Follow Friday Top 10 Week 24

#FollowFriday 10 Favorites

I’m going to keep this short and simple, since I’m feeling like crap thanks to my 3 yr old nephew giving me his cold… gotta luv the kiddies… luv to share :)

Oh and that reminds me… I have a post coming out that was inspired by that same 3 yr old haha so should be fun, look out for that next week.  follow friday

Ok back to short and simple.

I connected with some great follow friends the past few weeks and today’s Top 10 is a nice mix of newbie’s and veterans that are doing it right.

Well that’s it for me… my nose is running and I need to catch it nowwwww!

You know what to do.. Connect, Engage and Share, hope you have a great weekend.



If you only have time to tweet 10 messages a day, don’t tweet them all in morning over 3 hrs. You will have more success taking those 10 messages and spreading them out thru the whole day.

ex: 2-3 in the morning 2-3 lunch time 2-3 dinner time and 2-3 night (after prime time tv)

This way you are getting in front of many more people then you would JUST tweeting in the morning.


Top 10 – Week 24


image CWSites

Bio: Husband, Father, Follower of Christ, Web Designer, Movie & Music Lover, Anime Fan, Eater of Sushi.

image onhighheelsPR

Bio: PR, blogger, marketer. Social media consult 4 luxury lifestylers. Avid reader & fitness nut. Occasional chocolate addict. Must travel.

image JymTarrant

Bio: Husband, Father, Blogger. Dedicated to bridging the gap between beginner and pro-blogger, one step at a time. Founder and Head Alchemist at Blogger’s Alchemy

image McMullen_Greg

Bio: Pike High Swim Coach | Online Marketing Manager | Engaged to a great gal | I work to live, I don’t live to work | I enjoy music & photography

image m_blessings

Bio: Momprenuer Inquisitive – WILL YOU HEAR? Social Media Diciple – CAN YOU TEACH? Progressive Mommy Blogger – DO YOU TRUST? {{{XoXo~Bless Up Always~XoXo}}}

image LeadKJWalters

Bio: Passionate about leadership. Accredited award-winning communicator. Researching intersection of media, gens and leadership models. MA Lead. in progress.

image kalinadan

Bio: Master student in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Utrecht

image KayAshaolu

Bio: Web Developer, Co-Founder of @TrifectaTech, Apple Enthusiast, and General Tech Conspiracy Theorist (GTCT for short

image another_blogger

Bio: Inbound Marketing Certified Professional and Full time blogger provide simple blogging tips, making money online, social media, technology and Internet.

image richiereveley2

Bio: I’m a gadget freak, technophile, and connoisseur of all things web related. Im also a hopeless Bona Fide Twitter, Facebook and Squidoo Addict.


Anything great happen to you this week on Twitter? Let me know in the comments :)

  • Latief Pakpahan

    Hi John, I’m glad that I’m on the list. I always love to follow you suggestion and read your awesome articles. Thanks and have a great weekend a head.

  • John Paul

    Happy to have you on the list Latief.. and TY for the support on Twitter :)

    Have a Great weekend.

  • richie reveley


    Thanks so much for all the wonder Twitter insights. I too I’m glad I made your Top 10 list for the week. Get well soon eh. 

    P.S I know how you feel.. my 4 year old has given me the flu this week. It’s nasty. However I still find the time to tweet :)


  • richie reveley

    G’day John..

    I’m glad also that I made it onto your Top 10 list. Proud as punch & super excited! Thanks so much for all your great Twitter insights here. I’m here daily & look forward to what you have got coming next.

    P.S Hope you get better soon eh :)

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