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How Can Kids Start Making Thier Own Money?

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Today I want to talk about how kids can make money too, thanks to my 9yr old nephew this idea.

He is always wanting to help me around the yard and office, for a fee of course  :)

Never to young to start making money can be exciting.  You ever see how happy and helpful a 6 yr old is to help you sweep or vacuum?  Enjoy it, because it wont last..lol

For parents it can be a proud moment and great way to have your kids learn the value of a dollar. Kids can use their money to help pay for new toys or things that they want, let them earn their allowance.

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So how can kids make money?  Well there are a many ways that will help them make some extra money quickly.

Here are a few…

The Paper Boy/Girl
This is the most common way for kids to make money with a actual job. I was a paper boy in my young days..lol.. it was hard work, getting up early, carrying all that weight.

Till I came up with a great idea, shopping carts,what a great invention for the paper boy.

Depending on the size of their route, they will make some great money and also tips.

The Yard Helper
When the leafs start to fall, raking can be a popular job for anybody. Neighbors are sometimes unable to rake themselves and they are willing to hire kid.

Shoveling during Winter can also be a huge concern for the elderly.  I did this one a lot when I was a youngin..hard work, but very fun.

The Lemonade Stand
What kid hasn’t had a lemonade stand?  Come one we all have..it was easy and cheap to setup.

Kids love this idea. Making a sale is the best feeling when you a kid.

Great tip is to sell your cups at 65 cents, that way you will usually end up with the change as your tip.

Help Elderly
This isn’t so much as a job, but helping elderly in your neighborhood with groceries, yard work, or everyday tasks, will usually get you a few bucks for your work.

This is a great way to teach kids to be helpful and friendly of others.

This is a short list of what kids can do to start making money for them selves, and learn that money doesn’t come free.



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