Openoox Review – Organizing Your Web

Openoox Review – Organizing Your Web

Openoox was launched in France are now moving to the US and I get to be the first one to bring it to you, You’re Welcome. :)

Think of them as a little bit of  Facebook, iGoogle, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Evernote. The good news? They are Free and will always be Free to use fully.

Openoox is simple yet powerful way to organize and share your bookmarks in a well designed layout by showing you the url, notes and an image of the website.

Openoox does 3 things well:

You can bookmark and organize websites.
You can use it to Discover new websites in any topic.
You can connect with people and share your folders across Social Media.

openoox review

It’s Bookmarking and Organizing

Your home page is where you manage and organize your web. You can see the bookmarks you have or you can use any of your favorite search engines to find new websites you can save to Openoox.

They also have a bookmarklet for Chrome and Firefox to make saving new websites to Openoox easier and faster when you using your favorite browser.

Once you have your websites saved into an “Oox” you can edit it, categorize it and save it how you choose.

To make it even easier for you to find great websites in interests you like, you can go into the store where you can see the trending and top websites from other users that you can then save to your folders to visit later.

Or you can drag an “oox” folder to the “genius” image and he will direct you to the top websites that have been bookmarked in Openoox that fit the topic of your oox folder.

A third way to find websites in a topic you like is to do a search for a topic and find the top user in that topic.

example: you can search “gardening” and a list of users that fit that will pop up by popularity. So you know the top people on the list are the “experts” in gardening.

Think of it as a powerful research tool, if you are looking for information on a topic and instead of going to Google hoping to find websites that fit and are helpful.

You can jump on Openoox and see what “other” people have saved as websites they feel are great. This will easily cut your research time in half.

Plus you will now have people you can talk to and collaborate with if you need extra help.

One added feature that they will be releasing this month is “sub folders”.

With the gardening example above, you can set a sub folder in your gardening oox for say “tomatoes” so you can now segment your folders easily.


It’s Social and Easily Shared

The cool thing about Openoox is it social. Meaning similar to Stumbleupon, where you can find people with the same interests as you and you can then share your “oox” folders with them or grab a folder of there’s and add it to your homepage.

Plus Openoox makes it really easy to share your oox and folders thru email and across social media and with friends, family and coworkers.

Knowing some things should not be shared, you can also keep certain folders “oox” private and give them password access.

This is great for team collaboration, making it easy and safe to share new websites you want your team to see but NOT everyone else to see.

You can also “age” protect a oox folder for say 18 and older.

example: You and your family use Openoox and sometimes you want to share things that you ONLY want your wife to see, you cna easily set the age range “above” your kids ages, that way your kids won’t be able to get access to that folder.


The Wrap Up

As you can see Openoox is a great tool, even if you only use it to bookmark websites. Either way, it is a FREE service and well worth taking a look.

Before I go, let me share how I’ve been using it.

I am redesigning my blog, this blog. So I have setup my “oox” to be private for me and my web designer to see. Since I am in research and design phase, I see things I like online all the time.

I simply add them to my oox folder and each time I do that, my designer is notified that the folder has been updated and he then goes in and sees my bookmark and the message I left with that bookmark.

It has saved us a lot of time, so for me, it is working really well.

Just wanted to give you one idea of how it can be used.

To learn more about Openoox visit them now.

WP Radius Review – Helpful WordPress Maintenance

WP Radius Review – Helpful WordPress Maintenance

What would we do without WordPress? WordPress makes it possible for anyone at any skill and financial level to put together a really nice blog or website in a few hours.

But it takes a lot of time to do the daily and weekly maintenance you need to keep your blog running smoothly and safely.

So today, I decided to share a service that takes care of all your maintenance and offers support on all levels, WP Radius.

WP Radius will pretty much take care of any issue you have with your blog, from security scans, to backing up your blog on a regular basis automatically, to keeping all your plugins safe and upgraded and much more.

Before I go to far, Let’s jump into the WP Radius Review now.

wp radius review

Things I Really Like About WP Radius

I have started to really enjoy working with smaller companies, 1-10 person team. I find I get better support when I need it. WP Radius is a small team run by Todd and Brandon.

All About The Service

WP Radius is about being small and staying small, when you call them you will speak to THEM, a in house team member, NOT a call tech in say India that may or may not speak English well or understand how to help.

Keep My Clients Happy Long term

I like that now when I build a website for a client I don’t have to offer support since for me, the time to revenue isn’t worth it. Now I can build the site for them, make sure they are fully happy, then hand them off to WP Radius and they will handle all the upkeep for my client.

Automatic Monitoring

The automatically run speed scan and plugin scans t6o make sure your site is running as fast as it can and that all your plugins are safe and working correctly.

Dedicated Account Manager

I really like this, you will have ONE person that manages your account. Whenever you call in with a question or issue, you will be talking to the same person you have always talked to, making it much easier to get the help you need since that manager knows your site and has worked on your site before.


WP Radius Features I Like

   1. Unlimited Site Jobs: Request unlimited WordPress jobs each month. From adding content, to installing plugins, to changing CSS & HTML. Any time you need changes made to your site, we’ll do them for you.

   2. Unlimited Email Support:  Our WordPress experts are waiting to answer your questions. We can help you find the right plugin, learn how to use WordPress, and more.

   3. WordPress Core & Plugin Updates: No more site crashes because of a WordPress core or plugin update. We do all your updates for you and make sure your site continues working after.

   4. Secure Cloud Backups: Just in case anything should ever go wrong, we make daily backups of your site to a secure server.
24/7 Active Security Monitoring: To prevent hackers and malware from gaining access, we protect and monitor your website around the clock.

  5. Proactive Up time Monitoring: No more guessing if your site is online. If your site should go down, we’ll know about it right away and work to bring it back online.

  6. Phone Support: Any time you have questions or need work done on your site, you can call us and speak with a live WordPress expert.


The Wrap Up

WP Radius offers up 4 plans to choose from that will fit any blogger or business no matter what level they are at, prices from $37 to $97 for monthly maintenance and support.

If you have had a WordPress blog long enough you know how much “upkeep” it takes to keep your blog updated and running correctly.  Having a service that will then do all that for you will free you up to spend more time growing your or blog and business.

Knowing that, you will start to see the value in the service WP Radius is offering.

Visit WP Radius Now


Full Disclosure: WP Radius paid me to write a review for their service. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.

Hashtagify Pro Review – How To Master Hashtag Marketing

Hashtagify Pro Review – How To Master Hashtag Marketing

Hashtagify – Understand, Find and Use Hashtags Smarter.

Today I am sharing my review of Hashtagify Pro, a great tool to help you learn how to better understand hashtags and how to use them when marketing on Twitter.

For me hashtags are one of those things that I know work, but never really put much focus on.

When I use hashtags in my tweets I usually keep it to one or two and I stick to about 12 different hashtags I rotate out for different content.

I don’t really think about it enough to want to take the time out and go find and research new hashtags, so that is why I was happy to find

hashtagify pro review

What I like most about Hashtagify, is it does ONE thing very well, it helps you find hashtags that you may or may not know about, and gives you the research to back why they think you should use this hashtag.

The bonus? They also give you content related to your hashtags just in case you need help finding targeted stories, images etc.. to share with your followers.

I have told you before if you’re a regular reader that for me, the tool has to work, but more importantly it has to be EASY to use so when I need it, I can pop in and get out.

During my Hashtagify review, I could see they have the best of both worlds. A section for quick access to grab a hashtag and they have another section for people that want to really dive into the stats and be there for an hour haha.

Hashtagify has been around a long time, but they have recently added the PRO features, that really take your hashtag research and marketing to that next level.


Hashtagify Home Section

This is where you start once you log in. Here you will find a few top pieces of content for the main hashtag you follow, it will also have related hashtags and influencers and a content wall.

Below I will go over the basic mode, table mode and the wall tab.

Basic Mode

Here you can take a quick look at the hashtagss that relate to your main hashtag. Each ball gives you the hashtag, the popularity and correlation % to your main hashtag.

hashtagify pro review basic mode


Table Mode

This is my choice because you get all the information you need in one easy to read graph. You can see how many times it was used, retweeted and the popularity of the hashtags that relate to your main hashtag. pro review table mode



The Wall tab shows you the top content for any hashtag you choose to follow. Great place to get some content to tweet to your followers.

hashtagify pro review wall tab


Hashtag Cafe

The Cafe is the place for inspiration. Here you can find hashtags and content related to those hashtags that you can share to your followers. review cafe


Users Lab

This is where the “magic happens” haha This is where Hahtagify analysis all the hashtags you use and shows you how well they work for you.

They then give you a list of hashtags they recommend you use and give you the data to back their recommendations.

You can also find hashtags that are trending and track the trend as the hashtag influence rises, that way if you get in early and as that hashtag popularity rises you will be seen as an influencers since you have already been using the hashtag.

hashtagify pro review users lab


Navigation Helper

To make navigation easier, you will see the Navigation Helper at the bottom of the dashboard.

Clicking the “books” and you see this below.

hashtagify review navigation helper

If you touch something, like the cafe building to the left you will see this.

hashtagify pro review navigation

Gives you quick information on each section and a fast way to get to where you want to go.

hashtagify pro-review navigation1


University Help

One thing I really like is that Hashtagify doesn’t assume we are all experts in using hashtags.

They have put together a helpful University Help section that basically helps you understand hashtags and how they work and how to better use them.

hashtagify review university help feature


The Wrap Up

I like that they cater to both types of Twitter user.  For me, is a great place to quickly go in and find new hashtags that I can use instead of my normal 12 which will expand the reach of my tweets/blog posts.

But they also have a huge amount of stats, data for the user they really wants to dig in and find and track hashtags they are using and should use.

All that and easy to use, is what will keep me going back and actually USING it.

Pricing is $9.99 month (10 Day Free Trial)

Learn More About Hashtagify Pro


A2 Hosting Review – The Need For Speed

A2 Hosting Review – The Need For Speed

For the past couple months I have been looking into getting faster, more reliable hosting for this site and my other sites.

Today I am talking about A2 Hosting and what I think about their SSD style hosting.

I will say this to start, SSD hosting is still shared hosting, but runs much faster then traditional shared. So it is a great option for people that want faster hosting, but don’t want to pay the high cost of VPS.

Let’s jump into my A2 Hosting Review and See The Good and The Bad.

a2 hosting review

Things I Like About A2 Hosting

Below are a few key features I like about A2.

Hosting Speed

A2 Hosting is all about speed with things like 10 GB redundant networks, 8 core server, and 24 GB RAM and something they call Railgun Optimizer (which helps load HTML 140+% faster).

They also offer full Solid State Drive (SSD), which will get your site loading 300% faster!

Fast Page Loads

The more data centers you have to choose from, the better your chances are at getting fast load times. A2 has data centers located in both US and Europe that you can choose from to get the fastest responsive speed.

cPanel Control

Like most hosting providers, A2 has cPanel control panel making managing your sites domains, hosting, email etc… much easier.

Good Server Uptime

It’s one thing to have fast hosting, but it’s another to have it come with very good server uptime.

Their uptime stats are tracked by a 3rd party program called WebsitePulse from four different locations, Washington and Los Angeles (US), Brisbane (Australia), as well as Desseldorf (Germany), and they monitor it every 5 minutes

Advance Hosting Features

A2 Hosting offers a few cool advanced features built into all their hosting packages. Even on their $2.95 plan

Server Rewind Backup:  Server Rewind helps easily restore your data from saved snapshots when recovery is necessary.

Free Cloud Flare:  Cloud Flare helps deliver your content in the faster route and blocks various malicious threats before they can even reach your site.

Free Hack Scan:  Hack Scan helps block hacks before they can invade and damage your site

Customer Support

One pet peeve I have had with hosting companies in the past 12 months is customer support or lack of.

I called A2 a couple times for tech questions and was always happy with the process and outcome.

A2Hosting provides  24-7 Guru Crew support to help customers. The support team is 100% US based, made up by professional experts who have more than 5 years experience in the field.

The Wrap Up

For me, A2 Hosting has what I want in a good hosting company…

Fast load times.
Good to great uptimes.
Good customer support.

So for me, A2 is a good buy for anyone looking for new hosting.

Visit A2 Hosting Now


Full Disclosure: A2 Hosting paid me to test their service and write a review. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.

UberVU Review – Social Media Analysis Platform

UberVU Review – Social Media Analysis Platform

uberVU Review – Make Smarter Social Media Choices

Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly, but to use it correctly and to get the best results you can, it takes time and work.

Now I’m a blogger, marketer and small business owner, and for me, keeping up with my daily social media tasks can be a big time suck.

Having the right tools that do the tedious work for you quickly and easily is what helps me keep from growing anymore gray hairs haha

Recently I had the opportunity to test drive uberVU, a social media analysis platform.

uberVU is a tool that companies can use to harness all the  information being sent out daily on social media and put it to use, tracking mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn and using the information to help you make more informed marketing decisions.


Quick uberVU Breakdown

A real-time social media analysis platform that shows social media marketers, community managers and brands what they need to know

uberVU automatically analyzes all your brand’s social media data to show insights like influencers, stories, and trends you can leverage – in real-time giving you a way to leverage online trends in real-time.

You can then take that information and post updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ business pages through the uberVU platform.


uberVU Features

uberVU collects social communication on realtime basis and allows a company or marketer to monitor and interact with people on realtime as well.

They make it easy to post comments and replies to mentions as it happens all from UberVu dashboard itself in realtime. Twitter, Facebook and other social media places are all accessible through the dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to assign tasks to each member of your team.


Full uberVu Review

First Impressions

The one thing that will hit you once you first log in, is you will feel a little lost. You can do so many things with uberVU that it will be hard to know where to start. But luckily uberVU does a great job of explaining each feature and has a very helpful “getting Started Video” showing you where to get started.

I will say once you get it all set up and see what it can do, you will be blown away with amount of information you can pull.


What Does uberVU Look Like?

ubervu add stream

To get started pulling data you first have to set up your streams. As you can see below, you can track your own name, brand name, keywords and even competitors.

Once you streams set up, you can narrow it down to show results by location, platform, date, language, gender, reach, or sentiment.



ubervu signals

The Signals section will show you the top stories or mentions, selected by uberVU based on a number of factors. You have the option to filter your view based on “Noise” or tag individual stories that you want to send out (share) later on.

Here you see I set the filter to show mentions for my name.

ubervu signals for you

For me, the Signals is the best part of the whole system. The signals tab is designed to filter out relevant content based on keywords and phrases that you’ve determined.

These signals can be broken down by market terms, competitors and companies.

Once you have it all set up uberVU will “intelligently” and automatically sort through social conversations and easily identify current trends and hot topics so your brand can get in on the conversation. This makes it very easy to be active with your fans and customers plus easily find great content you can then share across all you social platforms.


Update Status

ubervu status updates

The first thing you can do on the dashboard is status update option.

It looks and functions similar to that of Hootsuite, it allows you to write out your post, and choose which from Twitter,

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ that you can post to.

The coolest part that only uberVU has is the “Recommend” button.

This button will recommend stories for you to share based on the signals you’ve collected from your different signal channels. You can include links and images in the post, and choose from three different scheduling options.

Post Now – Smart Schedule – Exact Date/Time



ubervu reports

The reports tab allows you to create reports and collect metrics from your different streams into one document and lets you see just how effective your social media efforts have been.  You can take that a bit further and prove to your boss that you’ve been working by printing or emailing these reports as a PDF.

The reports section is one place where uberVU excels, as the data you can pull is extremely detailed and presented in a very clean and understandable way.

Example: my report showed how many times terms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ were mentioned and broke them down into percentages based on my streams.


The Wrap Up

This is a powerful tool with a BIG price, but if you have a small to medium sized business with a marketing team handling your social media presence, uberVU is one of best options available and at a lower price point then most competitors

Overall, uberVU is an excellent tool for brands and agencies that are looking for a streamlined way to gain insight from the content being published about their companies, as well as their competitors, online.

Subscription pricing for uberVU starts at $499 per month. For that price, users get access to streams with unlimited mentions, an unlimited number of users, free updates, all features, a dedicated account manager, and free training (including support and setup). Unlike competing platforms, uberVU does not charge based on the number of mentions a brand collects.

I know that price is high, but for me, I chose to do this review because:

#1  The tool is awesome and if used fully it will take your marketing and social media efforts to new level..
#2  I have many readers that are small business owners and also social media managers for big companies.

At their price point, most bloggers and small business owners won’t be able to use this, but I didn’t want to let the price alone keep you from learning about a great tool like uberVU.

Visit uberVU Now.


Full Disclosure: uberVU paid me to write a review for their service. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.


How The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Helps Me Run My Blog

How The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Helps Me Run My Blog

My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review

As a blogger, I am always looking for tools or resources to help me to do what I do on a daily basis.

From taking notes for new posts, or writing posts, to taking pictures, to stay active on social media. Without tools to help you do all these tasks and more, it would take up more time then I want give up. 

So I decide to get a new cell to help me stay productive away from my computer.  I had my eyes on the new Galaxy Note 2 on 4g from Verizon.  samsung_galaxy_note_2_review

It was the perfect mix for me, half phone and half tablet. Since I am more of a texter then a phone call person, having bigger keys was a big bonus.

Besides worrying about looking like a BIG dork holding this phone to my head lol, I decided it was the phone for me.

Thanks to the good people at Verizon Wireless for sending me my Note 2.

The other BIG reason I got this phone, was to help my texting while driving addiction.

Even though I know better, I text and drive all the time.

But now, with the Note, I can’t.

Because of it’s size, it’s hard to type a quick message as I drive. So now I either wait for red lights, or I use the speech to text feature, which keeps my eyes on the road and I can still get things done.

Let’s talk about how I use the phone in my day to day.


Managing My Social Media

Pretty much all smart phones give you the ability to use social media apps for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn etc…

But what most phones don’t give you is the sp4eed to be able to check those apps and do the tasks you need to do quickly.

I had a Droid X, nice phone, fast phone… so I thought.

I can’t tell you how many times I went into my Facebook app or my Twitter app and tried to reply or thanks or re-tweet someone and the app would drag or even crash.

You want to test you patience?

Try getting about 5 – 7 names compiled to do a mass “Thank U” tweet and as you are typing the last character, have the app crash, and have to start that whole process over again haha

But I can say so far with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, this hasn’t happened.

I think it’s the 1 – 2 punch of the Note 2′s processor being blazing fast, and the 4G Verizon network also being blazing fast.

Just a HUGE time saver for me and much less road rage outburts for people around me haha


Writing Posts

I have post ideas all the time, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It’s actually kind of annoying for my friend Doryan. If we go for a ride and I get quiet, she knows I’m thinking of a post idea.

Or I will come out of nowhere and say “Hey, I just had this great post idea” which is equally annoying to her. :)

My normal routine would be to either voice record the post idea or email it to myself.

I still use the voice recorder tip if all I have is a good post idea. But if I sometimes I have the idea and actually can write about 50% of the post right then and there.

For those post ideas, I can now open up a Word doc using Polaris and actually write my blog post and any notes to go with it.

The Note 2′s screen is big enough so I’m not struggling to see the words and also the keys are big enough where I make less mistakes typing it all out.

My last post 11 Steps To Building Your Brand On Twitter was started on the road when I got the idea.

Here’s a screen shot:



Great Camera

Having a good camera for me is a big bonus, since I am a veryyyy amateur photographer.  So when I see something that grabs me, I take a picture.

The camera on the Note is really good, but it took some playing with the setting. But once you have it set, it works perfectly.

You get plenty of shooting setting and filters and blah blah blah, most phone cameras now come with the same bells and whistles.

But what this camera does have is face recognition with best picture mode. Meaning when you take a picture of people, it will take 5 consecutive pictures and you get to choose which face for each person is the best one.

Kinda cool, especially if you have kids that can’t stay still for 3 seconds :)

Here are a couple pictures I took to give you an idea.

I saw this and had to shoot it, since no one wants an un-happy butt. :) This shows how good close ups and colors look.



Here is a Panoramic I took of the water front from the top of a parking garage.



Multi Tasking

I have to be honest, there has always been one thing I have been jealous of from people on their IPhones on other carriers.

The ability to be on a call and go online, sadly with Verizon and 3G that is not possible.

BUT now, it so is and I am loving it. I don’t know why, but I’m assuming it is Verizon’s 4G network that now allows it.

I don’t really care how it happens, just that it does happen haha

The other big benefit to the Note 2 specifically is the ability to do “Multi window”.

Here are 2 examples:

1- I can be writing a blog post in my Polaris word doc and open a side by side window and do a search on Google for information I need.

Not having to bounce back and forth between the doc and Chrome is a big time saver.

2- When you are on a call, and you need to take some notes and go online to get information to share. You can be on your call and multi window it to have the note taking app on one side and Chrome browser on the other side.

If you are running a blog or if you have a business, the ability to do things like this at the same time is very helpful.


Must Use Apps

There are about 20 awesome apps that I like specifically made for the Note 2, below I’m sharing my top 5.




This is a cool app to use with the Note’s pen. Sometimes I like to write instead of text when I am taking down quick notes or ideas making a to-do list.

Papyrus is a natural handwriting note-taking app that you use just like paper, but with the flexibility and advantages of modern technology. With Papyrus, you can go beyond paper!




I have been listening to more podcasts recently, so I need app that did that and looked good, Stitcher does that for me.

Discover the best of news, entertainment, sports and talk radio – anytime, anywhere! Stitcher Radio is available for free on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.


Polaris Office


I shared how I use Polaris above, the word doc works great for writing new posts..

Polaris Office is the easiest and strongest office products designed for mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere, you can easily use various kinds of documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF.




Drippler works for any phone you might have, it is a news app that brings you ONLY the news and information that fits your phone…Love this app.

Drippler makes your Galaxy Note 2 even more awesome! Get the latest Galaxy Note 2 updates, apps, tips and more. Drippler helps you make the most of your Galaxy Note II, making sure you never miss out on the latest updates, news and apps for Note 2.


Google Currents


I use this to read pretty much any news site or magazine updates. It’s fast, easy to navigate and it just looks amazing (the big screen helps) :)

Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed and offline reading.


It’s A Wrap

I love this phone, yes it’s big, yes if you hold it to your head to make calls you will look like a moron BUT it does so much and the screen look so good that you will quickly go from…

“this phone is to big and awkward”


“I love the big screen and how easy it is to type on the big keys”

Don’t Have A Note 2 yet?  Click that image to learn more about them.


HitTail Review – Powerful Keyword Suggestion Tool

HitTail Review – Powerful Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool That Makes Things Easy

If you want your blog to grow quickly, then getting traffic from search engines is good way to do that. But since the search game has changed so much over the past 12 months that to Google’s ADD mentality, getting search traffic takes a little more planning.

But hasn’t changed is using long tail keywords to drive traffic. Some of the biggest benefit to long tail keys are they are usually less competitive and more targeted.  keyword-suggestion-tool-hittail

I would rather rank for 10 small long tail keys then I would for one big normal keyword.

Finding quality long tail keywords takes some skill and a good amount of time. Something many busy bloggers don’t have.

Luckily there is HitTail, a powerful keyword suggestion tool that does all the leg work for you and packages it all in a clean easy to understand and follow way.

HitTail will analyze your traffic and provide you with a custom list of keywords for you to focus your new blog posts on.


What Is HitTail?

Basically it is an analytics tool that works similar to Google Analytics, but HitTail only focuses on one thing – long-tail keywords that you should start writing new posts with.


Find Your Best Keywords

One of the reasons I like HitTail’s keyword suggestion tool is that it focuses on a smaller list of keywords, your top performing keywords.

Do you want a huge list of keywords you can write with? Yes, but the reality is you will never write for every keyword, so focusing on a smaller list of your top keywords makes a lot more sense.

On the HitTail site they are limited to showing 350 keywords, anything after that and you’ll have to view the excel file)

So you have a huge list of keywords if you need it, but the main focus stays on your top performers.

“HitTail tells you the most promising keywords you should target based on your existing traffic.”

It uses its own algorithm to tell you exactly what keywords are performing well for you, along with the long tail keywords which usually provide the bulk of your traffic. This algorithm has been tuned after being used on over 1 billion keywords so you can be trust they know what they are doing.


Using HitTail

To use HitTail, you first need to install their tracking code on your blog, once you do that your done.

HitTail will take it from there and start tracking the keywords people search to find your site across all search engines. These search hits are displayed in real-time, and the most popular terms are added to the suggestions section.


Note: “It may take a couple days for the tracking to grab a full list of keyword suggestions for my site, depending on the size of your site it may be 1-2 days.”


HitTail’s Suggestion Section

The algorithm will analyze combinations of words that are appearing in the long tail with the most frequency, these are then “suggested” to you.  HitTail is basically telling you, that if you write content “blog post” specifically about this subject you’ll attract more direct search traffic.

In the suggestions section you will find the keywords HitTail thinks you should start writing blog posts on. You can also take some of those keywords and add them to you To Do section, giving you a smaller, but higher quality list of keywords for you to work on.

Having trouble finding new blog post ideas?  Now you can visit your To Do section, choose a keyword and start writing.


Click and Buy Articles

If telling you the best long-tail keywords you should be writing with to drive more traffic wasn’t enough, HitTail also offers you the ability to click and order articles to be written for your keywords.

On the suggestions page you will see the “order” button beside your keywords and have a copywriter write your article for you.

This is great for the busy blogger or the blogger that can’t think of the right content to go with a specific keyword. The power of outsourcing built into the system :)

The turnaround for this is 2-3 days for about 400 words at a cost of only $19 USD. Not bad for a well written, keyword targeted article.


Wrap Up

HitTail is a powerful yet easy to use keyword suggestion tool that will help you drive new traffic to your blog or website. Having a tool that will tell you exactly what keywords will drive traffic to your blog is great, add to that, it will help you get thru those “don’t know what to write” days and add to that, they will write articles for you too.

Every blogger should try the system,  I personally have used it since I was given access to it a few weeks ago.

Packages start at only $9.95 per month, there’s no contract, you can cancel whenever you like and there’s a 30-day free trial.

Visit HitTail and let me know what you think :)

Full Disclosure: HitTail paid me to write a review for their service. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.

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The Thank You Economy Book Review

The Thank You Economy Book Review

Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

I just finished reading this book on Sunday and I have to say, it is one of the best books I have read.

Why? Usually when you read a book like this, you say “cool, can’t wait to try this on my business“ or something similar.  But you have no proof it works, or will work for you and your business.

But with The Thank You Economy book, after the first chapter I KNEW it works, I KNEW what Gary was saying is real and I KNEW this because I have already been doing it for about 2 years.

Gary talks about connecting with people, building strong relationships and offering over the top customer service and value. the thank you economy, the thank you economy book review

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know I push engagement and building relationships.

What is my biggest secret to my Twitter success?



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