Top 10 Follow Friday Favorites and Top Influencers Week 43

Top 10 Follow Friday Favorites and Top Influencers Week 43

Follow Friday Favorites

Here we go with our first week with the New Q and A section, you ask and I answer :)

As a reminder, each week I will reach out on Twitter if anyone has a Twitter question, but you can send a question to me anytime before Friday, just use hashtag #askjohnaguiar

And don’t be shy, no question is to simple for you to ask – We were all Beginners at one point :)  follow friday


Q and A Help

Question by @hullsean

Still trying to get the hang of this Follow Friday thing, and avoid spam at the same time?

Answer: For me when I did Follow Friday in the beginning before this post idea, I did it for anyone that tweeted any of my tweets for that week, or tweeted me a compliment or that I had a conversation with. It was a small way to say Thank U again to people that were working Twitter correctly around me.

If you do that, and add as many people to one Follow Friday tweet as you can it won’t be annoying.


Question by @rsullivanlaw

What is the optimal number of content tweets a day that should be posted and what is a good ratio of original vs.shared?

Answer: There really isn’t an “optimal” number, but I will say 5 isn’t enough and 100 is to much haha

It comes down to how available will you be around the tweets you share. If you can only be available for 10 tweets, then only post 10 tweets.

Your goal is to be helpful and share great content, but doing that without “showing” yourself with those tweets is a mistake.

Try to stick to a 80-20 or at least a 70 – 30 ratio.

80% other peoples “shared” and 20% your stuff “original”


Question by @richiereveley2

How do you keep track of all your people to thank for RT’s?

Answer: I stay in my Interactions stream on Twitter most of the day, on my computer or if I’m out, on my phone. This way I see what is coming at me thru out the day like, retweets, comments, questions etc… 

Then all I do is in between other things I’m doing I’ll check in to see if anything new has come at me and I reply.

It’s not hard to do, but it takes work, and being available. But that work is what will help bring you more success on Twitter.

Ok, I hope the answers were helpful to you, and if not, then just focus on the 13 great people I shared below :)


Top Influencers

This list was compiled by using

Skip Prichard  Skip Prichard

Bio: ransformational & turnaround CEO. My blog: Leadership Insights & interviews with bestselling #authors and leaders. (Note: I miss most DM’s)

Laine D Laine D

Bio: British Mum in AZ, Editor of Thoughts From A Broad. Sharing stories of Inspiring women, Ecofriendly and $saving ideas. Share & inspire today!

Dr Sampurna Roy  Dr Sampurna Roy

Bio: Doctor – Consultant Histopathologist. My tweets are mostly related to medicine and science. I enjoy photography and beautiful quotations.


Top 10 Favorites

Ching Ya  Ching Ya

Bio: Social media enthusiast. Freelancer. New Mom. Coffee lover. Heavy use of visual content in writing tutorials. Enjoy info-sharing & friendship with YOU!

Mazen Zogbi  Mazen Zogbi

Bio: Tweeting about Persuasion Psychology. Communication Magic. Storytelling. Body Language. Classical Music. Raw Food. Humor. Inspiration. Connect!

Sandra Zoratti  Sandra Zoratti

Bio: Author, Speaker, Marketer. Honored with BMA Marketer of the Year 2012. Book: Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance

muchieva ωhite♥♥  muchieva ωhite♥♥

Bio: SocialMediaMarketing.I гєτωєєτ & τωєєτร almost anything w/ values.Learning กєω τhīกgs is my thing.τ๐have my own вusīกєss&τгavєl the ω๐гld s๐mєdคy.♥

Gina  Gina

Bio: Real Mom, Fake Reporter…Right In Rhode Island. #BreakingNews

Women Who WOW!  Women Who WOW!

Bio: Wife. Mother. Christ Follower. Entrepreneur. Creator of ONLY legitimate biz report based on the marketing tactics of ILLEGAL businesses.. =)

Jennifer Bourn  Jennifer Bourn

Bio: WordPress Theme Designer, Brand Designer, Graphic Designer. Focused on Brand/Web Strategy. Mom of 2. Love Legos, tequila, tacos, chocolate, & office supplies.

EmilioPerezMachado  EmilioPerezMachado

Bio: He looked over the world’s rim and saw a glamour there

TKO Graphix  TKO Graphix

Bio: National company specializing in fleet & vehicle graphics.The addition of TKO Signs & TKO Marketing Solutions allows us to be your “Complete Graphics Solution.”

Jasmina  Jasmina

Bio: Makeup Artist Mom. Don’t leave the house without my lipstick on. Feisty but fun. Living in organized chaos. Fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado follows me! Respect

Hope you enjoy the 13 great people above

If you know a couple great Twitter peeps – Share them in comments below.

  • Skip Prichard

    I’m glad to be in the influencer category and appreciate all of your good work, tweets and posts!

  • Rob Sullivan

    Thanks for the helpful information and featured folks.

  • John Paul

    Thanks Skip and happy to have you on :)

  • John Paul

    Happy to share Rob.. thanks for the great question.

  • Anneliz Hannan

    I like this #askjohnaguiar idea. I am confused on what your interaction stream is on Twitter? Do you mean the mentions stream on Hootsuite? What type of dashboard do you have to manage all the interactions on all the platforms at once…yup I’m looking for the end all to be all, and I know you are the guy to give me the absolute answer ;).

  • wchingya

    What a huge privilege, John. You are an influencer in my twitter community too! Thanks for all the wonderful posts and tweets you shared. Hugs!

  • John Paul

    TY Anneliz.. I’m hoping it works out. The Interaction tab is under the Connect Tab at the top on Twitter. I monitor the platforms manually, gives you more control and nothing gets missed… but lil more work :)

  • John Paul

    TY Ching,, Happy to have you on and connect :)

  • Jayden Chu

    I really like this Q & A and I really appreciate how you keep in touch to these people despite of your busy schedule. Keep it up John!

  • John Paul

    Thanks Jayden, good to see you here.

    Also glad you enjoy the Q and A part.. I think it will be helpful.

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