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Make Money Online With FREE Plugins

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Make Money Online With Free Plugins

I wanted to share a few of my favorite plugins I use to make money online and to make my blogging alot less time consuming.

I am offering you ALL the plugins below for FREE..Yes! Completely FREE!

Use one or use them all, you will make some money online and or make your blogging a little easier for you..either way it’s a Win Win for you!

Just my way of saying Thanks for visiting my site, and hope you will visit over and over again  :)

Different Posts Per Page

How to show different number of posts in home, category, or archive page

While using wordpress, a major question that pops into your mind might be -“How can I set different number of posts in category and home page?”

Stop straining your nerves, because unfortunately with wordpress, you CANNOT set different number of posts for home page, category page or archive page.

All you can do is set a default value for every page in wordpress:


Isn’t it frustrating not to have TOTAL CONTROL over the number of posts you want to show?

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MaxBlogPress DealDotCom Widget

How to make money forever on autopilot by offering KILLER DEALS

One of the biggest secret of closing a sale every time is to offer a KILLER DEAL which a prospect simply can’t refuse. If you can do this every time then it’s almost sure that you can close the sale each and every time.

But the problem is how you can find a killer deal every day to sell for your prospect?

The Solution is Deal Dot Com

Each day DealDotCom have only one product for sale. It gets sold at insanely low price and there are limited numbers of copies available. That product will only be available until it sells out or until the midnight after that it will be pulled off and start selling a new product.

Can you see the selling psychology here? They offer a killer deal as well as they make it extremely time sensitive too. There is a huge fear of losing that deal forever.

This makes super easy to sell any product at DealDotCom

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MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup

How to easily create attention grabbing unblockable popup in WordPress

With this new and FREE WordPress plugin you can grab your visitor’s attention instantly!
Instant Benefits:

* More blog subscribers
* More RSS feeds subscriptions
* Direct people to special offers
* Provide effective updates
* Increase sales
* Increase Leads

MaxBlogPress makes the Impossible Possible!

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MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

WARNING: Using WordPress Can Ban Your Blog From Ping Services

In fact, if you have been using WordPress for a long time then by now your blog probably has been banned from ping services and you don’t even know it.

Read below to learn how some major flaws in WordPress’s pinging system can get your blog banned and make it lose precious traffic.
Answer these questions:

* Why are blogs more powerful than ordinary websites?
* Why do search engine easily index blogs while other websites struggle to get indexed?
* Why do blogs attract more traffic than ordinary websites?

The answer is the blog’s ability to PING. Its not just a geeky term. Its a lot more powerful tool and process than you have imagined.

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MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads

Boost Your Blog’s Response Rate With “Stripe Ad”

Pop-ups, pop-overs and pop-unders are all seen as obtrusive advertising that interferes with the user experience of your blog. The last thing someone needs is a flashy ad message popping up everywhere when they are trying to read your blog’s content.

Enter “Stripe Ads”, a new non-obtrusive way of displaying a single line of advertising message, a special note or other information right at the top of your blog, just like this:

A cool “stripe” appears at the very top of your blog, with a call-to-action to get your blog readers to click on it and be taken to the appropriate landing page.

The ad itself is simple, easy to use, and you can have multiple ads rotating according to your needs.

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Psychic Search

Secretly Discover What Your Visitors Want to Read on Your Blog

People love to read blogs. But gone are the days, when a person will just read anything. Nowadays, people want to read very specific topics.

The problem is that you can’t keep asking your readers what they want to read… Eventually they’ll get annoyed.

Finally, a WordPress Plugin that secretly reveals what your readers most want to read…

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SEO Post Link

Make your post link short and SEO friendly…Automatically!

By default WordPress puts the exact title of the blog post as its post URL. Have a look here:

What this means is that, if you have a blog post titled: “This post have a very long title that runs for miles”

You will end up with a URL that looks something like:

Isn’t that irritating?

Take my word when I say that these long URLs do not come easily.

Long URLs have a lot of problems already attached with them:

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Max Banner Ads

Easily add and rotate banners in your wordpress blog anywhere you like without editing any themes or touching any codes

Normally adding banners will need you to edit your wordpress theme, mess with lots of codes and even then you won’t have the result as you want.

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That’s it!  All the plugins I use that make me money online and make my blogging more efficient. If you have any questions let me know.

To Your Online Success

John Paul


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  • monicabeltran

    Thank you for the info. Pretty good plugins.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Your Welcome Monica…The plugins will def make your blogging life a little easier :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Your Welcome Monica…The plugins will def make your blogging life a little easier :)

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Limited Offer > FREE 30 Min One-On-One Consulting Call Learn More Now