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Social Marketing Will Explode Your Business

Posted by in Social Marketing

How good is Social Marketing for your business?

Social marketing has evolved into a VERY influential type medium whose effects are felt both on and off the Internet today. From our recent presidential election, to the public opinion of the California Octuplets  mom, (a complete waste of air, this woman is) social media has had a significant impact.

Spawned from the growing popularity of all things web 2.0,  social network sites are popping up all over the Internet. With little surprise it hasn’t taken online marketers long to see the potential for generating free traffic from these sites for their business.

If fact if you market anything online and haven’t included social network marketing into your online business strategies you’re behind the times and missing out.

Effectively speaking social network marketing can be considered an online form of word of mouth advertising! These online communities whose intent are to be gathering locations for social interaction are the perfect environment to casuallymention a new business or product.

These unstructured environments are perfect for any internet user who doesn’t want to deal with the regimentation associated with many onsite locations.

Undoubtedly both social network and social media sites offer the potential to put your viral marketing efforts on steroids. Imagine the impact these sites can have on your business when used correctly?

Imagine NOT having to create a free giveaway product to gain the viral marketing effects that are so beneficial to any online business? By just visiting and participating at any social network site or perhaps posting photos or videos at a social media location you can gain the same benefits. Does it bother you there would be little work involved also?

Let’s have a look at just a hand full of the many many social sites found on the Internet:

• Digg

This online community is based upon the popularity of news articles. If members like an article it will hit the front page of Digg. When this occurs the potential for thousands of visitors exist to view the article.

If you can tailor your article to the apparent likes of this community and rank highly there is the possibility of a landslide of visitors to your site.

• Delicious

This social bookmarking site allows you to store your favorites at their site. By viewing the favorites of other members you can better determine their reading interest.

With this information you can organize a more effective marketing approach suitable to their likes or perhaps determine they’re not a candidate for what you have to offer.

• You Tube

This site uses short videos and viral marketing to the max. There must be something to it since even the Pope can be found here! By simply posting a short video of interest due to its humor or sensationalism you can generate significant traffic for your cause.

• LinkedIn

This online community focuses on working professionals. Like many other online communities you can locate categories or niches within the site that better relates to your field of interest or experience.

The ability to offer services or products to like minded professionals allows you to target an audience with a pre-determined interest in what you may have to offer.

Harnessing the unlimited potential of social marketing is not difficult. Heck even a caveman can do it! By simply socializing at few of these online communities and casually mentioning your business, product, or cause would be all it takes. Your results likely would be a significant surge of free traffic to your site!

To Your Online Success

John Paul

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