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The Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Posted by in Facebook Marketing

Facebook Advertising Insider Tips

Hey everyone! First, let me apologize for the delay in this part of our Facebook Marketing series. I was unfortunately hospitalized with pneumonia over the holidays, and have just recently returned to working order.

Not to worry, though — the ol’ mind is still working just as well as it was before (that is to say, sputtering along at squirrel-power). facebook-ad-image

My goal for this post is to not talk to you about the same old stuff you can read in a thousand other blog posts about Facebook advertising.

You know, targeting, tracking, writing good content, blah blah blah.

My goal here is to provide you with insider tips and tricks that I and my staff use every day to help take our clients’ Facebook advertising through the roof.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

What Should I Advertise?

Facebook allows you to advertise (they use the word “promote”) a few different things. You can promote your Facebook page, a particular event, a non-Facebook website, or even one specific post.

In general, I find that focusing on advertising your own Facebook page, or advertising a contest that you’re running on your Facebook page, to be the most effective endeavors, because they both directly help grow your page’s fanbase, which (should be) indirectly helping all of your other marketing efforts.

How Should I Advertise?

The most important thing to remember about Facebook is that it is specifically built to distract users from anything else that they might be doing. Think about it… how many times have you said “I’ll just pop on to Facebook for a second, just to read a few stories in my newsfeed”, and then found yourself still sitting there twenty minutes later?

That being said, in order to succeed your Facebook ad is going to have to distract people from a distraction. That can seem very daunting, but realizing that simple fact is actually the hardest part of the game.

Here are a few insider tips and tricks that we use to make our clients’ Facebook ads stand out from the crowd:

– The Photo: This is arguably the most important part of a Facebook ad, since Facebook users tend to be hyper-visually engaged and because the photo takes up such a large portion of the ad to begin with. We have seen excellent results recently using photos of happy, attractive women when advertising to men, and happy, confident men when advertising to women. Want to kick it up even farther? Use a real photo of someone (a quality one, with their permission) instead of a stock photo.

The Text: Short and sweet is the name of the game here. If you insist on including a wall-o-text in your advertisement, do yourself a favor and just don’t write anything. All Facebook users see when they’re presented with a wall-o-text is “Too Long, Didn’t Read”. Keep it simple and quirky, like “Want a $200 gift card? All you have to do is click!” or “Want free online marketing tips and tricks? Clicky, clicky! What do you have to lose?” (Pro Tip: Avoid kitchy things like using numbers instead of words (4 instead of for), and for the sake of all our sanity, avoid using ALL CAPS).

– The Rotation: You should ideally run 7-10 slightly different ads at once, all targeted at the same demographic and promoting the same thing. This keeps your message fresh in front of your audience and helps you determine which buzz words and photos are hitting home better than others.

– The Duration: Don’t let any advertisement run longer than 24 hours. Studies have shown that past that point, you run into heavy saturation issues such that too many of your target audience have already seen your ad several times and have visually blocked it out.

Managing Expectations

Facebook advertising is a great way to promote yourself online and an essential tool for any Facebook marketing endeavor. However, you also have to be realistic about your expectations. On average, a decent Facebook ad gets a 0.02% conversion rate. That means just 2/10ths of 1% of the people who see your ad (impressions) will actually click on the ad — and that’s if it’s a decent one!

Be prepared to fail a few times before you really get it right. I’ve run plenty of duds before, and I’m a professional. That’s just the name of the game. It’s like playing battleship — sometimes you have to lob a few duds out there to really hone in on where your target audience is and what they’re going to respond to.

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  • http://twitter.com/mmaacupuncture C. St Juste Jr, L.Ac

    Great post! Thanks for the info

  • http://ivinviljoen.net/blog Ivin Viljoen

    Failed a lot! I’ll tell you, I have spent more on FB ads that failed last year than I care to admit. I still don’t have it right. But I’ll tell you, the tip on 10 ratating ads running only 24 hours at a time was very valuable. I’ll have top try that.

    Can you tell me if you have to manually stop and start other ones every morning, or can they be automated?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Ivin, I did my share of failing with FB ads too. But once you get some success it isn’t hard to build off.

    I believe the ads can be set to run only 24 hrs or you can set them longer and go in and pause and un pause them.

  • http://www.iblogzone.com/ DiTesco

    This is absolutely awesome John, and one that I will be keeping for myself in my “vault” for future reference. Speedlink bound most definitely.

    BTW, glad all is well with you.. Take care

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks Francisco… Glad you like the post man. Ill be saving it myself for refeence :)

  • http://crochetinegypt.blogspot.com/ Noha A.

    I agree that facebook is a distraction. 
    Thanks for the great post

  • http://markharai.com/ Mark Harai

    Yep, this is pretty specific, John – haha! I have found optimizing ads is imperative to get good click through rates and lower ad costs. I’ve taken $1.50 down to .11 cents by just testing and optimizing… even creating 30 or 40 different versions of one ad to see which converts better… It’s a crap load of work, but what business can’t make money generating .11 direct response leads?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    .11 cents is very nice. Problem is the work that goes into getting to the .11 cent clicks.

    But if you put the time in, like you have, then the pay off can be big.

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