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Nurturing Customer Relationships Is Your Business – Infographic

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Do You Ever Think About Customer Relationships?

Think about how many times you yourself have received bad customer service, how did you feel?

That is the same feeling your own customers feel if you are not focusing and nurturing your customer relationships whenever and wherever you can.

I mean focus on it from before the sale to long after the sale.

I will even go as far as to say the “after sale” relationship building is even more important than the before sale.


Lucky for you, most companies completely ignore the “after sale” support, and most customers, me included, expect it to suck.

So if you come with unbelievable after sale support you will stand out, you will have an overly happy and satisfied customer that will be your cheerleader for life.

For me personally, I have had so many occasions of bad customer support that when I get someone on the phone that is friendly, knows their job and helps me, I am blown away.

Want real world proof?

A friend of mine just recently went to buy a new car, before the sale she got about 3-4 phone calls from the dealer and salesman. They called to answer questions, they called with more information etc…

Pretty good pre sale support, Right?

Now at this point she has bought the car, filled out all the paperwork, the dealer made it’s sale.

The day she goes to pick up the car, she calls them around 9am letting them know she will be picking the car up after work around 4pm, giving them all day to register it and detail it and have it ready to walk in and roll.

She gets to the dealer and the car isn’t ready, and the same salesman barely pays her any attention because he is busy with “new” customer.

Long story short, the dealer hadn’t done anything with the car, not registered, not detailed, nothing.

She sat their for over 2 hours with barely any acknowledgment.

Mind you, this was just to pick up a car she had already purchased, it should of been a maybe 30 min thing.

The dealers actions basically told my friend that she wasn’t that important anymore since she already bought a car.

Horrible after sale support to a customer that has bought 4 cars and referred 3 friends that have bought cars all from the SAME dealer and salesman in the past 5 years.

Results?  She won’t be buying or referring that dealer ever again.


I’ll leave you with this before you get to this great Customer Relationships Infographic.

“It’s not just about how good your product is, it’s about how good YOU are.”

customer relationships infographicsource: cloud


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