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Breaking Into The Top 20 Internet Marketers Online With No List

Posted by in Internet Marketing

Yea, I know that title is hard to believe, trust me I wouldn’t have believed it myself before Saturday.

I have been in the Internet Marketing for about 4 yrs, and doing pretty well with it, but I believed that to do REALLY well you first needed a big list or have to be close to the top marketers.

Now as I said in the title, I do NOT have a big list… I actually have always known the importance of building a list, but I never made a strong effort with it until few months ago.

I’m also not close to any top marketers, (wish I was..Haha)

If you’re a blogger and wondering what this has to do with you, trust me, it has EVERYTHING to do with you. As a blogger that wants to make money online, you will need to Think Like A Internet Marketer to be successful.

Ok back to my point :)

All this changed for me on Saturday when I got an email from John Reese with his TOP 50 AFFILIATE LEADERBOARD.

john reese, outsource force, outsource force videos, make money online, make money blogging, johnpaulaguiar.com

As you can see I made it into 19th position, which for me is HUGE!

This was based on John Reese’s New Outsource Force Videos.

If you haven’t all ready watch them Free Now: Vid 1 Vid 2 Vid 3 Vid 4

If you have done any internet marketing, then you recognize many of these names, and for all you bloggers, you can see a few top bloggers in there too.

Remember I don’t have a big list and I don’t have any connection/friendship with any top markers.

I got here with hard work and doing what I talk about in Money Dummy each week, as you know by now if you read a few my posts, I get to the point and don’t spend time with fancy words, hell my spelling sucks most the time :) but I’m working on that.

If I share something with you, it is because I am doing it too, and it is working.

I wanted to write this, because I was sooo surprised and excited at this, this email had me smiling like an idiot all weekend. haha

I also wanted to share with you that no matter if you’re a new blogger or marketer you DON’T have to be in the “inner circle” to compete and make money online.

It takes work, YES

It takes some help, YES

It takes thinking outside the box, YES

It takes balls (sorry ladies) to take action, YES

This post was big for me, I had to admit I was wrong..lol  I let thoughts I had about success online convince me that I couldn’t do it, if you have similar thoughts, then this is your wake up call to stop!  Just get to work!


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  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Thanks Josh.. Appreciate that man :)

  • Marc Marseille

    Hey John Paul, Congratulations! If anyone deserves it, YOU do. You have always remained consistent in your blogging which is the key formula to be successful.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Than ks Marc.. I Appreciate that

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