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Social Marketing Yes or No?

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Why YOU need to be using Social Marketing sites like MySpace!

You might be saying to yourself, if these sites are so powerful how come I haven’t heard about people I know  making large sums of cash?

Well that’s a great question and the answer is very simple. Money is being generated on these sites every single day it’s  just that most people don’t understand how to do it.

What if you could establish a relationship with your buyer before they even bought from you?

You’d have a buyer for life! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU WILL LEARN!!

Use Social Sites to have Leads chase you instead of you chasing them!

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I’ve learned in my experience of becoming a successful online marketer that People Buy You and Not The Product.

Have you ever gone into a shoe store when you was just window shopping, and had a pushy sales person attacking you and you told them you was just looking.

Then another sales person comes to you respectfully and calmly and asks if you need help with the shoes your looking at and told you much they enjoy the same shows,  and you ended up buying 2 pairs in different colors?

What changed?  Did the shoe change? Did the price change? So what changed?

The person changed!   People buy the person selling the product not the product 99% of the time, this is why we have celebrities in commercials, because Big Companies have known this for years.

So you might be saying to yourself… this is all great, but how does this help me make money on these sites?

Well if you want to make money on the Internet period, you must learn to Effectively Brand Yourself.   You can do that with your story.

Make your Story personal, informational, and be your self!

Here’s my MySpace,   FaceBook,   Tagged

This wasn’t easy for me, to be so open, I’m normally a very private guy, but if you want people to connect with you and “buy you” you will need to be open and let people into your life.

Make your profile shine, spend the time to connect with people on a daily basis, share articles, tips, anything to show why they need to buy YOU, Trust Me, your business will benefit.

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