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Sponsored Content – How To Get The Click – Infographic

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How To Get Your Advertising To Work

Are you using sponsored content as part of your marketing plan?

If so, is it working for you, are you getting that all important CLICK?

This Infographic by Taboola does a nice job walking you thru the Dos and Don’ts to setting up your ads correctly, giving you the best chance to get seen and get the click.

Let me just ad in a few things from my own content advertising experience.

1. Use cutesy images like kittens, puppies etc… anything that gets a lot of likes in your stream will also get attention in an ad.

2. If applicable, use sexy pics, sometimes the best way to get a guys attention is to show him a nice butt or big boobs. I know sad, but we dudes aren’t to complicated lol

But ladies your no better, sometimes a set of six pack abs is all it takes to get the ladies attention.

3. Use questions in your title.

4. Make sure you know why your sponsoring your content and if it is on the right platform.

ex: A couple years ago I would spend $5 sponsoring all my new posts on Stumbleupon, it was easy to set up and it drove in HUGE traffic. But after a couple months I started to realize it wasn’t worth the money. Yes it droves in thousands of views, but it didn’t really produce any added opt ins.

I would sponsor and I would not sponsor and my opt ins never really changed, hell sometimes on non sponsored day it would be more.

Point is, make sure you have a goal in mind BEFORE you go spending all your money, and trust me, it will cost money in the beginning as you test the best ad combination that works.

If you have or have not tried using sponsored content in your marketing, this Infographic is a great place to get the basics down to running a successful campaign and save you money in the process.

sponsored content infographic

sponsored content infographic part 2sponsored content infographic part 3sponsored content infographic part 4sponsored content infographic part 5sponsored content infographic part 6sponsored content infographic part 7source: Taboola


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  • http://marketingwitfred.com/ FREDDIE ROSS

    Going to have to add Infographic to my marketing! Great tip

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Happy to help

  • http://plugmatter.com/ Naimath Mujtahedi

    Great collection of tips, John. We have been thinking lately of using Sponsored content for marketing our plugins, and I stumbled upon this at the right time.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Glad you saw it when u needed it Naimath.. sponsored content is a great way to boost what your doing, just be smart and track success so you don’t waste money.

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