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Money Dummy Blog Is Looking For Guest Bloggers

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Guest Bloggers Wanted

This post isn’t something I thought I would be writing any time soon, but life is a crazy game and you have to play it with what your given and when.

Because of family issue I’m going thru, and time visiting the hospital I am not in the right mindset to be writing blog posts.

So I will be taking a couple weeks away from my blog.

But to keep the learning/sharing rolling, I will be accepting guest bloggers to contribute for guest bloggersthe about 2 weeks. If you have followed my blog long enough then you know I don’t do guest bloggers.

This is a nice opportunity for you.

I will still be here, sharing and commenting, things I can do that don’t take up to much time or energy… so you won’t be getting rid of me that easy  :)


Here Is What You Can Do

If you want to be one of the guest bloggers I work with, then just email me thru my Contact Form.

Tell me what you want to write about and I will get back to you.

Please ONLY send me your post idea.  Not the actual post…TY!


Topics I Would Like Covered

I would like to have guest posts on things I don’t normally cover, so nothing on Blogging or Twitter or Social media.

I will take any other the topics below or anything you feel would be a good fit.


Facebook Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing


Business Startup or Business Building

WordPress Tips


What Do Guest Bloggers Get?

As a guest blogger you benefit in a few ways…

You get a nice backlink from my PR4 blog.

You get a big audience seeing your post on my blog, Twitter and Facebook. That will bring you new readers, new subscribers and new followers.

You get to help a blogging friend out :)

Short and sweet! I need some help and at same time I will be helping you.

To be one of the guest bloggers reach out to me here Contact Me.

Please Re-Tweet

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  • http://www.onethousandamonth.com Graham Lutz

    I’ll be doing a little brainstorming on a post that would be best for your readers – I’ll be in touch!  

    I hope calms down for you soon!

  • http://www.extremejohn.com/ Extreme John

    I’m always crushed for time John, but you know I’m always willing to help out. I sent in my info and look forward to the opportunity.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    The help is welcome. Thanks John.

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