Time Doctor Review – Helpful Online Time Tracking

Time Doctor Review – Helpful Online Time Tracking

Time Doctor is one of those tools that you don’t know how much you need, until you actually to use it.

Putting together this Time Doctor review came at good time, I was slowly getting my Brainy Marketer business back up and running.

If you read that post, you know I am all about time management now with running Brainy Marketer, and Time Doctor has and will be a big part of that.

Let’s jump right into my review since I have a good amount to share.

time doctor review time tracking

Quick Facts: How Time Doctor will help you and or your team:

  • Track your time spent on “Work”
  • Helps you avoid distractions
  • Stay updated on website or app
  • Screen shot ability
  • Payroll option
  • Flexible configurations for you or your team
  • Make the most of their time spent working while on the computer

Is Time Doctor Easy To Use?

As you have heard me say before, for me to use a tool a tool has to be EASY to use.

Time Doctor fits that nicely, even though you can take some time to get it setup and use all the features, but if you just want to get in and start tracking your time, you can be doing that in less than 1o min.

From sign up to installation, the process was fast. Downloading, installing and start tracking took me about 9 min.

Once you have Time Doctor running it is very simple to use.

You basically just enter a task and click the ‘GO’ button and you are tracking. When you’re need to take a break just click the ‘Break’ button and your tracking will pause.

When actively tracking a progress bar runs in the background. This bar tells you the task you are currently working on and includes a timer of how long you’ve spent on the task as well as how long you’ve been “working” for that day.

Time Doctor Features

time doctor features

Here are a few of the Time Doctor features that stand out most to me:

Time Tracking

Tracking your time is the core of what Time Doctor is all about. You add a “task” that you are about to work on and click the GO button and they will keep track of the time you worked on that task.


Smart Time Tracking

If you are working on a task and you get a phone call or leave for lunch and forget to click the BREAK button and you computer stays inactive for 3 minutes, Time Doctor will pop up a notification saying…

“It seems kind of quiet, are you working on?”

If you don’t click to confirm, time Time Doctor will log you out of your session and remove 3 minutes from your work time.


Screenshot Recording

This is the ultimate “watch dog” feature for bosses, managers.

You can enable screenshot recording for any member of your team and it will take screenshots of their screen every few minutes while they’re working.

You can then later review screenshots for any period of time for any team member evaluate their performance.

Your employees can also review and delete their own screenshots giving them the opportunity to watch their own performance.


Detailed Reports

Know how your work time is being used, Time Doctor offers detailed reports of activity for any member of your team.

Poor time use reports:
See a list of potential non work related activities.

Absent or late time reports:
You can see if team members have been late or absent.

Web and app usage reports:  
You can see which web sites were visited and apps used.


Active Monitoring

Time Doctor monitors applications and websites that you use during your work session. If it detects excessive use of “offenders” like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and displays a pop-up notification…

“Are you working on…”

If this activity is work related you can click “Yes” and it won’t bug you.

The pop-up notifications can be enabled/disabled in your Time Doctor control panel, but I would leave them on, since it’s a great way to get you refocused on your task.


Time Doctor iPhone App

Time Doctor does have an iPhone app, now I don’t have an iPhone, but I wanted to mention it in the review since I know many of my readers to have iPhones.

The app and desktop software work together easily, it will sync with desktop software, so that time spent working while “away” from the office will be included in my overall time log.


The Cost

Time Doctor offers 30 days free trial, you get access to the full version with no restrictions. If you choose to stay with Time Doctor, here is how pricing works:

$5/month – 1 user
$9.99/month for 2 users


The Wrap Up

How many time have you got online to do something and next thing you know 3 hours have passed and you didn’t finish what you came online to do, instead you spent the time on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram?

I know, I been there lol

Think of how much more work you would get dome if you used a tool like Time Doctor to keep you on track and helping you get refocused.

I know for me, I get distracted easily so Time Doctor has been a big help for me and getting my “WORK” organized. As annoying as the pop-ups are, they have been very good at getting me off of Twitter and back to work. :)

So for me, if you an at home entrepreneur or you have a team, Time Doctor is well worth the cost and time to setup and use every day.

Learn More About Time Doctor Now


Full Disclosure: Time Doctor paid me to write a review for their service. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.

10 Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs

10 Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs

I want to share 10 Twitter tools for entrepreneurs that I have been using, some of the best tools for analytics, management, sharing and finding new followers.

It has been years since I shared tools, services that you should use with Twitter, so I decided it was time to do some sharing since there are more and more great tools out there that you may or may not of heard of.

Plus with all the changes happening with Twitter, it’s a good time to search out some new tools that can help you better manage your time on Twitter.

twitter tools

Now before we go to far let’s deal with the elephant in the middle of my blog post :)

If you remember last year I mention in a social media tools post that:

“you shouldn’t get bogged down with trying new tools all the time, find what works and use that”

The reality is, that IS TRUE…you shouldn’t be trying every new tool that comes your way.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you should ignore everything either.

I would recommend trying out new tools every 6 months or so, since Twitter and all SM platforms are changing fast, you will want to try out some new Twitter tools that may deal with those changes better then anything else you have been using.

So be open to testing once in awhile, but don’t get bogged down with trying every new shinny tool that gets released.


Now on to the 10 new tools I am sharing today, some are newer, and some not so new, but you may not have heard of them yet.

For me, the best tools so far are:


If you have limited time to test out new tools, then I would start with those 4, now if you have some extra time, I’d say definitely try them all.


My 10 Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs

To visit each service, just click the name in all caps.



CrowdFire lets you find your followers, unfollowers, inactive users, admirers and people who will follow back on Twitter! You can also schedule posts, send automatic direct messages, and find twitter users near you.

twitter tool crowdfire



Nuzzel is an easy way to see news from your friends. Discover the top news stories shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, without being overwhelmed or missing anything.

No setup, just login with Twitter or Facebook and see interesting news stories in seconds.

twitter tool nuzzel



SocialRank is a easy way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter. I like that they look “beyond” just the numbers of followers a particular ‘best follower’ might have, but instead takes into consideration much deeper analysis of a single account.

twitter tools socialrank



GroupTweet makes it easy to communicate with a  group of people on Twitter privately. GroupTweet keeps your account secure by allowing multiple users to Tweet from your Twitter account without sharing the Twitter password.

twitter tool grouptweet



TweepsMap is lightweight & powerful data driven Twitter tool for both analyzing and visualizing your Twitter network. It does this by showing you how your followers are distributed in the world, on a map.

twitter tool tweepsmap



Riffle is a interest and activity analytics tools working in real time to make interactions more personal and more meaningful, helping you better engage with those talking about you and or your business.

twitter tool riffle



Nurph is a Twitter chat platform for chats, chat planning, statistics, replays etc…Simply schedule a new chat by visiting your Nurph Channel and they automatically record the chat and creates the replay.

twitter tool nurph



BottleNose is a visualization tool that lets you search any topic for trends and influencers in real-time. You can even see who is the messages and the people that are influencing that topic.

Visualize what people are thinking and talking about by combining data mining, trend intelligence, and advanced sentiment analysis.

twitter tool bottlenose



BeatStrap is a live-blogging tool for teams that makes it easier to cover events, or sports. Create live-reporting feeds around tweets containing a specific hashtag. You can also add to join and tweet your beat and you can embed your beat anywhere.

twitter tool beatstrap



Buzzsumo lets you analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Just enter a keyword or domain to discover number of Twitter shares and which influencers are sharing.

I have been using BS more and more over the past few months and I have to say I am loving it. Keep and eye out for a full review in the coming weeks. :)

twitter tool buzzsumo

Long list right?

You really don’t need to use all these Twitter tools since some cover a lot of the same stuff, but I wanted to give you some choices, since we all like different things, different ways.

No matter which you end up using, they are all great tools, helpful tools and should help you boost your game on Twitter.




How Being Successful Can Kill Your Blog

How Being Successful Can Kill Your Blog

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post, so long that I almost forgot how…Almost.

I feel like it’s 2009 again and I writing my first post.

I want to say a couple things to you before I jump into this post.

First, I want to Apologize for disappearing on you for the past 7 months, when I started this blog and for the past 5 years my goal has always been to be…

Helpful, available and to lift myself up financial and professionally and TAKE AS MANY PEOPLE WITH ME AS I COULD!

Recently, I have failed miserably at the “Taking People With Me Part” by walking away from my blog and you for so long.

success can kill your blog

Some of that was my fault.. some of that was to blame on “success”, we will get into that more below.

The second thing I want to say is, please bare with me, I have so much I want to share with you that it may feel like I am all over the place.. but I promise at the end…

You, Me, your blog and business will be better after :)


Ok, let’s talk about this thing we ALL chase…SUCCESS.

I have chased success in one way or another in everything I have done in my life, if I was to do it, I would try to do it BIG.

Hell even at 10 years old on my big wheel, me and my cousin would build jumps then go up the hill and fly down and launch into the sky, sometimes we landed great, sometimes not so much haha but always FUN.

I always took it to far, I always went farther up the hill, I always leveled up the ramp to shoot me higher, I was a little coco puffs back then lol.

When I started online over 18 years ago… I tried it all.

Some things I failed at and some things I did really well at and made good money. But not until about 5 years ago with the help of this blog and my social media presence did I start to see REAL success.

But because of past medical bills and other bills and stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life, I had a lot of debt.

So even though I was doing well financially, you wouldn’t know it. 

I drove a decent car that needed some help. I even drove that car for 3 years with an expired sticker because I knew if I went in I’d fail and would have to spend a ton of money to fix the car.

I became a master at cat and mouse with the police lol

Cop working road detail here.. ok then I’ll go this way.

Drive by a cop that was on my right side, I’d throw my wipers on to distract him or Id raise my hands or something that he would look at instead of looking at the car or sticker lol

It’s funny and sad at the extent I went to save my own ass and keep from spending money I didn’t have.


But all that changed as the income I was receiving got BIGGER, the bills I owed on were pretty much ALL paid off.

Real SUCCESS had finally wrapped itself tightly around me like a pink spandex body suit.

Yea, enjoy that visual for a minute… Your Welcome :)


Things were good, I was busy busy, I was making money, but slowly I noticed I was thinking about my blog less and less. I was so busy with new clients and work that I slowly thought about my blog less and less.

That’s how it should be, my clients pay me so they become my priority above everything else, even my own stuff.


My mistake was not planning better, not managing my time better so that I could keep clients happy and STILL do my stuff. I just couldn’t find the time or make time to write new content, to write content on the same high level that I have always done.

So I just didn’t write anything. It’s better to write NOTHING than to write CRAP!


Ok, I’m not gonna lie… I was also busy enjoying life too. :)

You see I am a Taurus, stubborn, hard headed, hard working, goal oriented etc…  things that have helped me be successful.

BUT… I can also be lazy, procrastinate and sometimes I have the attention span of a fucking cricket. lol


So instead of doing MY stuff when I had some free time, I started to enjoy free time that more money brought me. I was enjoying doing things I didn’t do before, I was enjoying doing things for family that I couldn’t do before.

I went from being the “Dollar Menu Drive Up KING” to actually going into restaurants, sitting down and using a fork and knife to eat.

I was feeling like a big boy, an adult. lol

Then one day I was sitting with my buddy Doryan and she asked when I was planning to write a post on my blog again.

That got me thinking…

I walked away from the MAIN thing that GOT me all this success in the first place.

That blew me away, I was so busy being busy that I ignored the one thing that got me here.

It’s kinda like that old saying “you hurt the one’s you love most”

I didn’t hurt my blog,  I just ignored it.


Lesson Learned?

Your business MUST always be growing and moving forward no matter how successful or busy it is today and tomorrow.

Lesson learned better late than NEVER!

The problem is that things move so fast online, that when you leave for even a little while.. it’s easy for people to start to forget you.


Here Are A Few Real World Examples Of How My Blog Suffered.

When I’m on a normal posting schedule, I get about 10 to 20 requests per week to either be interviewed or to be added into a “expert” roundup post.

On my time away? Maybe 2 a week!


When I’m on a normal posting schedule my email opt-ins per day are on average 20 to 40.

On my time away? Maybe 5 a day!


When I’m on a normal posting schedule I get about 500 organic new followers on Twitter.

On my time away? Maybe 100 a week!


The biggest negatives? My blogs Alexa rank and Search ranks dropped.

When I’m on a normal posting schedule my blogs Alexa rank is around 50,000.

Right now? Around 310,000!


As far as my Search ranks, they have pretty much all dropped since Google likes to see active and updated blogs.

This has hurt the traffic coming to my blog and it has hurt the affiliate income I make from blog posts that rank on page 1 for their keywords.

My affiliate income was cut but almost 50%.


So basically by ignoring my blog I have hurt my brand and business, two things I have worked so hard to build the past 9 years.

It’s like my left hand was making more money and at the same time my right hand was losing me money…

NOT A Smart Way To Run A Blog or Business!


Success is something we all want, but I’m afraid most of US are not REALLY prepared to handle that success and be able to keep working and growing through it.

You want to be successful?  

Make sure you know what that means to YOU, have goals in place so you know when they are reached you can stop and enjoy your success…

but know you need to keep moving, keep planning, keep focused, keep working, keep growing.


In writing this post I hope it will keep you from having to learn this lesson the hard way too.

For me, my new plan is to just blog again, writing content in the best way I know how… it seems to have worked pretty well the past 9 years. :)

If you have stuck around me and my blog the past 7-8 months I have been gone.. I Thank You and I promise you that shit won’t happen again.


5 Step Plan To Get You Focused and Back To Work After Taking Time Off

5 Step Plan To Get You Focused and Back To Work After Taking Time Off

I’m afraid to die…

I never thought about that shit before, but my recent car accident had me thinking.

Honestly it’s not really dying that scares me…

It’s about dying a nobody.

It’s dying before I reach my life goals.

It’s dying before I enjoy the peace and freedom I worked so hard to achieve for years.

But it’s not just about me, I want to give back to my family, my small way of paying them back for all the support they have given me.

get back to work after time off

Promise I Made To My Mom When I Was 6

When I was 6, my parents were in need of a new car, but my dad was super tight when it came to buying cars. Every chance my mom got, she would ask for a more reliable car.

One day I told her “don’t worry mom.. when I get older I’ll be rich and will buy you any car you like”.

ahhhh the naive 6 yr old I was… if only it was that easy haha

That’s a goal that has stuck with me and even with my mom.

Whenever the whole family gets together and talks about the good old days, she mentions what I said to her and that she is still waiting.

My answer has always been… we still got time. :)

Truth is, time will fly by if you’re not paying attention.

This recent car accident I was in had me a little fucked in the head.

Not just about my safety, but the fact that if I was hit 2 seconds earlier my friend would most likely be dead.

It’s the fact that if the car landed 20 feet before where I landed, the car would of landed on a family sitting on the beach.

When real shit like that happens, you MUST stand up and pay attention.

I have been thru 2 kidney transplants and 7 years on dialysis and not once did I say, “why me” or think I might die.

My mindset was always “ok this sucks, but what do I have to do to fix it” and I did it to the best if my ability.

It’s all about mindset, no matter what you’re dealing with, if your mindset is right you can go to hell and back and be just fine.

No Work Made Johnnie Very Bored

Being away from my blog and business for 4+ weeks was hard, but coming back after such a long break was even harder.

I went thru the 3 stages of emotions:

– You start off thinking I like this time away.

 - Then you think ok, I want to get back now.

 - Then you think, oh shit, I been gone so long there is sooo much work to do that you feel paralyzed.

Then your mind starts jumping in to mess with you, it’s no fun until self doubt joins the party. haha

 - What do I do first?

 - How can I handle all the work to catch up?

 - Do I even remember how to do what I do?

 - Can I come back as motivated and strong as I left.

 - Do I even want to come back, is this what I want to be doing anymore.

Lucky for you, my answer to all that was Fuck Yes, my ass isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. :)

How To Get Back To Work

Taking long extended breaks from your blog or business is not what you want to do when you are chasing success.

But sometimes life happens and you need to step away.

The time away won’t be o bad as long as you have a plan to help you come back quickly and get you back on course.

Here is the plan I followed that helped me get back to work faster and more focused then when I left.


1. Take It Slow On Day One

Day one is the day you come back and realize that the mess you thought you was coming back to, is actually twice as bad.

Coming back to a blog that is quiet.

Emails from clients wanting to know what’s going on.

Projects not finished.

Hundreds of emails.

It can get out of hand fast.

For me, I took day one to just look around, see what I have missed, see what has been happening, see where I left things off.

I didn’t expect big moves on day one, but I looked at what needed to be done and left it at that.

2. Make Sure You Still Want To Be Here

When you take long breaks, sometimes you come back with new eyes and you may not like what you see.

Before you jump in and start working, you need to first decide if the work you are doing is something you still want to do.

Are you still motivated like you were before?

No? Then stop and do something else.

Yes? Then reevaluate your goals, time away may have brought more important goals into your life and made old goals less important.

3. Make A Plan

Before you make a plan, know this.

What you think is hyper important, probably isn’t.

What you think needs to be handle right now, probably doesn’t.

Also understand, if you have been gone for 4 weeks, another few days to get caught up isn’t a big deal, so take it slow.

What I did was to break things up over a few days and handle one thing per day.

 - Contact clients and let them know why I was MIA.

 - Look at work/projects that I was in the middle of before I left.

 - Remember what my daily routine was before I left. (I actually had to sit and think of what I used to do before)

 - Go thru my emails.

 - Jump on social media and reply to people that had left me messages. (honestly this should probably be the first thing, not of the importance but because of the support you will get will be a great motivator)

 -  Handle anything left unfinished BEFORE you take on anything new.

Decide what you want to get done and put it in order of most important first and work down your list.

4. Dealing With Email

email email email how I have a love hate relationship with u. lol

On one hand, email is a great communication tool you can’t live without.

On the other hand, email is the biggest time suck you can have on your day.

Coming back from extended time off, the amount of emails you come back to can be a little ridiculous.

For me it was over 1500 emails.

Crazy right? Knowing how big a factor email was for me, I had to make a plan JUST TO DEAL WITH EMAILS!

Here’s how I handle my email headache:

I scanned for the most important emails first, emails that needed a reply yesterday.

 - I first replied to all my clients emails, letting them know what had happened and why I was MIA..

 - The next day I went in and replied to important emails about things like interview requests, advertising inquiries, consulting questions etc…

 - The day after that I went in and replied or deleted the rest of the emails I had left.

Following this plan made it much easier to handle all the emails I had, plus it felt good to get something done.

By breaking it up into chunks and spreading it out over 3 days made 1500 email manageable.

Plus it keeps you from taking too much time away from other things you need to do to get you back on course.


5. Go Slow and Stop If You Need To

You know what I did my first day back?

I got online and looked at the monitor and after 10 min I realized I couldn’t be here yet, I still felt like shit.

So I walked away.

My mind said, we are ready to roll and once there, my body said, not so fast buddy.lol

I listened to my body and came back 2 days later and got to work.

The point is, your first day back even your second day back will not get you all the way back. So take things slow.


That’s it, a simple 5 step plan to help you come back to your blog or business from any extended time away.

Like I mentioned above, if you have been gone say 4 weeks like I was, then another 3-5 days won’t really make a difference.

If you see it that way then you can come back slow and get everything done that you need to over a 3-5 day period.

Plus I find this is a great plan to keep you from swearing at your monitor when you see how many emails you have to reply to. :)


3 Of The Best Galaxy Note 3 Apps For Small Business

3 Of The Best Galaxy Note 3 Apps For Small Business

I have been using my Galaxy Note 3 for about 8 months now and like I said about the Galaxy Note 2, this is the best phone for anyone running a small business or any type of business.

Apps to me are like candy lol each week I’m in the app store checking out new apps and games to try out.

best galaxy note 3 apps

But I do have a few apps that I think are the best Galaxy Note 3 Apps that I use on a daily and weekly basis. No matter how good your phone is, it becomes 100 times better when you throw in some apps.

It’s like the new wheels and paint job you add to a newly customized car.

Yes the car is awesome, but when you throw in the new wheels and paint, it takes it to another level of awesomeness.

My 3 Favorite Galaxy Note 3 Apps For Small Business



apps for small business concur

Concur let’s you keep track of your expenses and stay productive on the go.

With Concur’s mobile app, say goodbye to shuffling paper receipts. No more struggling to remember how much you paid in cab fare.

Now, all of your receipts and expense charges are gathered and ready for an expense report when you get home.

“I don’t really travel that much in my business, but I still use this app for my day to day expenses and it is a big time saver, plus keeps my car and home clean since I’m a receipt hoarder haha”

see Concur


Tote Notes

apps for small business tote notes

Tote Notes is an innovative app that records, transcribes to text, and emails your personal call notes at the end of important calls, using only two taps and your voice.

At the end of a phone call, a user is asked, “Would you like to record a Tote Note?” Tap YES to record, make a few verbal notes to yourself about the call, and then tap SEND. A Tote Note is sent directly to your email inbox.

“I have been using this app more and more and it has become one of my top go to apps, Awesome.”

see Tote Notes



apps for small business quickoffice

Quickoffice lets you create and edit Microsoft® Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your Android phone and tablet.

Sign in with your Google Account to save work in Google Drive, which gives you up to 15GB of free storage and lets you access your files from any mobile device or computer.

You can do pretty much anything you can do in office like,

- Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
- Open and view PDF files
- Share files through previously shared Google Drive folders
- Attach files to emails

“I used to use Polaris office, but I have to say Quickoffice is much easier to use, and have been using it for about 2 months now and I’m still very happy with it.  The Google Drive uploads is a nice bonus.”

see Quickoffice


I hope these Galaxy Note 3 Apps help take your phone and business to the next level and if you don’t have a Note 3, go get one now. :)

If you have a Note 3, share some of your fav apps in the comments below.

*Non-Disclosure: The Note 3 was provided by Verizon Wireless #VZWBuzz


6 Alternatives To PayPal You Should Try

6 Alternatives To PayPal You Should Try

Alternatives To PayPal To Try

If you have been online long enough then you have used PayPal to either sell something or to buy something. Chances are you have seen the best and worst of using PayPal.

Most people I know, me included, have a love/hate relationship with PayPal.

When they work, they work really well, but when they don’t, it can be a big pain in the ass to deal with.

Ok, let me say this before I go too far. alternatives to paypal

This is not a PayPal bashing post, because overall I am happy with their service, can it be better? Yes, but it could be a lot worse too.

This post is about sharing some alternatives to PayPal that you may not know are out there and work really well.

All of the alternatives I share below will work well to buy or sell goods or to send or receive money online. Some do things better than PayPal, and some PayPal does better.

No matter what your specific needs are, you will find one that fits you nicely.



wepay a paypal alternativeWePay.com is a great alternative to PayPal just because it seems they are more focused on your customers interests and not just their money.

Add in that consumers can make purchases without leaving your site via a virtual terminal, you can set up a store page with them for free, and it’s simple and easy to set up. It is a really nice service.


Google Wallet

google wallet a paypal alternativeGoogle.Wallet.com is safe and simple to use and has many options similar to PayPal. Things like sending invoices and credit card processing and quick transfers to and from your bank account.

This is a great option if you do a lot of online shopping, since they are mainly to be used with merchants.



dwolla a paypal alternativeDwolla.com is basically an online peer to peer money transfer service that works well, but both parties do need to have a Dwolla account.

They work well in many business environments, whether it be online stores or “real” storefront sin your community, but know to use it, you and the merchant must have a Dwolla account.



payza paypal alternativePayza.com is a great service for online merchants and it comes with a lot of security features that you look for to keep you and your money safe.

You can also send and receive money from over 190 countries, add funds to your account and send money to other users.



authorize paypal alternativesAuthorize.Net has been around forever, like back when AOL WAS the internet lol

But there is good reason why they have been around for so long, they are reliable, trusted and a safe payment service. You can’t argue with a service that has well over 375,000 merchants.

Oh and it seems they are big with the Porn industry, well this is what I heard :)



selz alternatives to paypalSelz.com is a new service I have been looking at and I really like what I see so far.

Mainly, they are a great option for marketers, start-ups, entrepreneurs or bloggers who are looking to sell products and digital downloads safely and securely from their blog, website or Social Media platforms.


Wrap Up

All 6 services I just shared are all great alternatives to PayPal.

No matter what your needs are, sending money, receiving money, making purchases or even selling your goods, you will find that one of the services above will give you everything you need.

Now you know, PayPal isn’t the only game in town, so if for whatever reason you dislike PayPal, you now have plenty of good options to go with.



How To Make The Most Of Your Startup Capital

How To Make The Most Of Your Startup Capital

Budgeting Your Startup Capital

As a new business, you will have limited funds to get your concept off of the ground, so making the most of this money is of the utmost importance. It is not necessary to make extreme sacrifices in order to get ahead in business. You can simply make better choices which allows you to look professional and established right from the beginning.

Among the things you should make sure you are doing to get more from your startup capital is to enlist freelance help to build your brand, build your own website, and rent temporary offices to work out of. startup capital

These will all help you to be more successful and stretch your startup capital even further.


Enlist the Help of Freelancers

Freelancers in every industry are willing to work on projects for you. Many freelancers are experts in their field looking for a little extra money, or working on their own. You can put their skills to use for you when building your brand.

To start you can hire artists to develop a new logo, and hire writers to create content for your blog or for press releases. You can even hire marketers to help bring more attention to your brand.

The more help you get from these freelance professionals, the more money you will save by not going to an established business offering the same services.

Look to sites like Elance, oDesk and Guru to hire professionals in all lines of work.


Build Your Own Website

Rather than spending thousands for someone to build your website, you can instead choose from a variety of web templates and build your site yourself. These templates already have all the code built into them, all they need is for you to plug in the things you want to see on your website.

In most cases, the instructions for putting together the website are right in the template itself. It will not require much more than just dragging and clicking some of the work from your freelancers into your template.

Using this kind of  tool, it is possible for you to have a website ready to launch in just a few hours.


Rent Temporary Offices

Finding office space has always been one of the biggest challenges for a startup. To get around this, it is possible to simply rent a space within an existing office. Businesses usually have more offices than they need. Rather than letting the space go to waste, they rent it out to people looking for temporary office space.

These spaces are rented either for a week or a month, and are far less expensive than if you were to rent a suite of offices. You will have access to phone lines, Wi-Fi, and more in these professional atmospheres, and it is a lot better than asking clients to meet you in your garage.

When you enlist the help of freelancers, build your own website, and rent temporary offices, you can do more with your startup capital.

This way you are left with more money saved for the times when unforeseen issues arise, giving you a better chance at getting past your startup stage and seeing success.


The Million Dollar Idea [Infographic]

The Million Dollar Idea [Infographic]

Have Any Online Business Ideas?

Have you ever had an idea and thought “Oh man, this is going to make me big money?”

I have felt that way so many times I lost count. haha

But I’m a dreamer, I’m a thinker, I’m an Entrepreneur, my mind never stops.

Some of my ideas won’t go anywhere, but I have a few that I know would do really well once I get the time or the money to bring them to life.


It’s Not All Good

Having new ideas on a regular basis is great, BUT, it’s also one of the most limiting things you can do for yourself.

The problem with having to many ideas, is you never take action on any of them.

I have the mind of Einstein and the actions of a sloth… Not a great mix.


My normal idea routine is this:

Have the idea, think it over from all angles and once I see it’s good, it goes into a word doc.

I then do some simple research on it, is it already out there, is there a website, is there good domains available, etc…

That word doc then goes into my “Biz Ideas” folder on my desktop.

For the next few days I’m all about my new idea, thinking it thru with a fresh mind to see if I still think it’s gold.

I decide, “yep, it’s gold JP, you did it again :)

I enjoy the glow of my awesomeness for a week or so and then…

I have a new idea and the whole process starts again.


I’m A Sloth No More

A few weeks back I had a personal family issue that got me to re-think my life and my business and one of the changes I made was NO MORE IDEAS.

Oh they will still come and have, but I don’t focus on them and I don’t add them to my idea folder.

I am now on my way to developing some ideas and launching some soon… Finally!

Ideas are great, they are the first step to greatness, but they are ONLY the first step, you have to take the next few steps to actually develop that idea to make it worth anything.

To help you on your journey to make BIG money with your new online business ideas, I thought I’d share this funny Infographic.

online business ideas

the million dollar idea

million dollar idea infographicsource: maplekind


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