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Shopify WordPress Plugin Review – Easily Add Ecommerce To Your Blog

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The Shopify WordPress Plugin makes it VERY easy for you to add ecommerce ability to your blog.

I’ve published the many ways to build and market a blogging business. But if you’ve been at it for some time, the thought of selling products directly on your blog might have crossed your mind once or twice.

In fact, the entire reason you came to this site in the first place was to learn how to make money, and ecommerce is just another piece of that money-making puzzle.

It can feel overwhelming trying to setup a clean way to sell products on your blog, so to make things a little easier, I have been testing out  the WordPress Plugin by Shopify.

The Shopify WordPress plugin gives you the best of both the blogging and ecommerce worlds.

shopify wordpress plugin

Let’s Start With What Shopify Is

Shopify is A leader in ecommerce, it provides a clean, easy to use software as a service (Saas) platform that powers over 300,000 merchants.

•    A fully featured platform
•    Flexible — nearly every part of your shop can be tailored exactly as you want
•    Able to sell offline, online, or via social media (where your customers are)
•    Able to accept all credit card types and PayPal (it even offers gift cards)
•    Available for support 24/7

Shopify has the ability to support merchants big and small, the Shopify WordPress plugin is just one of the great perks of Shopify. It is perfect for bloggers like you who are looking to dip their toes in the ecommerce pool but don’t know or don’t want to take the time to setup a ecommerce theme of store front..


How Does The Shopify WordPress Plugin Work?

The WordPress plugin is basically an easy way to add ecommerce to your blog.

The plugin creates a mini storefront on your WordPress site, and provides you with:

•    a buy button
•    shopping cart
•    multiple ways to accept payment

You simply copy and paste Shopify-generated embed code to add products or collections to your site, drop the buy button into place, and you’re now connected to Shopify’s secure shopping cart platform.
shopify wordpress plugin review

If you’re concerned about the look and feel of your blog, the button does have a standard aesthetic, but it’s customizable so you can match your site’s branding.

And products can be added to any of your WordPress site’s pages, blog posts, or side bar.
shopify wordpress plugin review 2

What Will My Readers See?

When you add products or collections with the WordPress plugin, your customers will see a product with a buy button on your page.

When they click it, they’ll either be sent to a secure and mobile friendly checkout or the button will open a product page where a user can view further product information with the option to add to cart.
shopify wordpress plugin review 3


The Cost for All This?

The Shopify WordPress plugin is free to current Shopify customers.

Not on Shopify? To use this plugin, you can subscribe to Shopify Lite for $9/month.

That $9 lets you access a few vital features, including:

•    Unlimited products
•    Over 70 payment gateways
•    Easy orders and shipping integrations
•    Secure, responsive checkout experience
•    Sales and growth trend tracking
•    Global tax and currency support

Here are 5 more reasons I think the Shopify WordPress Plugin is a SMART ecommerce move:


I’m always surprised by how easy it is to manage orders with Shopify. You can accept orders within seconds, get notified by email or mobile when a new sale comes in, and even fulfill multiple orders with one click.


Shopify is integrated with most major shipping carriers, meaning you can offer your customers multiple options and even provide tracking information.


Using Shopify means that not only is setup and selling easy, but understanding your business is easy too. Your Shopify Dashboard shows you up-to-date sales, orders, and traffic, and you can track growth trends through a number of reports.


With over 1,000 apps available, the Shopify App Store can save you time and money. Automate your accounting by integrating with bookkeeping apps like Xero; send promotional emails with email marketing apps like MailChimp; or expand your reach by selling products via multiple channels, like Facebook or Etsy.

Mobile Friendly

One of my favorite parts of this platform is how mobile friendly it is — you can literally run your new ecommerce empire from your smartphone; fulfill orders, update store info or products, browse analytics, or contact a customer.

In fact, Shopify just launched a brand new mobile app that makes this even easier.


The Wrap

There are lots of reasons why I think Shopify’s WordPress plugin is a solid choice, but in large part I see Shopify as a simple yet effective tool that helps introduce new users to the world of ecommerce.

It’s ready to go once installed, doesn’t require hours of customization, and you don’t need a developer or coding skills to get everything up and running.

Overall, the plugin is a great solution for those already set up on WordPress and are ready to start selling on their blog.

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