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Infographic – Why We Need A Nobody Likes You Button On Twitter

Posted by in Twitter

The Nobody Likes You Twitter Button

Be honest, if this button existed you would probably use it 10, 20, 50  times a day.

I know I would haha

I see annoying blah, blah, blah on Twitter all day everyday and I’m sure you do too.

What is “blah, blah, blah”?

It’s the information people share all the time that is boring, not interesting, overly personal, pathetic and sometimes slightly scary.

But to be honest, I did complain about all the snow the other day, but honestly, 80 inches of snow is enough already.  To my defense, it was in reply to someones message :)

Ok fine, I get one hit of the “nobody likes you button”… no one is perfect.

Today I wanted to share this funny and sooooo true Infographic with you.


source: the maple kind


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  • http://www.EarningFreeMoney.com/ Louida M

    Hilarious! There is a lot of crap on Twitter.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Yes there is.. this makes it a lil easier to deal with tho lol

  • http://www.EarningFreeMoney.com/ Louida M

    I started to delete people.

  • http://www.freelancewritingdreams.com Samantha Gluck

    OMG! I was literally laughing aloud the whole time I read it. My 10 year old daughter came over (wanting in on the fun) and I had to send her away….you know, potty mouth humor and all. I think I do some of these no-nos on occasion…especially the thing about making me blush and all that. But, I’m sincere when I do it, at least!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Smart :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    haha I’m glad u and your daughter enjoyed it. I laughed pretty hard to when it was sent to me. I think we all have done one or more of these at some point Samantha,.. so your good :)

  • http://www.gauraw.com/ Kumar Gauraw


    Like others said already, this is such a hilarious infographic! I was laughing all the way to the bottom :-)


  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Glad u liked it Kumar :)

  • http://msileanespeaks.com/ Ileane

    Hi John,

    What a fun Infographic :)

    Most of the time I can ignore the useless personal stuff and of course we all get to complain about the snow this year (it’s snowing here for the 15th time….).
    My favorite from this are the autoresponders. First of all who reads DM’s? lol Secondly by the time I see the DM I should be connected with you every where already and if not, I’m probably not going to because you just sent me an auto DM. lol

    The other one that struck a nerve is the over use of hashtags. What on Earth are they trying attract? Like who searches for #eating? That’s almost like searching for #twitter. lol

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    We got more snow too.. craziness this year.. so I agree we aLL get a pass on the complaints.

    I send auto DMs and they work VERY well.. but its what you out in your DM that makes it good or bad. But I do get a few really bad ones an I just laugh.

    I’m with you on the hashtags,,using 10 at the end of your message is annoying, but the people that hashtag every other word where you can’t even read the tweet, now those are SUPER annoying lol

  • Lisa Irby

    I can’t stop laughing!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    that’s how I was when I first saw it Lisa haha Sad to say I have a few of those around me lol

  • http://quickmeups.com/ Zachary @zacharykreid

    Just started Twitter a week or two ago. Late to the party, but better than never! Found you via your 1 – 3,600 follower blog post, looks like you’ve continued the growth. Here to say congratulations, just followed you and will be in touch. Not as agressively attacking Twitter as you and decided if I can get 1,000 quality followers in first year I’ll be happy. Funny infographic thanks for the share. Take care.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Zachary, u found me from an olddddd post man haha Very cool. Glad you connected. If you get the fundamentals down for Twitter, you will have 1,000 followers in months not a year man. Stay active and share great stuff.

  • http://www.daringblogger.com/ Jeevan Jacob John

    Hahaha….loved this 😉

    Just what I needed at the end of a long day 😀

    I have seen some of these, but many of them are new to me (like the weirdo type….RTing old tweets? I wonder what they were thinking!).

    These days, I don’t check the twitter timeline (don’t have the time). I spend most of my blogging time networking with others – commenting, interacting etc 😀

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Glad you liked it Jeevan.. sad to say I see a lot of these people around haha But at this point they give me a good laugh so I don’t mind anymore.

  • Adrienne

    He creates the best infographics John Paul if you just want a good laugh.

    Luckily for me I don’t see a lot of this stuff because I mostly just pay attention to my lists. I’m just so glad they actually have great stuff to say and share.

    I know most people don’t like DMs but like you, mine work beautifully so I’m still not ruling those out. When done right you’ll get some great traffic, I still do.

    It’s sad though that so many people have actually nothing to say.

    Great share though, thanks for the laugh. Have a great weekend.


  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Adrienne, he def is funny and telanted haha Dms work very well for me too, never had an issue. More people need to test things for themselves instead of listening to “experts”. Like I have said before, the function of the the auto DM is not what people hate… it’s the message that is sent that is what they hate.

    Get the message right, and DMs will be an easy way to drive traffic.. think auto email follow ups.. no one hates those,, because the messages are positive, targeted and something you want.

    Glad u had a good laugh tho.. I know I did haha

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