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New Design – New Direction – The New Money Dummy Blog

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Change Is Good…Right?

This new design and direction for Money Dummy Blog has been a long time coming, about 1.5 years.

I didn’t want to complete overhaul the new design, but I wanted to a cleaner, more focused and professional looking design that didn’t pull away from the original black theme too much.  I think we did that nicely :)  the-new-money-dummy-blog

At the end of 2009 when I started this blog as a way to help people learn how to use a blog to make money and also help people make money online in general.

Over time, I have had success with Social Media, Twitter in general and have been sharing what I know on both topics. Money Dummy blog has not been a “make money blogging” only blog for a long time.

This new design and direction is a better fit to what I have been sharing for a long time. The new direction is about how I can better help you into the future build a successful blog that makes you money.

Basically The Design Now Matches The Content.

Blogging has changed!  What helped Darren Rowse and John Chow build huge blogs 10 years ago just won’t work for you today.  They had less competition, they didn’t have social media, they were in a new niche.

To stand out from the millions of bloggers out there and build a successful blog then you need to hit it from all areas…

BloggingYou need to write Helpful content from with your own personality.

Social MediaYou need to know how to share the right things to the right people and engage and build relationships.

Marketing You need to know how to promote that new content.

EntrepreneurYou need to treat your blog like a business if you want to succeed and make money.

InspirationYou need to surround yourself with people that keep you up and moving forward when things get hard.

My focus with the New Money Dummy blog going into the future is to continue to help you learn all this and how to take action on it!


What’s New?

With the new design also came new pages and resources to better help you on your blogging and social media journey.

New  eCourse Opt-In Box
New About Me page
New Are You New Here How To Blog page
New Blog Reviews page
New Social Media Review page
New Build A Blog page
New Blog Resources page
New Work With Me page Helping You With – Blog Consulting and Social Media Management Services
New How To Build An Email List page
New Blog Tutorials page
New eCourse Blog Marketing page

New Become An Affiliate Page – Online Affiliate Program

New Marketing With Twitter

New Starting A Blog page (coming soon)


Social Matching

With a the new design, I have also designed a new Facebook Header image and Twitter background to keep the branding and style from the blogs new design.

New Home Page Header

money dummy blog

Twitter Background @JohnAguiar


Facebook Header @MoneyDummyBlog


As you can see I stayed with my same head shot on Facebook and Twitter and across all my social sites.

I did this for a couple reasons.

1.  I have noticed that a few times friends I talk to on Twitter and Facebook have changed their pictures and I found it hard to remember who they were.

For me, it’s easier to remember a face then a name since the face is the first thing you see and not everyone uses their name.

So I want it to be very easy for people to find me on social sites and not have to think if they got the right JP.

2. This is and will always be the closest I get to “striking a pose” like a model for a picture and since I’m not getting any younger, I’m staying with it for now :)


Thank You To…

The new Money Dummy blog wouldn’t of happened without some help from some great people and friends.

First, a BIG Thank You to my designer Jeremy at drop9creative.com. We have become friends over the past few months, just a creative and smart guy.

Second, a BIG Thank You to Matt Smith at onlineincometeacher.comMatt took my ideas for my eCourse cover, My Facebook Header and My Twitter background and made them better then I wanted. Professional and all around nice guy man.

Third, a BIG Thank You to Justin Germino at dragonblogger.com. Justin came in help me with some back-end work and led me in the right direction to get my page load time down. I am happy to say that  we are loading at a speedy 1.5 – 3 seconds :)   Another great guy that I am happy to be friends with.

A final Thank You to you as my reader.

If it wasn’t for you and many more like you Money Dummy blog wouldn’t have done half as well as it has the past 2 years.  I hope you enjoy the new design and focus of the blog and continue to stay along for the ride :)

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  • http://www.thewritedesignco.com/ Marcie_Hill

    Congrats on the new direction. I will be following in your
    footsteps shortly.

  • Elias Felix

    Great looking. One question: The social sidebar looks and works
    great. I’ve tried to implement the Digg Digg one on my young site,
    but for some reason, and after trying to fix it, the google+ and
    pinterest buttons don’t work… something about java scripts
    errors… In addition, the digg button can’t crawl the site. Any
    suggestions about how to solve this problems? I will greatly
    appreciate your support. Thank you, Elias

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    TY Marcie :) Good luck with your new start

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Glad you like the look Elias. As far as Digg Digg issues.. reach
    out to them, they are a bunch of great guys and helpful. They will
    get your issue fixed for you no problem :)

  • http://TheVideoSlayer.com/ Bertram

    Love the new look JP! It’s really sharp and I’m not a big fan of
    greens, usually… I liked the old look but this is very nice and
    we all know your content is always spot on! Well done bro, two
    thumbs up!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks Bertram, glad you like it. Good to see you around man.

  • http://TheVideoSlayer.com/ Bertram

     Even when nobody hears from me for a while, I still watch and
    read what you’re up to JP :-)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Good to know man. We need to do a call soon.. catch up.

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