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Framestr Review – An Etsy Alternative

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Framestr – A powerful Etsy Alternative that I am pretty excited about.

I will being doing this review a little different.

1. I will be sharing a little live function, so you can see real time how Framestr embed works.

2. I will be sharing Framestr’s Explainer Video… just because it is SO good and explains there service better then I can.


Let’s Start With What Framestr Is 

Fast answer…Framestr Brings 4 powerful things together in one place.

1. Etsy Style storefronts
2. A Blog
3. Social Media
4. Word of Mouth Affiliate Opportunity – Social Commerce

etsy alternative framestr review

Why Framestr Is A Great Etsy Alternative

One of the BIGGEST reasons I really like Framestr is it includes a blog with your storefront. Actually the blog is your store front.

Why is this great?  You only have to focus on growing ONE platform.

One of the biggest issues I have found when talking to Etsy users and other services similar, is they want to have the benefits of a blog while they have their storefronts. But trying to promote and maintain 2 separate platforms gets complicated and becomes a lot of work.

Similar to what I tell new bloggers all the time, “never try to grow 2 authority blogs at the same time” they will both fail.

It is hard enough to do EVERYTHING you need to do today to build a blog, trying to take that focused and split it between to blogs will also go badly.

So the fact that Framestr times the 2 together is great because now you can promote your storefront or embed product boxes “similar to Amazon” right in your blog or blog posts. Either way you are promoting one platform.

News Feed Style Gets You Attention

Things run like a news feed, every time you get a review or add a blog post or ad a new product or update a product it is automatically sent thru the news f4eed for people on Framestr to see.

Simple Embeds Expand Your Reach

There embed system let’s you take your reach to 100 even 1000’s of websites by using the power of affiliates to bring  you more and more traffic. You are not limited to “platform” traffic.

Powerful Affiliate System Built In

Speaking of Affiliates, you are allowed to set ANY commission you choose per product, giving you full control.  Hint: more commission you pay, the higher you rank in the search when people search to find products to promote.

Simple Etsy and Shopify Import

Etsy and Shopify store owners, Framestr let’s you import your full store and uploads within 10 to 30 minutes, including any reviews and comments. Plus Framestr does not have any fees on storage, adding products or store design etc…they have a per sale fee that is it.

Live Embed Example

This is just a random product I chose to show you the function of the embed, I don’t support or endorse this product.


Framestr Explainer Video

Just in case everything I shared above doesn’t show you how Framestr is a very good Etsy alternative, then watch their 1.5 min explainer video below.


The Wrap Up

Framestr is a smart and powerful platform for anyone selling anything and is great alternative to using Shopify and Etsy.

Having Amazon style embeds, Etsy storefront, Blogging, Social Media and Affiliate system all in ONE place is just huge to me.

You get the best of online selling and marking all on one platform making it easier for you to add, grow and promote your products and store.

I personally love the idea and the guys behind it are awesome and smart and have plans to make thins even better. I will even say that I like this idea so much, it’s something I wish I was a partner in haha I might have to talk to them about that.

If you sell anything or want to in the future or if you are into affiliate marketing, take a look at Framestr. Watch their explainer video above or visit them below.

See more about Framestr now


Full Disclosure: Framestr paid me to write a review for their service. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.

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