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25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – February

25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – February

Top Twitter People To Follow – February List

I’m going to keep this super short, to let you focus on the 25 great people I share below.

I want to share something that many people still don’t get about Twitter and having real long term success with it.

Success on Twitter comes down to ONE basic thing.

RELATIONSHIPS – The more quality relationships you can build on Twitter, the faster you will see success!


Keep that golden nugget of wisdom in mind as you reach out and connect with the 25 people below. :)

top people on twitter to follow


Top 25 Twitter Favorites To Follow



Bio: Creative brain for hire • visual storyteller • social media consultant • speaker • humorist



Bio: Experienced Blogger – influence & relationship driven. Love content creation, social media marketing and blogging. Entrepreneur, tech geek, and blogging tips.



Bio: Social Media Girl | Techie Lover | Gym Rat | Vegetarian | Yoga Practitioner | Positive Thinker | Movie Fan



Bio: Modern Working Woman is a digital business magazine for today’s woman entrepreneur. Tweets by Jenneil Peters



Bio:  Management Consultant | Author | FatherofTwins| Communication, HR, personell training, CSR & surveys. Business happenings and a view of Sweden.



Bio: Determinator |   | | | Honoring the gift



Bio: Father, digital marketer and cigar smoker! I just love focusing on simple things that make a major impact.



Bio: Freelance writer, blogger, and creator. Social media consultant.



Bio: Social Media Analyst by day, Blogger at night! Views shared here are my OWN!



Bio: I am also thriller writer. Here I focus on Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors.



Bio: Managing Partner at EDS Bili?im & ADROIT Film, Marketing Educator Media Planing&Buying.


  Steve Farnsworth@Steveology

Bio: A Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, Demand Generation Content Marketing for B2B High Tech.



Bio: Beat back the BS in life! Life is a journey meant to be enjoyed.



Bio: Podcast – New episodes every Tuesday!



Bio: Social media & blogging freelancer Community Manager. Coffee lover.



Bio: 25+ years assisting start-up and emerging market companies increase revenues and build market value.



Bio: WordPress Dude and Online Marketer, focusing on making you look awesome & getting you customers while drinking too many lattes!



Bio: Tech Training for Small & Home Office Entrepreneurs. Business Certified Consultant.



Bio: – I tell amazing stories in 140 Char.



Bio: I LOVE how allows me to connect with you. I Consult & Manage & Pages for busy people & companies.



Bio: Social Media Marketing, Consultant, Trainer, Blogger, Speaker, Author. Yoga, horses, animal advocate.



Bio: A freelance writer and blogger. Quality is my forte, and fascination my domain.


  Rob Newman@WebmasterRob

Bio: Web Entrepreneur & CEO of Get Web Clients. Devoted problem solver. Reader. Thinker. Freelance beer buff. Unapologetic troublemaker. Harley rider.



Bio: Student of Internet Marketing.



Bio: CEO of Phoenix ONE Sales, Marketing, Management & Communications. A Full Boutique Marketing & Sales Management Agency


There you go, 25 great people to follow and kick off your new year on Twitter.


25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – December

25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – December

Top People To Follow On Twitter – December

I know, I know, it’s not Friday JP.  But sometimes you have to work around mother nature and Comcast gods haha

So the Follow Friday 25 is ready to go on Saturday.

Can you believe it is January? As I get older it seems the faster each year has gone by.

How did you 2014 go on Twitter?

Did you have better success than in 2013?

Did you use Twitter more or less?

I still see and hear from people that don’t “get” Twitter or don’t see the value in using it. Honestly I don’t get why, there is so much great information out there that everyone should be seeing results on a daily basis, the same way I do.

So to help, I ended 2014 with a few posts on Twitter and I plan to focus more posts in 2015 on how to use Twitter correctly, I mean use it to get results, not use it to look good.

I will also be releasing a New Updated Free Twitter guide for you, more to the point and simple to follow.

I still believe Twitter is the best platform for you to grow and see results quickly.


To help, I have these 25 great people from my community that help me on a daily and weekly to do what I do and I’m sure they will be great t helping you too.

Reach out, say hello and start the relationship building… I promise you, it will pay off.

top people on twitter to follow


Top 25 Twitter Favorites To Follow



Bio: Social Enterprise & Social Media Coach / Digital Success Consultant & Engager / Nr 4 on Cision Top Marketing Blogs


  Sandra Zoratti@sandraz

Bio: Author, Speaker, Marketer. Honored with BMA Marketer of the Year 2012. Book: Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance



Bio: Surfing through tweet world,finding and sharing those precious tweets!! Tweet On!!



Bio: On a mission to demystify digital marketing. I speak in plain English so you can grow your brand & business. Consultant, Speaker, & Faculty Member.



Bio:  Musician & Poet: advocate, performer, teacher – Human: learner, listener, lover.



Bio: Digital Strategist | Author of How to Win in Social Media



Bio: Winner – Car Dealers Used Car Dealer Under 50 Cars 2014 – 2nd Most Influential Car Dealer On Twitter 



Bio: Ready to share business knowledge & also learn from you all. Let’s get successful together!






Bio: Coordinador FRS -Fashion Brands Optimizer @ ManBrand / CEO Datus LABS / Digital SEO-



Bio: Director of Marketing & Communications, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Blogger, Husband, Dad, & Competitive Eater



Bio: Host of The Hayseed Report, Finding Bryan, and the Podcast Dojo. Podcasting is what gets me rolling in the morning



Bio: Thought Changer, Strategist, , , , Hired Gun, Outsider, Insider, Othersider, , Contact me To Collaborate



Bio: Fluent in Fitness | Social Media Assistant | Amateur Theatre Actress | Your Social Right Hand | Travel Groupie | Sociolizing your business | People Person



Bio: artist/blogger,social media,branding,poetic painter,quote junkie,speaker,photog,friend 2 animals,busy mom living healthy mountain life!



Bio: Social Media | Travel | Food | Science | Technology | Business | Art | Architecture | Photography



Bio: I write about & (Triberr Top 100 Bloggers), a firm believer in turning ideas into reality.



Bio: British Mum in AZ, Editor of Thoughts From A Broad. Sharing stories of Inspiring women, Ecofriendly and s ideas. Share & inspire today!



Bio: Exploring Business and Everyday Life: Marketing & Networking Tips. Stories about Miami, Coconut Grove & Coral Gables.



Bio: Love to Maker & : FROM THE HEART A Journey of love



Bio: Social Media Brand Strategist* Instructor *Podcaster *Sonographer


Bio: Business Consultant – Graduated in Political Science and Economic


Mustapha CHELH  Mustapha - @MustaphaCHELH

Bio: Social Media Web Design Paris, Web Videos, Websites, Web Marketing, SEO, Web Hosting, Domain Names, habite paris, Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications



Bio: Tim Bonner is a Blogger and Stay at Home Dad



Bio: RI Photographer, Blogger – I like Rhode Island and South Eastern Mass Scenery, Landmarks and Family Fun Pictures. My Car, My Camera and Coffee – I’m Happy :)


There you go, 25 great people to follow and kick off your new year on Twitter.


Sponsored Content – How To Get The Click – Infographic

Sponsored Content – How To Get The Click – Infographic

How To Get Your Advertising To Work

Are you using sponsored content as part of your marketing plan?

If so, is it working for you, are you getting that all important CLICK?

This Infographic by Taboola does a nice job walking you thru the Dos and Don’ts to setting up your ads correctly, giving you the best chance to get seen and get the click.

Let me just ad in a few things from my own content advertising experience.

1. Use cutesy images like kittens, puppies etc… anything that gets a lot of likes in your stream will also get attention in an ad.

2. If applicable, use sexy pics, sometimes the best way to get a guys attention is to show him a nice butt or big boobs. I know sad, but we dudes aren’t to complicated lol

But ladies your no better, sometimes a set of six pack abs is all it takes to get the ladies attention.

3. Use questions in your title.

4. Make sure you know why your sponsoring your content and if it is on the right platform.

ex: A couple years ago I would spend $5 sponsoring all my new posts on Stumbleupon, it was easy to set up and it drove in HUGE traffic. But after a couple months I started to realize it wasn’t worth the money. Yes it droves in thousands of views, but it didn’t really produce any added opt ins.

I would sponsor and I would not sponsor and my opt ins never really changed, hell sometimes on non sponsored day it would be more.

Point is, make sure you have a goal in mind BEFORE you go spending all your money, and trust me, it will cost money in the beginning as you test the best ad combination that works.

If you have or have not tried using sponsored content in your marketing, this Infographic is a great place to get the basics down to running a successful campaign and save you money in the process.

sponsored content infographic

sponsored content infographic part 2sponsored content infographic part 3sponsored content infographic part 4sponsored content infographic part 5sponsored content infographic part 6sponsored content infographic part 7source: Taboola


25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – October

25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – October

Top People To Follow On Twitter – October List

Another month has flown by and it is time to share another 25 people I believe you should follow n Twitter.

They ALL make my time on Twitter better, they ALL help make what I do everyday easier.

Safe to say, if you take the time to follow them and connect, they will ALL have the same affect on you and your Twitter efforts.

I’m going to keep this the way I like my Woman, “Short and Sweet” :)

Hope you enjoy the list.

top people on twitter to follow


Top 25 Twitter Favorites To Follow


Bio: Decoding digital marketing. Specializing in WordPress website design. A creative soul who loves all things techie!



Bio: Social media consultant,travel social marketing strategist. Forbes Top10 Influencer.



Bio:  I hope to others



Bio: Online Marketing with Focus – Let Susan Guide you to Online Success. Especially loves to help Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Entrepreneurs.



Bio: Content marketing pro, journalist and owner of All Media Freelance, LLC



Bio: Inspirational humorist, writer, and change consultant, helping others up skills and stories to move forward. Business owner, wife, mom, and Boxer owner.



Bio: The PRNurse for Corporate and Health Care Communications, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Digital Communications, Social Media and Business Development.



Bio: Social media marketing & optimization consultant. Help non-profits, entrepreneurs, green and progressive businesses with their social media needs.



Bio: Virtual Assistant | Personal Assistant | Concierge | Remotely Managing Your Business | Productivity Lover | Time Management Queen



Bio: Tools to build your online business… along with easy to use, bite-size business tips.



Bio: Digital & print design: logos, branding, web, content development, social media and more.



Bio: I’m passionate to see people live incredibly & through my agency committed to grow businesses that change the world.



Bio: Business puzzle innovator and holistic executive coach. Focused on global growth that benefits employee & employer.



Bio: Social Media, Food Bloggers, Recipes, Wine, Spirits & Craft Beer. Taught by my mom in the kitchen & it’s where I am every day cooking for my wonderful family!



Bio: Community Manager & my journey with breastcancer.



Bio: Former counterintelligence FBI agent | A Leader’s Roadmap to Mental Toughness | speaker | trainer | author of Secrets of A Strong Mind



Bio: Citizen/US Army Vet/Content creator. Dilettante with reasonably respectable clusters of mastery.



Bio: Passion, , Conviction, Determination are keys to achieving success.



Bio: I Help Solo Professionals to Acquire Their Ideal Clients. Self-Employed since 2000. Proud husband and dad. Life is good.



Bio: Blogger, Influencer, Marketing Consultant – experience in Social Media & Internet , Public Relations, Product & Brand Promotions, Social Media Manager



Bio: Loves people, communities, media, & technology (in that order!). Right & left brain enabled.



Bio: I partner with entrepreneurial CEOs to create innovative growth and expansion strategies for privately held mid-market and family businesses.



Bio: Coaching for Leadership & Life | Life Design | Speaker | | Author | Wife | Mom | Jesus Follower | Runner



Bio: HI PDX | OSU Alum | Marketing Director | Digital Marketing & Tech News Daily | Sign up for my weekly Social Media Tutorials



Bio: Living my passion and having FUN with helping you reach your full potential with Social Media. I support NOH8.




There you go, my Top 25 people to follow on Twitter for September.

All you have to do now is – Follow Them and Connect :)

25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – September

25 Top People On Twitter To Follow – September

Top 25 People To Follow On Twitter for September

Finally the Follow Friday list post is back, well kinda.

I decided a few months back that doing the FF post each week just wasn’t fitting into my weekly schedule anymore, so I had to tweak it, or end it.

I decided to do a once a month list of 25 people on Twitter to follow instead of just the 10 I normally did.

I also changed up the name and got a new image for this list post, nice huh :)

But what hasn’t changed is the way I choose people to be on this list:

If I see you working Twitter correctly.

If I see you in MY community giving to me consistently.

If I see you supporting ME.

Then I will give back to those people and get them on this list and share their awesome with everyone… Simple!

top people on twitter to follow

Now I’m sure you have heard Twitters recent announcement that they plan to bring a “facebook like” controlled stream to Twitter, meaning your followers will only see bits and pieces of what you share.

I don’t know if this will happen or not, BUT if it does, it will make connecting with the right people and building relationships on Twitter even more important then it was before.

So, to help you do that, I will be sharing 25 great people each month for you to follow, connect and build relationships with.

Let’s get to it then!


Top 25 Twitter Favorites To Follow


Bio: I Talk Fast & Tweet Faster | Leading change in , , Social Media Business &



Bio: GirlEnTREEpreneur| Helping Women Entrepreneurs Grow An Online Business One Leaf At A Time.



Bio: Top 35 UK Blogger, Speaker, Market Influencer, Forbes Top 100 – Prefer Algebra to Sets


Bio: CEO of Colonial Technology Dev. Co. Read Think Agile



Bio: CEO I love BIG adventures-I sing loud in my car-Hate cilantro & paper cuts-Easily distracted by shiny objects.



Bio: CEO of Phoenix ONE providing Sales, Marketing, Management Consulting Services. Also providing business & sales training



Bio: Relationship Architect & Social Media Speaker & Coach. Learn how to build positive relationships that bring more opportunities online!



Bio: Designer, Marketer & Social Media



Bio: I partner with entrepreneurial CEOs to create innovative growth and succession strategies for mid-market, family businesses.



Bio: serial entrepreneur….ideas & execution & other things keep me up at night



Bio: I run a fierce VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR company but don’t get it twisted, I also PROMOTE ebooks 4 FREE



Bio: Digital & Social Media Marketing | Branding | Customer Insights | Strategy Connector | Coach | Coffee-lover



Bio: Award-winning Google AdWords Specialist, Online Marketing Mentor. Helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, and local businesses.



Bio: 25 Most Influential Women in 2014 by Bronx Times. Author, Speaker, Adjunct Lecturer in Marketing



Bio: We help you find the best twitter hashtags for your needs.



Bio: All about Design, Illustration, Social Media, Education, Branding & fun! Looking to connect, learn & laugh.



Bio: Author, life coach, public speaker. Lover of parmesan cheese and chocolate. Director of DUI Education Centers in TN.



Bio: Director at image library.



Bio: .



Bio: Lover of art, music, travel, social media, and really good food. CA gal in UT. Awareness Marketing Manager.


  Lesley Taylor –

Bio: Serves local businesses w/ Social Media, Event & Content Marketing. Passionate about promoting businesses she believes in.



Bio: eMarketing Project Manager and Co-Author



Bio: I am an ordinary guy with some extraordinary dreams. Like to write about , , Make Money Online, Social.


  Fraldiário da Mãe -   

Bio: Empresária, Blogger, Seo, Marketing interests. JobMother 24h a day and all night long.



Bio: Business Consulting , Finance Solutions, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Mortgage Broker Training Course.


Tobias Maurer  Tobias Maurer - @tmaurerdesign

Bio: Graphic Designer | Minimalist | Web Designer


There you go, my Top 25 people to follow on Twitter for September.

All you have to do now is – Follow Them and Connect :)


6 Top Old School Social Media Services I Still Use Today

6 Top Old School Social Media Services I Still Use Today

What Social Media Services Are You Using?

The real question I should ask is, when you have a few top social media services you like, how long do you use them?

For me, once I find services I like, I pretty much stay with them, with the thinking…

“If they are not broken, why fix or change them?”

top social media services

Social media services, tools are one of those things that are a great benefit to what you are trying to do online, but they can quickly become more time consuming and annoying than helpful.

How you ask?

Can you agree that there is a new service or tool coming out almost daily? Yes, good.

Can you agree that services and tools are here to HELP you do tasks quicker and better then you can by hand? Yes. good!

Can you also agree that trying to learn the new complicated service takes a lot of valuable time? Yes. good!

Now think of what happens if you go chasing the shiny new toy every time one pops up.

You end up wasting a lot of time on something you don’t really need since you already have a top service you like that does pretty much the same things.

It becomes a HUGE time suck.

This is the complete opposite reason why you are using services and tools in the first place.

You use services in social media to save you time by making you more efficient in your daily tasks and they get you better results.

Now I’m not saying ignore all new services that come out, but pick and test the ones you actually need or the ones that do something much different then what you are already using


Old Doesn’t Mean Bad

I think I’m just getting old lol

I’m starting to see the benefits of being an old man sitting on a rocking chair, cold ice tea and bitching at kids to stay of my grass. I’m not there yet, but the idea isn’t as boring to me as it was 10, 15 years ago. :)

Since I’m feeling all nostalgic and stuff, I thought I’d share some old school services for social media that I still use today.


My 6 Top Social Media Services I Still Use

social media services hootsuiteHootsuite – I have used Hootsuite for so long now that I don’t remember how things were before it haha For me, I use it every day all day, it is the hub of all the sharing I do across my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

It’s one of those services that works, and does what I need it to do pretty damn well.

How I Use itI mainly use Hootsuite to schedule and monitor the messages I am sending out throughout the day, I schedule and monitor to see if messages were sent correctly. I like the control I have with what and how and when I schedule my shares since I’m more targeted with what goes out when, so for me it does what I want when I want it to do it.

social media service social broSocialBro – I have used SocialBro for a few years now, and if Hootsuite is my hub for all social sharing, Social Bro is my hub for all things Twitter. The service can do so many things it is crazy to me that it used to be completely free to use. They are all about community, finding the right people, to connecting, to monitoring your brand voice and message.

How I Use It - Right now, I mainly use SocialBro to grow a better more targeted community. I really like the dashboard area, it shows me a snip of everything that is happening on my Twitter accounts.

I use it to find targeted people I want to follow, I use to then follow those people. Also to get follower details and information.

Example: when I launched BrainyMarketer, I researched what followers I had that fit closely into online marketing and Ithen reached out to those people.

top social media services social mentionSocialMention – This is another great service that I still because for me, it’s simple and powerful at what it does. SocialMention works like Google Alerts. You can track the conversation around any topic you like on social media. You can get email updates for a brand name, or keywords you want to track.

How I Use It – I use SocialMention to track me, my name, my websites urls. I also use it when I have some down time to jump into conversations around keywords and topics that fit tightly with what I am doing online.


social media services sponsored tweetsSponsoredTweets – SponsoredTweets has been around for a long time. It is a Twitter advertising platform where you can pay people to tweet your messages. The best part is the price you pay is ridiculously low, plus you can find exactly who you want to tweet for you and they have tweeters from every and all categories.

How I Use It – Every time I run a contest, or launch something new, it is one of the first places I go. What I like most is I can go in and search thru and see who I want to tweet my message, see what they are into, see their Twitter stream and even see the average clicks they get all BEFORE I pay them a penny.

I can also see what they charge, so sometimes I go with people that charge $1.00 and sometimes I got with people that charge .20 cents.


top social media services twitter counterTwitterCounter – TwitterCounter is another service that has been around since before I even joined Twitter. They are all about stats, they track everything and everyone lol  This is a great tool if you want to know everything about someone on Twitter. Just a nice fast way to get answers.

How I Use It – If I want some quick answers about someone on Twitter I come to TwitterCounter, I even use it to get information on my own accounts. Not a service I use daily, but on a weekly basis I am in here using it for fun and business. Once you get in and play around, you will lose a couple hours. lol


social media service social oomphSocialOomph – They do everything, SocialOomph is like an ugly MacGyver lol  It doesn’t look great, but they can do EVERYTHING. They are the original Twitter tool, you manage your Twitter following, unfollow inactive accounts, find out who isn’t following you back and 100 other things. You can do all that by hand, or automate it, I’m telling you if you got the time to use this service, go ahead but be ready to lose a few hours again.

How I Use It – In my early days I used SocialOomph for about 10 different tasks, some automated and some not. For the past few years I have solely used them to send out my auto DM’s and in the say 4 years I used them, I think the service messed up maybe 3 times.

Sidebar: I no longer send auto DMs because Twitter recent links in DMs update made them useless.


There you go, a fun ride down memory lane sharing my top social media services that I still use and most likely will continue to use for a long time coming.

Let me leave you with 2 nuggets of JP Wisdom lol

1, “Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it isn’t still good and just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it is better.”

2, “Any services you use are their to add to what you are doing, not take it over, or take time away from what you are doing.”


7 Creative Ways To Use The New Twitter Header

7 Creative Ways To Use The New Twitter Header

7 Ways To Use The New Twitter Header

Seems like every other month a social site is changing their graphic area sizing and layout.

Twitters recent update is good, but who knows how long it will be around.

Since Twitter has now cleaned stuff up and given you a huge open area to work with, there is a lot you can do with it.

new twitter header

Like the advice of years ago, have an image, have a profile etc…

You now have to have a header image up there. It is the first thing people see now when they visit your Twitter page, so make sure you take the time to put SOMETHING in that header.

To help you get some idea flowing, I wanted to share a few things you can do with the header.

My 7 Creative Ways You Can Use The New Twitter Header


1. Boost Your Brand

Your Twitter header image is a great place to do some branding, share your brands colors or your message.

Keep the design clean, but bold to grab people’s attention.

Doing this will make it easier for you to expand your brand, plus make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you and know they have the right “you”.


2. Contest Announcement

Have a contest coming up?

Use your header image to first announce the upcoming contest. Throw in some dates and some details about what you are giving away to help you grab attention.

Once the contest launches flip the header image to show the details of how to enter and some images of things they will win.

If you have some big names sponsoring, this is a good place to add them in to give your contest even more “show” and credibility.


3. Promote Something

With this one I would be careful, the idea makes sense and I have seen some really nice headers promoting things like a book or ebook.

But on the negative, having a BIG promotion be the first thing new potential followers see may be a quick way to lose followers.

So do some testing with this idea.

What I have done instead of using the new Twitter header, is I am using the “pin a tweet” to promote My Free Twitter Guide, the pin to tweet is smaller and less in your face, but again, do some testing to see which works best for you.

But if you decide to try this, come with something clean, unique and bold. The size will get attention, but the design and message is what will get them to take action.


4. Launch A Product

This one works off of what I said above, but the difference is, you want to use this ONLY for a new launch announcement of a new book, product or service.

So it comes off more like an announcement and less about selling.

pssst between you and me, the announcement is still selling, just in a softer way :)

I would even flip this later after the product/book/service is launched and make it a big testimonial announcement showing off an image of your stuff with screen grab images of testimonials you received.

Still announcing and soft selling.


5.  Show Off Your Community

This one is all about your readers or customers.

Do you do a top commenter on your blog? If so, show them off in the header image.

An image of them smiling big, some branding colors and a nice message about them and you.

Something like this…

“Say Hello to This week’s Top Commenter on – Joe Jones – TY Joe, we appreciate all the support.”

See how it’s all about Joe, but you throw in a little something for you too… it’s a Win Win :)

You can do the same, with your customers, think of a way to spotlight someone new each week and throw it up in your new Twitter header.


6. Share Your Social

Do you go to a lot of events?

If you do and you take a lot of pictures with some top people in your community, share them there.

This will show you have a normal side, shows you like to have fun, and it shows you connecting with the big hitters you look up too.

Nice credibility builder :)

You can design it with the name of the event you went too, a collage of a few of your best pictures, even some of the silly ones, then add a nice message to go with it.

Simple yet effective on a few levels.


7. Share Your Personal

This one is simple and fun, it’s is all about YOU.

Share things about you, things you enjoy doing, your family, your pet, anything that is personal to you.

Again make it easy for people to see you and see you are about more than “just” business.

This one is great because you can just have fun with it, but I will say this, like all social media, not EVERYTHING you do or like needs to be share or should be shared.

So keep your weirdo at home, the goal is to attract people not make them run the other way screaming. lol


There you go, 7 ways you can use the new Twitter header in your blogging or business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

No matter which idea you try out, make sure to keep it updated. If you are doing the contest or launch idea, make sure to take the header down once that was been completed.

If you are doing the community idea, make sure once you start, keep it going and updated weekly.

If you are doing the event idea, make sure to update it on a regular, because there will be nothing more sad than if your event header is 13 months old haha

You get the idea, no matter what keep it updated, this doesn’t mean you have to change it weekly, but every couple months is fine. This is always a great way to show you are active on Twitter and with your community.


5 Alternatives To Using The New Facebook App For Android

5 Alternatives To Using The New Facebook App For Android

New Facebook App For Android Alternatives

Have you read the NEW Facebook terms on their Android app?

You may want too RIGHT now, since Facebook is basically throwing your privacy out the window with their Android App.

I will give you one fact I learned from reading Danny Brown’s post…

“Facebook can now read all your text messages no matter if they are private or not, and can then use that information as they see fit”

Just straight CRAZINESS… Right?? new facebook app for android

As soon as I read that, I removed Facebook, Page Manager and Facebook Messenger of my phone and started looking for alternatives to the Facebook app for Android.

I have to say I was surprised at how little I found, I was thinking there would be 20 or more good options to choose from, but there wasn’t.

This is probably because the Facebook app WAS so damn good… haha that is a BIG was.

But I did find a few good options and I personally tested out 4 and also came up with one option that is working really well for me.

Now, if your privacy matters to YOU, then it may be time to make some changes to how you access Facebook on mobile.


Here are my 5 Alternatives To The New Facebook App for Android!

fast for facebook   Fast for Facebook

Fast is a free client and was born from the idea to give a great and full experience even to the less powerful device!

Fast also works as a social reader, you can organize your list and read-share all the stories from your favorite blogs or newspapers.

  • Use as a news reader creating your own lists of pages or friends
  • Read notifications and manage events
  • View videos from YouTube and Facebook directly in the app
  • Deep User Interface customization
  • Optional Security pin against snoopy
  • Download Pictures, Videos and Conversations from Facebook directly in your device


sesmic for facebook    Seesmic for Facebook

Seesmic for Twitter and Facebook is one of the best Android apps to manage your social networks in one place.

  • Mute feature! Remove messages from your timeline based on content (from Twitter, Facebook) or Twitter @usernames (with autocomplete to help you select the right twitter user).
  • Full integration of Facebook, including managing and posting to administered Facebook pages
  • The best Twitter client on Android, with all the features you need in a simple but powerful interface
  • Add a widget so you won’t ever miss a single update, from any service.


flipster for facebook  Flipster for Facebook

Flipster offers full access to the most important Facebook features, just faster and easier to use. It’s free, simple & fun!

  • 18 beautiful themes, 30 fonts and 6 font sizes you can make it your own
  • Lightning Fast, Flipster is highly optimized for mobile devices and faster than the official Facebook app.
  • Access Facebook on your mobile device without giving Facebook access to your private information such as contacts, text messages, emails and calendar.


friendcaster  Friendcaster

Friendcaster offers a beautiful interface, lots of unique features and push notifications.

  • Full news feed
  • Quick access to posting status updates, photos and videos
  • Zip It – hide posts by user or application
  • Six beautiful themes
  • ?Displays your full size cover photo on the app opening screen
  • Support for multiple accounts


I have tried all the apps above and if I had to choose one app as the best, I would say Fast for Facebook, it’s light and fast.

I decided to try something else that I am now using. (Options 5)

Go to Facebook on Chrome and once you are logged in, go to settings and choose “Save to Home Screen”

This will add a Facebook icon on your home screen just like you had when you used the Facebook app.

Now when I want to visit Facebook, I just click the icon and it sends me to the Facebook website in Chrome and functions pretty much the way Facebook does on your desktop.

This works pretty close to how the app functions, so it feels like you still have the app :)

The only negative so far is normally you can upload a picture to Facebook from your photo gallery, now you can’t since you don’t have the app, you have to go to Facebook then upload it there as if you was on the desktop.

For me, this is a much better option then using the new Facebook app for Android.


Hope these options help you stay safer when using Facebook and TY to Danny for his blog post

To me, my privacy trumps everything, so I don’t mind losing a little convenience or bells and whistles when using Facebook.

The answer isn’t to stop using Facebook, it’s more about managing it, getting the benefits from it, and staying safe at the same time.


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