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Make Money Blogging: 6 Simple Steps To Pull More Blog Visitors

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Make Money Blogging Traffic Tips

One of the biggest things most bloggers that are looking to make money with blogging run into is, more blog visitors! At the end of the day your goal is to not just make money, but to make money every day, Right?

I deal with this on a daily basis, trying to get more blog visitors and make more money online. If you are like me and most other bloggers and need more blog traffic, then the 6 Simple Steps below should help you..crowd-of-people, blog traffic, making money with a blog, make money blogging

These tips are all designed to attract more blog visitors to your blog, and the best part?  It’s all Free to do!. Once you get the hang of these tips for attracting more blog visitors, they should become a part of your daily blogging routine and you will see a jump in your total blog visitors, and begin making money blogging.

Update New Content On Regular To Be Successful

Start updating on a regular basis and you write content that fits your niche in order to keep   your blog visitors coming back for more. Updating on a regular basis is will give you fresh content for the search engines which will make it easier for people to find your blog.

Use Your Keywords When Your Write

Your content should be easy to read, and have your main keywords in it, when possible. In the Title, in your first sentence, middle of your content body and at the end.

Keyword optimized content is a big factor in increasing blog visitors.

Post To BloggersBase To Get Noticed

BloggersBase is a online community for writers, bloggers to post their content, and have people read and voted on. This is a great place to get noticed and drive people back to your blog and it’s Free.

You can also be part of the weekly contest and monetize your posts, it’s a win win 

Use Blog Carnivals To Reach More People

Blog carnivals are hosted in one blog, and include links to blog posts all over the internet that fit different topics. Post your content in the blog carnivals that fit your niche and as often as you can to get exposure for your own blog.

This is a simple way to attract more blog visitors to your blog..

Post Comments In Related Blogs

Find blogs that relate to your blog niche, read the entries that you find there, and post RELEVANT comments, Do Not Spam!  Make sure your have something to offer before you post your comment.

When you leave solid comments in other related blogs, and link back to your blog, you will find an increase in more blog visitors. This works because if you post quality comments, people will read that and want to read your blog to learn more about you.

Build Conversation Within Your Blogs Comments

Building relationships and conversations in your blog is very important if you want new and existing readers to come back for more.

You can do this by replying to all of the comments that they leav. The more you communicate with your readers, the more likely they will be to return, as well as to tell other people about your blog, which will lead to more blog visitors, and more money in the end.

Keep these six tips in mind and pulling  more blog visitors will become a lot simpler and hopefully get to your goal of making money every day!

What it really takes above all else is the ability to communicate within the niche or industry that you are writing about.

The more you know, the more you share, the more you will be pulling more blog visitors!

What are some of your tips on getting more visitors?

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  • maryloukayser

    Your blog caught my attention through a MaxBlogPress post. I see you have been writing online for quite some time and your personal story is quite compelling!
    I am new to blogging and appreciate your simple outline of how to get more traffic to our blogs. As you so clearly pointed out, blogging as a business takes hard work! As does driving traffic. There is no free ride to the promised land on the Internet (despite all the people who promise there is).
    Another way to drive traffic to your blog is to become part of a blogging community, a group of people who are committed to helping each other get more exposure through retweeting, facebook sharing, etc. If you check out my blog, you can see how this is working under the “Tribe” button. I have found it to be very effective, especially when launching a blog.
    You offer a lot of valuable content on this blog. I will visit you regularly to see what new tidbits you have to offer!
    ~Mary Lou

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hi Marylou, Glad to see you came from MaxBlogPress :)

    I agree having a community helps alot in building and growing a blog. I'm glad you liked what you read,, and your welcome back anytime :)

  • http://www.freemanlegacyllc.com Ms. Freeman

    Excellent I am excited to get started with BloggersBase. I'd never heard of it prior to reading your post, so I quickly went over and joined. Same goes for BlogCarnivals I've heard of them, but didn't realize they were effective in this niche.

    All in all these are really great tips! :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Ms.Freeman TY for the comment…I appreciate it. Yes Bloggersbase is great.. Youurpost will be read by many people and it's FREE..haha

    Blog carnivals work in any niche.. you will get traffic but you will also get nice backlinks, so worth the time.

  • Pingback: Vote on this article at blogengage.com()

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Ms.Freeman TY for the comment…I appreciate it. Yes Bloggersbase is great.. Youurpost will be read by many people and it’s FREE..haha

    Blog carnivals work in any niche.. you will get traffic but you will also get nice backlinks, so worth the time.

  • http://twitter.com/ThrowingaBrick Roy Scribner

    Good tips, John. I am not familiar with BloggerBase, but definitely being social and conversing with others, in both your own comments and other blogs, is a great way to keep the traffic flowing. It’s the “circle of life!” :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Circle of life haha I like that But its tru, no matter if your on your blog or a ocial site or even in email, it is all about the conversations you have.

    Bloggersbase is cool.. get you in front alot new readers

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    TY for that Charlotte.. I’m glad the posts are helping you :)

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