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Openoox Review – Organizing Your Web

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Openoox was launched in France are now moving to the US and I get to be the first one to bring it to you, You’re Welcome. :)

Think of them as a little bit of  Facebook, iGoogle, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Evernote. The good news? They are Free and will always be Free to use fully.

Openoox is simple yet powerful way to organize and share your bookmarks in a well designed layout by showing you the url, notes and an image of the website.

Openoox does 3 things well:

You can bookmark and organize websites.
You can use it to Discover new websites in any topic.
You can connect with people and share your folders across Social Media.

openoox review

It’s Bookmarking and Organizing

Your home page is where you manage and organize your web. You can see the bookmarks you have or you can use any of your favorite search engines to find new websites you can save to Openoox.

They also have a bookmarklet for Chrome and Firefox to make saving new websites to Openoox easier and faster when you using your favorite browser.

Once you have your websites saved into an “Oox” you can edit it, categorize it and save it how you choose.

To make it even easier for you to find great websites in interests you like, you can go into the store where you can see the trending and top websites from other users that you can then save to your folders to visit later.

Or you can drag an “oox” folder to the “genius” image and he will direct you to the top websites that have been bookmarked in Openoox that fit the topic of your oox folder.

A third way to find websites in a topic you like is to do a search for a topic and find the top user in that topic.

example: you can search “gardening” and a list of users that fit that will pop up by popularity. So you know the top people on the list are the “experts” in gardening.

Think of it as a powerful research tool, if you are looking for information on a topic and instead of going to Google hoping to find websites that fit and are helpful.

You can jump on Openoox and see what “other” people have saved as websites they feel are great. This will easily cut your research time in half.

Plus you will now have people you can talk to and collaborate with if you need extra help.

One added feature that they will be releasing this month is “sub folders”.

With the gardening example above, you can set a sub folder in your gardening oox for say “tomatoes” so you can now segment your folders easily.


It’s Social and Easily Shared

The cool thing about Openoox is it social. Meaning similar to Stumbleupon, where you can find people with the same interests as you and you can then share your “oox” folders with them or grab a folder of there’s and add it to your homepage.

Plus Openoox makes it really easy to share your oox and folders thru email and across social media and with friends, family and coworkers.

Knowing some things should not be shared, you can also keep certain folders “oox” private and give them password access.

This is great for team collaboration, making it easy and safe to share new websites you want your team to see but NOT everyone else to see.

You can also “age” protect a oox folder for say 18 and older.

example: You and your family use Openoox and sometimes you want to share things that you ONLY want your wife to see, you cna easily set the age range “above” your kids ages, that way your kids won’t be able to get access to that folder.


The Wrap Up

As you can see Openoox is a great tool, even if you only use it to bookmark websites. Either way, it is a FREE service and well worth taking a look.

Before I go, let me share how I’ve been using it.

I am redesigning my blog, this blog. So I have setup my “oox” to be private for me and my web designer to see. Since I am in research and design phase, I see things I like online all the time.

I simply add them to my oox folder and each time I do that, my designer is notified that the folder has been updated and he then goes in and sees my bookmark and the message I left with that bookmark.

It has saved us a lot of time, so for me, it is working really well.

Just wanted to give you one idea of how it can be used.

To learn more about Openoox visit them now.

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  • http://hotblogtips.com/ Brian D. Hawkins

    Thanks for the review John Paul. Openoox looks like it has a lot of promise. They have a huge uphill battle though. It doesn’t look like they have a solid footing yet and a very small following so far. Most of their content is in French right now but I’m sure they’re working on that since they’re expanding their market.

    I love how you’re using it though. I’ve been using Evernote and Evernote Web Clipper for my swipe files but I can see how a service like this might work.

    I’m going to check it out and give it a try. I was their 7,366th signup. I like that I was able to change my profile URL to hotblogtips. It originally generate my name but I prefer my brand.

    I keep putting a re-design on the back burner. I really like Pat Flynn’s site but I can only imagine what that cost.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Brian, Openoox is a great tool.. but I agree and the same thing I told them about the US content.

    They really hadn’t launched into the US yet, I believe I was the first to announce it for them.

    But since it is a Free tool and will always be Free I agreed to share it, since my readers have nothing to lose by using it since well.. its Free lol

    Redesigns are hard.. you want to stay true to the blog that got you here but at the same time, you want to grow and showcase the “new you” .

    For me it has been a fine line… between the two, but after a year lol or more, I think I got something.

    Good luck with yours Brian.

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