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Hashtagify Pro Review – How To Master Hashtag Marketing

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Hashtagify – Understand, Find and Use Hashtags Smarter.

Today I am sharing my review of Hashtagify Pro, a great tool to help you learn how to better understand hashtags and how to use them when marketing on Twitter.

For me hashtags are one of those things that I know work, but never really put much focus on.

When I use hashtags in my tweets I usually keep it to one or two and I stick to about 12 different hashtags I rotate out for different content.

I don’t really think about it enough to want to take the time out and go find and research new hashtags, so that is why I was happy to find Hashtagify.me.

hashtagify pro review

What I like most about Hashtagify, is it does ONE thing very well, it helps you find hashtags that you may or may not know about, and gives you the research to back why they think you should use this hashtag.

The bonus? They also give you content related to your hashtags just in case you need help finding targeted stories, images etc.. to share with your followers.

I have told you before if you’re a regular reader that for me, the tool has to work, but more importantly it has to be EASY to use so when I need it, I can pop in and get out.

During my Hashtagify review, I could see they have the best of both worlds. A section for quick access to grab a hashtag and they have another section for people that want to really dive into the stats and be there for an hour haha.

Hashtagify has been around a long time, but they have recently added the PRO features, that really take your hashtag research and marketing to that next level.


Hashtagify Home Section

This is where you start once you log in. Here you will find a few top pieces of content for the main hashtag you follow, it will also have related hashtags and influencers and a content wall.

Below I will go over the basic mode, table mode and the wall tab.

Basic Mode

Here you can take a quick look at the hashtagss that relate to your main hashtag. Each ball gives you the hashtag, the popularity and correlation % to your main hashtag.

hashtagify pro review basic mode


Table Mode

This is my choice because you get all the information you need in one easy to read graph. You can see how many times it was used, retweeted and the popularity of the hashtags that relate to your main hashtag.

hashtagify.me pro review table mode



The Wall tab shows you the top content for any hashtag you choose to follow. Great place to get some content to tweet to your followers.

hashtagify pro review wall tab


Hashtag Cafe

The Cafe is the place for inspiration. Here you can find hashtags and content related to those hashtags that you can share to your followers.

hashtagify.me review cafe


Users Lab

This is where the “magic happens” haha This is where Hahtagify analysis all the hashtags you use and shows you how well they work for you.

They then give you a list of hashtags they recommend you use and give you the data to back their recommendations.

You can also find hashtags that are trending and track the trend as the hashtag influence rises, that way if you get in early and as that hashtag popularity rises you will be seen as an influencers since you have already been using the hashtag.

hashtagify pro review users lab


Navigation Helper

To make navigation easier, you will see the Navigation Helper at the bottom of the dashboard.

Clicking the “books” and you see this below.

hashtagify review navigation helper

If you touch something, like the cafe building to the left you will see this.

hashtagify pro review navigation

Gives you quick information on each section and a fast way to get to where you want to go.

hashtagify pro-review navigation1


University Help

One thing I really like is that Hashtagify doesn’t assume we are all experts in using hashtags.

They have put together a helpful University Help section that basically helps you understand hashtags and how they work and how to better use them.

hashtagify review university help feature


The Wrap Up

I like that they cater to both types of Twitter user.  For me, Hashtagify.me is a great place to quickly go in and find new hashtags that I can use instead of my normal 12 which will expand the reach of my tweets/blog posts.

But they also have a huge amount of stats, data for the user they really wants to dig in and find and track hashtags they are using and should use.

All that and easy to use, is what will keep me going back and actually USING it.

Pricing is $9.99 month (10 Day Free Trial)

Learn More About Hashtagify Pro


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  • Kingsley Obi

    Great article. this hashtag-ing I will definitely try it out. Thanks John

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Hope it helps :)

  • Rahul Dasgupta

    Hi John,

    Was wondering if my tweet can be seen if use the highly popular hashtags.When we use Google AdWords, it’s advisable to use medium or low competition keyword, so doesn’t that same logic applies to hashtag marketing?

    Also, are you still using the tool and have you found any uncommon hashtag that you were not aware of and helped you generate significant traffic or Tweet engagements? Please advice as I’m thinking of going for their PRO plan.

    Also, have you explored RiteTag? I see they suggest whether the hashtag we will use is powerful enough but not sure how accurate their data is. If you can enlighten, would be helpful


  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    no the same logic doesnt applyto Twitter hashtags,, use hashtags that are target to you content, big or small and if your tweet gets attention “retweets and likes” it will be seen for that hashtag.

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