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Money Dummy Blog Re-Tweeter Contest

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I’m Excited To Announce A Money Dummy Blog Contest

“Twitter Re-Tweeter of The Week”

What is the Re-Tweeter of The Week Contest?  It’s really simple. You win something worth $300, and you get your Twitter account promoted by me!

Basically over the past few months I have had many people re-tweet my tweets, and I have thanked them all each and every time.

This contest is my way to say Thank You and give back to all my re-tweeters!

We all benefit when you participate… which I’ll get into more in a second!

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Who Can Enter?

All you need to do is re-tweet ant tweet I post on twitter.  If you following me all ready then your ready to go!

If not then you can at @JohnAguiar

Now this is what you have to do…

First, read what I Tweet, and if my tweet…

helped you in anyway
taught you something
made you think
made you laugh
or even if it pissed you off

All YOU do is…Just Re-Tweet it…That’s It!

Now to be eligible you have to re-tweet with @JohnAguiar

A copy past job without the RT @JohnAguiar WILL NOT count!  This keeps everything fare for everyone, and make it easier for me to track who is Re-Tweeting.

The contest will run from Mon-Sun and Every Monday I will post here the Top 5 Re-Tweeters for that week.

I know, I know it all sounds great…but!

Now you want to know why you would want to be part of the contest…so let’s talk about what YOU get for participating.

First if you are the Re-Tweeter of The Week you will win a FULL version of Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder Software cost $299 see for yourself

techsmith-camtasia-studio-v6, contest, make money with a blog

If you d ANY video marketing then you know what Camtasia Studio is.  If you don’t then CS is Camtasia Studio is “a complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web. With the power of interactive Camtasia Studio videos, you can deliver high-quality content, to even your most remote audience” learn more

Understand, this is the full version, not a trial offer!

You will also get posted on the Monday blog post with the results of the Top 5 re-tweeters for the week with your twitter name shown.

What Does That Do For Me You Ask?

I push my blog post to…

My Blog Readers
15 Social Sites
32 Bookmarking Sites

Also Posted to my 31,000 + Twitter Followers and that’s growing at over 1500 a day!

That’s FREE Promotion for Your Twitter Page!

You can’t beat that…Right? :)

You Send Positivity -You Get Positivity Back!  Law of Attraction Working For You!

Oh yea..and I’m super awesome so your twitter friends will love you for introducing me!  

Good Luck To Everyone..I’ll see you Next Monday!



PLEASE RETWEET | Just Copy & Paste The Line Below and Tweet It.  Thank You!

RT: @JohnAguiar  Money Dummy Blog Re-Tweeter Contest – http://ow.ly/l5WB

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