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HitTail Review – Powerful Keyword Suggestion Tool

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Keyword Suggestion Tool That Makes Things Easy

Updated Hittail Review September 1, 2016 – If you want your blog to grow quickly, then getting traffic from search engines is good way to do that. But since the search game has changed so much over the past 12 months that to Google’s ADD mentality, getting search traffic takes a little more planning.

But hasn’t changed is using long tail keywords to drive traffic. Some of the biggest benefit to long tail keys are they are usually less competitive and more targeted.  keyword-suggestion-tool-hittail

I would rather rank for 10 small long tail keys then I would for one big normal keyword.

Finding quality long tail keywords takes some skill and a good amount of time. Something many busy bloggers don’t have.

Luckily there is HitTail, a powerful keyword suggestion tool that does all the leg work for you and packages it all in a clean easy to understand and follow way.

In this HitTail review, I will share how they quickly analyze your traffic and provide you with a custom list of keywords for you to focus your new blog posts on.


What Is HitTail?

Basically it is an analytics tool that works similar to Google Analytics, but HitTail only focuses on one thing – long-tail keywords that you should start writing new posts with.


Find Your Best Keywords

One of the reasons I like HitTail’s keyword suggestion tool is that it focuses on a smaller list of keywords, your top performing keywords.

Do you want a huge list of keywords you can write with? Yes, but the reality is you will never write for every keyword, so focusing on a smaller list of your top keywords makes a lot more sense.

On the HitTail site they are limited to showing 350 keywords, anything after that and you’ll have to view the excel file)

So you have a huge list of keywords if you need it, but the main focus stays on your top performers.

“HitTail tells you the most promising keywords you should target based on your existing traffic.”

It uses its own algorithm to tell you exactly what keywords are performing well for you, along with the long tail keywords which usually provide the bulk of your traffic. This algorithm has been tuned after being used on over 1 billion keywords so you can be trust they know what they are doing.


Using HitTail

To use HitTail, you first need to install their tracking code on your blog, once you do that your done.

HitTail will take it from there and start tracking the keywords people search to find your site across all search engines. These search hits are displayed in real-time, and the most popular terms are added to the suggestions section.


Note: “It may take a couple days for the tracking to grab a full list of keyword suggestions for my site, depending on the size of your site it may be 1-2 days.”


HitTail’s Suggestion Section

The algorithm will analyze combinations of words that are appearing in the long tail with the most frequency, these are then “suggested” to you.  HitTail is basically telling you, that if you write content “blog post” specifically about this subject you’ll attract more direct search traffic.

In the suggestions section you will find the keywords HitTail thinks you should start writing blog posts on. You can also take some of those keywords and add them to you To Do section, giving you a smaller, but higher quality list of keywords for you to work on.

Having trouble finding new blog post ideas?  Now you can visit your To Do section, choose a keyword and start writing.


Click and Buy Articles

If telling you the best long-tail keywords you should be writing with to drive more traffic wasn’t enough, HitTail also offers you the ability to click and order articles to be written for your keywords.

On the suggestions page you will see the “order” button beside your keywords and have a copywriter write your article for you.

This is great for the busy blogger or the blogger that can’t think of the right content to go with a specific keyword. The power of outsourcing built into the system :)

The turnaround for this is 2-3 days for about 400 words at a cost of only $19 USD. Not bad for a well written, keyword targeted article.


Wrap Up

HitTail is a powerful yet easy to use keyword suggestion tool that will help you drive new traffic to your blog or website. Having a tool that will tell you exactly what keywords will drive traffic to your blog is great, add to that, it will help you get thru those “don’t know what to write” days and add to that, they will write articles for you too.

Every blogger should try the system,  I personally have used it since I was given access to it a few weeks ago.

Packages start at only $9.95 per month, there’s no contract, you can cancel whenever you like and there’s a 30-day free trial.

Visit HitTail and let me know what you think :)


Full Disclosure: HitTail paid me to write a review for their service. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.

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  • http://twitter.com/m4bmarketing Susan Oakes

    Hi John,

    The product looks interesting and i have a question for you. As they analyse your traffic with the words people use to search, how do they cater for Google’s secure search where the keywords or search terms are not given.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Susan.. I don’t know how they deal with the secure search. Even without that, you will get a huge amount of keywords that you should be targeting.

    But contact HitTail directly, they will be happy to help :)

  • http://twitter.com/m4bmarketing Susan Oakes

    Thanks John Paul, I will contact them

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul


  • Heather Stone

    Hi John,
    I think it’s interesting how this tool also focuses on long
    tail keywords that consistently bring in traffic. My experience of late
    is that this kind of focus can actually give a post a longer shelf-life
    because it provides more possible keyword combinations under which the
    post can be found. Thanks for sharing this review with the BizSugar

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Heather that is exactly right. When you have 5 words in a key you are able to get numerous word combos that will drive traffic. :)

    Happy to share.

  • http://monetizing-website.com/ Zouras

    Very interesting and promising keyword tool!! Personally I know a lot of keyword tools but do you believe that there is a better tool than GKT?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Don’t know what GKT is so I can say which is better.

  • http://monetizing-website.com/ Zouras

    GKT=Google Keyword Tool :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    GKT doesn’t do log tail keywords, so no comparison :)

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