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Facebook Username – Did You Get Yours?

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I got mine, and it was thqat hard. The security of your page is the same, peoople still need to add you as a friend before they can see your page.

Just makes things easier when you try to give someone your face page, and this way they know they have YOUR page not a fake.

The best part is you don’t have to change any of your old url’s on other pages or on anybuttons you have on your site, which is HUGE,,lol

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Go to facebook.com/username and log into Facebook. You’ll see a tool like the one below to pick a permanent Facebook URL:

When Facebook let its 200-million-plus members reserve customized URLs on Saturday at 12:01 AM Eastern. 200,000 user names were reserved in a matter of three minutes, according to Twitter posts from Facebook employees.

The whole thing was so hyped up. My Twitter feed was covered with  people proudly announcing their new URLs, but iwho really cares?

For me it makes things a little bit easier, but in reality  I have functioned with my old Facebook url for a year..so not a big deal.

John Paul

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