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How To Blog | What Is A Social Blogging Entrepreneur?

A Social Blogging Entrepreneur is someone who uses Social Media, Blogging and Marketing together to build a blogging business that makes money.

If you want to build a successful blogging business today, you need to bring more skills to the table then just writing great content.

You need to write great content to start, then you need to know how to market and promote that content. You also need to know how to use social media to get that content in front of people you are connecting with on a daily basis.


How To Blog | Must Know Blogging Truths

To get you started right, I want you to have the HONEST reality of blogging.

I’m going to be realy honest with you here and tell you that building a successful blogging business is NOT easy.

So let me start this off by saying…

“If your main reason to starting a blog is to make fast money, then please STOP now and save yourself time, money and aggravation”

Blogging for money ONLY is a fast way to Fail!

You must start a blog for something you already like doing. That way it will be easier for you stay consistent and motivated to work thru the bad days. Blog about something you care about and have knowledge in and the money will come in time.

Just don’t chase the money!

That takes me to my next point, building a successful blogging business takes HARD WORK! There is no fast or easy way to building a popular blog. You will have to put some amount of time into your blog everyday over time to see the success you want.

Every big blog you see out there took hard work and dedication to become what they are. While I am at it, let me say that building a big blog isn’t a one-man show. You will need to connect and build friendships with as many bloggers as you can. Blogging friendships will be a huge part to helping you promote your blog all across the net.

If you blog ALONE you will FAIL!

To build a successful blogging business you will need a few traits to help you on your journey.


How To Blog | 6 Traits Successful Bloggers Have

– Passionate –  You need to be passionate about what your blogging topic is, if you’re not, it will be hard to get thru the down times in your journey.

– Optimistic –  You need to stay optimistic when your building your blog. Trust in the process and don’t dwell on past failures.

– Persistent –  You need to be able to work thru obstacles when they come up and they will trust me, but if you work thru them you will be fine.

– Thirst For Learning –  You need to be open to always learn more. Once you think you know it all, it will all change. So be able to read, research and get informed on a regular basis.

– Highly Self-Motivated –  You need to be able to motivate yourself to do the work each day to build a successful blog. No one else  but YOU will push you to write new posts, drive new traffic, spend time on social media or learn new techniques.

– Willingness To Fail –  You need to want to fail because the more you fail the faster you will see success. Failing a lot shows that you are working hard to reach your blogging goals.

Now you know the truth about what it takes to build a successful blog.

Do you still want to be a blogger?

Great,  Let’ get you started.


How To Blog | Setup Your Blog Now

Step 1 and 2

Buy a hostiIng package through Bluehost.

A hosting package is where your blog will live so people can see it. This is the MOST important part to you blog. Having a strong foundation to have your blog live is the difference between a successful blog and a failed blog.

BlueHost is the best option for newbie bloggers as it is easy to use, very low monthly cost with great online and phone support.

The best part is that BlueHost will even Set Up Your WordPress blog for you!

“I have used BlueHost on many of my sites over the past 6 yrs”

Get Your Free Domain With Bluehost!

Having the right domain name is one of the most important parts to having a blog. Your domain is what you will share all over the web and the better your domain, the more you will stand out.

Luckily with BlueHost you get a Free domain. when you sign up with one of their Hosting packages.

Now Watch A Step-By-Step Walk thru to set up your WordPress Blog.

Click over to my Build A Blog Tutorial page…

and continue to follow Steps 3 thru 5 and read my Top 8 Tips On Driving Traffic to your blog.


How To Blog | Get Help with Free Tutorials

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How To Build You First Blog

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How To Build An Email List

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Get Started With Twitter

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Blog Resources and Tools

Every successful blogger uses tool and resources to help them on their journey. These are the tools I have personally used to build a popular blog.


How To Blog | Posts To Get You Started

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How To Blog |  Get Your Free eCourse

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