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Paid Post? Then Say It’s A Paid Post

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Ok today I am going to vent a little bit.

See I’m new to the blogging world and I have been slowly learning a lot from numerous top bloggers out there and believe me I am very appreciative.

But the problem I ran into last week was because I was taking a top blogger for his word, and followed his advice, which was BS!

paid post, make money online

I followed his advice on the Social Spark and promoting their crap thru CPC, and how much money you can make and how it wasn’t worth his  time to make up to $500 a day to invest his time, etc..

He talked about using Twitter marketing services like RevTwt to put out your link.

Now here are the issues

Social Spark sucks ass they are sooo tight on click qualifying that you will never make any real money.

I had over 800 “invalid clicks” with only 17 “possible qualifying clicks” that was before they canceled my link without telling me.  So I continued to pay for clicks thru RevTwt.. not cool!

Also I got this email from SP a week after my links were magically gone “We truly appreciate your enthusiasm! However, we have noted that you obtained many clicks for your CPC Opportunities from an outside marketing platform, http://revtwt.com which is in violation of our Terms Of Service sect. 3.8.”

The issue with this is,, you remember that top blogger?  He specifically said he used Revtwt and other Twitter marketing sites to promote his links..hmmm maybe the blogger and SP should review TOS and the post BEFORE it goes out?

This was all a complete waste of my time and money, because I chose to trust the “top blogger” and thought he was talking about his true efforts not a paid post.

The $365K Blog Traffic Formula

So I contacted revtwt and explained my problem and I was refunded the remainder of my money within the hour.

They have been great!

Now this is NOT a promotion of revtwt, this is just me telling you that I was happy with there service and customer service and that I would work with them again.

End of the day I wasted money, time and lost respect for a blogger I had been following for the past 6 mnths.

Live and learn people, and when you read a post, ask yourself is he talking from experience or is it just  a really well written paid post



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