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Make Money Online: How To Outsource Your Troubles and Explode Your Business

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Make Money Online Using Outsourcing

One of the difficulties in succeeding online is keeping up with everything you need to do to be successful at making money online.

You want to be active online, you want to keep your site or blog updated, you want to talk to more prospects, you want to update your Twitter and Facebook pages, you want to keep your office organized,  etc.

It Can All Get A Little Overwhelming!

The good news, is that the Internet offers you lots of resources to help outsource your troubles.

You Don’t Have To Do It All Yourself

I recommend the following services as good places to post your project needs.  Posting in these online project marketplaces can help you attract Outsourcing, outsouring for business, organizingqualified help at great prices.

Also the best thing is, that sites like Rentacoder.com they become the middle main keeping both parties from being ripped off.

You pay them, they hold it till both parties agree the project was done correctly, once approved the money goes to the person who did the work.

These “virtual assistants” and short-term contractors can often cost much less than you think because they attract a worldwide audience of part-time workers.  To keep your cost down, you will see the best value comes from workers in India, Romania, china.

The downside? Communication is a lot harder.  Trying to explain your idea or what you need to someone that uses English as their second language can be very hard..lol I know first hand.

So you can stay in state and save your self the aggravation or go out of the country to save your self money.

Where Can You Find People Online To Help?

You can engage full-time professionals and agencies, too, but the part-timers active on many of these sites are often just looking for extra income (or live in places with much lower costs of living).  They pass that cost savings on to you and free you from long term commitments, too.

Elance.com and Buyerzone.com
Both of these marketplaces offer services from all kinds of contractors, from administrative help to web designers to engineers to designers to transcriptionists to lawyers to telephone installation.

Getafreelancer.com and Rentacoder.com
These two services specialize more in technical help, so if you have a web production project, they can help you find affordable help worldwide.

“I used Rentacoder to find a great web designer/coder from the UK to help me put together this blog.”

DigitalPoint Forums
This forum is a great place to find pretty much any help you need, coders, web designers, admin help etc..

Also great resource for newbie bloggers or site owners looking for people to advertise on your site.

Yes.. I said Craigs..lol   It’s not just for porn 

First..if you are not using Craigs to promote your business or product yet, then you need to start..Now!  Even with all the changes, Craigs is still an inexpensive place to promote your business and if you don’t want to post yourself you can use one of the previous sites to find Craigs poster services.

Most cities covered by Craigs List offer a section called “Gigs”  Here you can post short-term projects of any sort. This can be especially useful for projects that require local, in-person help (like moving your office or posting flyers around town).

Use these sites to find people that you can hand off the small tedious everyday tasks that are important to your business, but don’t need your personal touch to get done.

When you are trying to make money online, your time because that much more important, so use it wisely.



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  • http://outsource2documaker.com documaker

    Rentacoder buyers will benefit from learning *how* to outsource through the site before making mistakes via trial and error:

  • http://outsource2documaker.com DocuMaker

    Rentacoder buyers will benefit from learning *how* to outsource through the site before making mistakes via trial and error:

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  • http://keepupwiththeweb.com Sherryl Perry

    I go through bouts where I use Craig’s List and bouts where I don’t. It’s great for promoting a product but have you ever used it to drive traffic to a blog? I’ve never given that any thought before but using it to promote my consulting services would work. Thanks for making me think John Paul.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Yea Craiglist, works well to get traffic to a sales page.. or a blog newsletter sign up page. But direct to your blog I’m sure can work too.

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