords Tool

I like to choose keywords with a monthly search volume under 10,000. But this is all relative. It all depends on your PR rank, how well your blog and post is SEO optimized.

So for a blog that doesn’t have a high PR rank, and doesn’t have his SEO stuff together as much as he would want, then stick to keywords with a monthly search volume under 3,000.
This gives you the best chance to get on page 1.

Include keywords in your social site profiles

Whenever you create an online profile, like on a forum or on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – always use carefully chosen key phrases.

I talk more about this on SEO Tips For Your Twitter and Facebook Page To Rank You Higher On Google

This increases the chance that people will find you, either via search engines. The goal here is to associate your name and blog url with your main keywords everywhere online that you can.

You need to become an Online Graffiti Artist, tag everything you see :)

Write free reports or white papers

Write a free ebook or free report and ask bloggers and newsletter publishers to give it away.

This one I havn’t done, but I know friends that have and it works for them very well.

Submit your free ebook to ebook directories

Search in Google for “ebook directory” and “ebook directories” and list your free ebook everywhere you can.

Upload and tag your photos

This traffic tactics tip is my favorite right now. Upload images to Flickr, and add your keyword tags to them.

You do this for 2 reasons

images may pop up on Google image searches

people on Flickr will see it read it and if they like what they read, they will go to your blog to read the rest of the post.

I have been doing this with a image of each of my posts, then I tag it with the keyword I used in my post, and add my first 2 sentences into the description, then I add my url into the image where they can go read the full post.

Here’s an example..

blogger tools

I am still testing this but so far I am happy with the results.

Get links from eBay

Set up an account at eBay and on your “About Me” page, link to your blog.

Now anytime you sell something, people will read your profile to see who you are.  You can also write a ebook and sell it on ebay for like $1 and reach more targeted eyes.

Another benefit is the powerful backlink you now have from eBay.

Start an affiliate program

Start your own affiliate program and get hundreds of affiliates
to spread the word about your product.

I did this with my Twitter Dummy Affiliate Program,  now I don’t have hundreds of affiliates yet, I do have a few that send me traffic daily.

The simplest, cheapest way is to set up your affiliate program is to use E-Junkie

Simple to set up, with traffic and link luv benefits.

Signature file IS important

I know your thinking  “JP, this is a ridiculous traffic tactic”  and maybe your right, BUT!

This tip is VERY basic, yet I get emails everyday from “top” bloggers and marketers that don’t use this.

You should be adding a signature file to the bottom of EVERY email you send – to anyone.

Here’s my simple sig file that goes out on every email…

John Paul Aguiar

My Blog | JohnPaulAguiar.com

My Book | TwitterDummy.net

Follow Me | Twitter.com/JohnAguiar

Follow Me | Facebook.com/JohnPaulAguiar

See the url caps? :)

Using a sig file like this gives your reader a reminder where they can find you on your blog or Twitter and Facebook.

Another reason is people sometimes forget who you are, so it is nice to have that info there that they can visit and remember.

There you go, some known and not so known traffic tactics that will drive traffic to your blog.

I’ll end it like this, no matter how simple or common a tip is, it is useless unless you USE IT!

Now will these traffic tactics drive huge traffic for you? Probably not, but they will drive traffic for little to no effort on your part, so why not implement them?

Share some of your free traffic getting tips with me :)

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  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hey Chris.. TY for your first comment :)

    Glad you liked the post.

  • Lauren Robertson

    This was great, thanks! x

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    TY Lauren.. Glad u enjoyed it :)

  • http://twitter.com/EddieGear Eddie Gear

    John the link to your book is not right. I was able to go to the right URL, bu I am not sure if everyone will figure it out. You might be losing out on sales. Check it out.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Thanks Eddie.. need to edit it.

  • http://technicallyeasy.net/ Paul Salmon

    I have one blog where most of the traffic comes from Google images. Of course, I expected that since the blog consists of a lot of screenshots from a game, which I properly titled/labeled.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Google images is a nice bonus of traffic.. if images are set up correctly.

  • http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/ Jerry Low

    John this is one great post! Just shared it on Twitter and Google+. You might also want to check out Slide Share and Scoop in the future. Slide Share is amazingly HUGE (60 million active users if my memory is right) – I am just surprise why they were not mentioned more frequently; Scoop, on the other hand, works quite well for me recently in term of direct traffics.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Thanks for the traffic driving tips.

    I feel all the ways are easily executable and am following most of the tips which you’ve listed here to get traffic to my blog.

    Adding attractive content with proper keyword research consistently would definitely improve the traffic of a blog.

    Am pleased with this useful post and will try to implement the missed ways,

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Thanks Jerry,.. glad you liked it. Yea this post wasnt about getting more traffic to a blog.. this was about simple tweaks to get some free traffic to your blog. 2 separate topics :)

  • http://www.basicblogtalk.com kimseasok

    John..! that is really nice article. Actually, next year I plan to write an ebook as free gift for my read. However, it is a bit concern about writing ebook since it will be my first experience of writing ebook. Also, I never try ebay to get backlink but I am going to do that tomorrow. Thanks for advice.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Just write it my man, my first ebook was crap lol You get better by writing more.

    So just write it and give it freely your readers will enjoy and see value whether it is perfect or not.

  • http://www.basicblogtalk.com kimseasok

    thanks, John..! I will do it..! :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul


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