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How Social Selling Will Change In 2016 – Infographic

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For many people the “Social Selling” process is a little confusing.

There are 2 ways you can go about implementing social selling into your business.

   1,  Direct sales from a social media platform [Very hard to do, but possible if you build up a trusted brand]

   2,  Getting people FROM social media platforms and onto your email list/funnel [Easier to do, but you still need to build trust first]

#2 is what most people mean when they talk about social selling, this is why your email list is SO important to a blogger and small business owner.

But things are changing fast, and the future of selling socially will look a little different than it did in 2015. SalesforLife shares this great infographic going some stats from 2015 and some changes in 2016 you should look for.

Here are some quick Stats for 2016

84% of Social Sellers utilize LinkedIn, the highest among the social platforms measured.
61% of organizations using Social Selling report a positive impact on revenue.
72% of sales professionals feel that they are not proficient with Social Selling.
91% of Social Sellers report an expected increase in their revenue.


Here is the 2016 Social Selling Infographic.

social selling infographic 2016source: salesforlife

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  • http://socialcontrol.tech/ Matt LaClear

    Is LinkedIn big for social marketers? Or is it the other way around. Would be interesting seeing how many of those 84.1% are actually pulling an ROI from their time on LinkedIn.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Not sure Matt.. but Im sure they are getting results from doing more then just the time line. Connecting. building relationship, pulling leads then making sales is probably what they meant.

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