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Top 10 Follow Friday Favorites and Top Influencers Week 41

Posted by in Twitter

Follow Friday Influential Favorites

Another week, another great list of 13 people I highly recommend for you to follow.

But, before I share them with you, let’s chat a little bit about “Influencers”.

Great word isn’t it? Makes you want to run out and connect with as many as you can, right?

As great as connecting with Influencers is, you don’t want to only focus on them.  follow friday

Most influencers are there for a reason, they are busy doing their thing, so to get their attention you will need to put in some work. Work that may or may not pay off for you in the long run.

The pay off may be, a tweet from them, a question answered by them, a interview for your blog, a guest post for theirs. Whatever you it is you want from that Influencer.

Now if all you do is focus heavily on Influencers and those Influencers are not repaying the love back what are you left with?

Not much right?

Here is a better plan.

Focus on everyone. The small guy, the middle guy and the Influencers.

Small guy will look up to you and share you

The middle guy will respect you and share you.

The Influencer will hopefully see you at some point and share you.

Like I mentioned in my Commun.it video review. The sharers, the small to middle guys are the ones that will help build your following, your blog and your business on a daily basis.

Focus on them as you work on connecting with the Influencers.

Oh and on a side note: to find “Influencers” you need to reply on tools that DON’T WORK.

So how do you know if that “Influencer” you are chasing is even worth your time?

haha shitty thought right?

Ok let’s end this with an example.

What drives and builds the American economy?

Small business or large corporations?

Ignore all the noise about, “you must find and chase and connect with Influencers to have success”… it’s just that NOISE!

Lucky for you I have a nice mix of all 3 below for you to get started with. :)


Top Influencers

This list was compiled by using Commun.it.

Geoff De Weaver Geoff De Weaver

Bio: CEO | Global Brand Management | Social Business Designer | Digital Pioneer | Author | Social Media | Top 1% Klout Worldwide

Greg Wilson Greg Wilson

Bio: Photography, Photos, Socialmedia & Sharing.. Champion of Good Causes & Charity. Love to Travel & Connect with People. Husband & Father of 4 Amazing Kids!

smqueue smqueue

Bio: Share and be shared! Socialmedia application to allow you to share more and be shared more…..



Top 10 Favorites

Annetta Powell Annetta Powell

Bio: Professional Success Coach of Internet Marketing #NetworkMarketing and #RealEstate Investing. My goal is to show you how to sky rocket your profits!

Joan Oshatz Joan Oshatz

Bio: Can a bad marriage be fattening? Yes it can! #humorous – Also, read about my journey

ellesbelles ellesbelles

Bio: A person who at work, not at work, cannot keep a clean sink.

Lucie Hys Lucie Hys

Bio: At work, social media manager in travel industry. At home, social media addict, passionate blogger & the wild child 😉 I love life!!

Jamie Crager Jamie Crager

Bio: Serial Chips & Salsa Eater | Love Humans, Coffee & My Grill | Married a Canadian | Founder & CEO, Crowdshifter & blazefly | Speaker & Digital Entrepreneur

So Genius Blog So Genius Blog

Bio: Putting a spotlight on the #SoGenius stories in #SocialMedia & recognizing top influencers with our #SociallyGenius awards – Tweets by Tony Bennett

Tracy Campanella Tracy Campanella

Bio: Love online & offline marketing, quotes, personal development & helping others :)

Frank Sonnenberg Frank Sonnenberg

Bio: Top 100 Thought Leaders in America | Nominated, one of America’s Most Influential Small Business Experts – 2012 | Author, Managing with a Conscience (2nd ed)

Your_Say Your_Say

Bio: Welcome to YourSay & thanks for follow. Impact of SocialMedia, Charity, Brand Placement & SocialMedia Strategic in todays world of Socialmedia is what we do

DJ Thistle DJ Thistle

Bio: I’m a husband, father, educator, geek, bookworm, stock market enthusiast, and some would call me an Apple fanboy. Co-Founder of @steamfeedcom

Hope you enjoy the 13 great people above

Know a couple great Twitter peeps?  Share them in comments below.

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  • http://www.sogenius.com/ Tony Bennett

    Nice recommendations, John – keep them hits coming and thanks for the inclusion!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Happy to have you on Tony.. and TY for the support on Twitter :)

  • http://twitter.com/JoanOshatz Joan Oshatz

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate you shouting out my tweets and now highlighting me! 😉

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Happy to have you on Joan :) and TY for the support on Twitter.

  • http://www.steamfeed.com/ djthistle

    Honored John! Thank you. :) You always have great stuff on your blog. Again, many thanks.

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