Finding The Best Blog Hosting For Your Needs.

Choose From The Top Website Hosting Services Carefully.

Setting up a new blog is very exciting, but with that comes a little bit of work and learning especially with what hosting to choose. Understanding that techie back office issues will be something you will always deal with on your new blog, as far as hosting, I wanted to put together this simple explanation of the 2 types of hosting you should be looking at for your new blog.  hosting, blog hosting, hosting a website, hostgator

Choose The Best Blog Hosting

Hosting services fall into one of two primary categories: shared web hosting, and dedicated servers.  Hosting is one place you DO NOT want to go cheap on, this is a situation where “you get what you pay for” and going with a bad service will effect your blog negatively on a daily basis. What I recommend when picking from the top website hosting services is to start with a smaller, low cost service and as your blog grows then move up to a bigger service with more options and flexibility.

Shared Hosting

Understanding what shared blog hosting is a good place to start.  A hosting provider operates several servers, and each individual server can be configured in many different ways.  In the case of shared web hosting, the hardware on the server is shared by many different websites, often hundreds of websites.  Sharing hardware resources makes hosting affordable, but it also means a trade off in terms of performance and customization; if a website hosted on the same server gets a lot of traffic and/or uses a lot of resources then there will be less to go around.

On the plus side, tracking the bandwidth and storage for individual accounts can be time consuming so the better shared website, blog hosting providers just offer unlimited resources, good for you.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers work as you would think, one hosting account being run from a single server, no sharing.  The customer gets guaranteed access to all of the hardware’s performance 24/7.  Since the dedicated server is only being used by one customer, it is the most expensive, but  when you have a very busy site, then price isn’t an issue, performance is.

New Site, Keep Hosting Simple

Now for a new blog or website, then shared hosting is perfectly fine and will give you more power and features then you need, but once your site is up and driving a decent amount of traffic daily, then you want to look into a dedicated hosting service.  To make things easier, be sure to choose a hosting provider that offers shared and dedicated hosting services so that your transition later on will be as smooth as possible.

Think ahead here, and ask the hosting providers if they offer both shared and dedicated and how they can help later on.

Storage Limits

You want to find a hosting provider that offers unlimited storage so later on as your site matures, you will have plenty of available storage for pictures, posts and videos.


The more traffic your site gets the more bandwidth it will use.  Dedicated servers often come with bandwidth limits, so be sure to figure that in.

A few things to learn are…

How much bandwidth is used for each visitor? 

How many visitors per day will the site be see?

This is one of the BIG benefits of shared hosting, since they usually offer unlimited bandwidth.

Shared or Dedicated Servers – Who Wins?

Both shared and dedicated hosting come with good and bad features and abilities.

I would recommend you go with shared hosting when you are starting a new site or blog, you will get plenty of features to help you grow your new site, and won’t have a bandwidth limit issue.

But as your site grows in popularity and you are driving a good amount of traffic, then that it is time to look at the dedicated hosting, so you will have issues with down time.

So they both win, they just win at different times of your new sites growth.

I have reviewed some of the best blog hosting services and for the simple fact that it offers strong reliable shared hosting and also dedicated hosting with helpful informative customer support I use and recommend -> Bluehost

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