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How To Setup A Blog With Bluehost WordPress Hosting

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How to setup a blog with Bluehost WordPress Hosting.

With the price of hosting today, there is NO reason you should be setting up a blog with a free service like wordpress.com or anything similar.

Having a self hosted blog, that blog is YOURS you own it, you customize it, you promote it how ever you like.

Now if you need more of a custom blog setup, then take a look at My WordPress Installation Service and Get The Upgrade and I will create a complete blog for you including logo, opt-in forms and Social Media Graphics.

Now if you still want to go at it alone, that’s great, this tutorial will walk you through each step.

bluehost wordpress hosting

Setup A Blog With Bluehost WordPress Hosting In 3 Steps

To get your blog online, just follow the 3 Steps below in the order I have laid it out for you.

Step 1 – Hosting & Domain – I’ll explain what a domain name and web hosting is.

I’ll share my advice on how to choose the right domain name for your new blog. I will also share why I use Bluehost and that I have used it on all my blogs for the past 11 years.

Step 2 – Using WordPress – I’ll explain what WordPress platform is and why it is the best tool for your new blog. I’ll also show you (with a video tutorial) how simple it is to install and how easy it is to use.

Step 3 – Building Your Blog – I’ll share the exact steps to take to get your WordPress blog finished and online. I will do a quick walk through of the WordPress dashboard , so you know how to use it correctly.


1. Get A Domain and Hosting

First, What Is A Domain Name?

Before you get your Bluehost hosting, you need to choose A domain name that represents your blog’s address. Just like your home address, your domain is is where people find you online.

Example, johnpaulaguiar.com is the domain name of this site.

Your domain name will be your “foot in the door” to get visitors to your blog. A good domain name will grab people’s attention, grow your brand and give them a idea of what your blog is about.

How To Choose the “Right” Domain Name

• First make it short and easy to spell and preferably no more then 3 words long. Doing this will make it easier for people to remember your blog’s name.

• If you’re blog will be used for your small business, then use your business name as your domain name.

• If you want to be branded as an expert in a specific field, then use your own name as your domain name. I did this here on johnpaulaguiar.com :)

• Choose a .com if you can, and a .net as a second choice. .com is what people automatically relate a website too. the .net is a close second.

• Do NOT use numbers in your domain name.

A domain name is so important that you should take a few days researching and once you think of one you like, sit on it for a day or two and if you still love it at that point, then buy it.

When I created BrainyMarketer.com, it took me a week to come up with a name and to finally make my choice. I read it out loud, it created simple logo ideas to see how it would look etc..


What Is Blog Hosting?

A blog hosting service is where your blog lives. To be placed on the internet for people to see and visit, you need hosting to do that.

Blog hosting is the only thing you have to pay for when you set up your blog, everything else can be done for free.

Blog hosting is where you setup your own small piece of the internet.

How To Get Blog Hosting For Your New Blog

To make it easier for you to get started building your blog, I only recommend ONE hosting service for you to use.

The service that I use for all of my blog’s is Bluehost. They have everything a beginner need, fast load times, great customer support, easy to use and a great price.

When you choose BlueHost WordPress hosting you get FREE domain registration, saving you some money.

Here is what you get with BlueHost:

• Free Domain Registration
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• 1-Click WordPress Install
• Currently priced at $3.95/month

To get your FREE domain name and hosting -> Click Here To Visit Bluehost.


2. Creating Your New Blog Using WordPress

WordPress is the system/platform that you build your blog on. WordPress lets you easily build a professional-looking blog without any real technical know-how.

Why I ONLY use WordPress on all my blogs?  1- Easy to use and maintain.   2- It is COMPLETELY Free.

WordPress operates from the internet, you can access it through any browser. Because of this, it works on any device that has internet access.

Everything you need to do in WordPress is located on the left side panel and labeled for easy understanding.

Here are 3 screenshots of the most important things you will do inside WordPress.

bluehost wordpress hosting dashboard1

bluehost wordpress hosting dashboard2

bluehost wordpress hosting dashboard3

Now that you have a better idea of what WordPress is,  let’s put it all together and build your blog.


3. Start Building Your Blog

To recap, here are the 3 steps you need to complete so you can begin building your blog:

Step 1. Buy a domain name (you get a free domain when you buy Bluehost hosting below)

Step 2. Buy hosting a plan -> Click Here To Visit Bluehost.com

Step 3. Get a better understanding of what WordPress is and how to use it.


Now that you have all 3 and are ready, to begin creating your blog, start by Installing the WordPress platform by using the 1-click install feature.

To help you really understand how simple this is, I wanted to give you a video you can watch and pause if need as you are going through the steps to setup WordPress on Bluehost.

Watch the Video Tutorial below showing you how to install WordPress.


Your Blog Is Now Online!

Now that you have setup your blog using the Bluehost WordPress hosting, your blog is now online, the “hard” work is done, now you can choose a theme, colors and get started writing blog posts.

If you get stuck, I am an email away and if you need more tech help, Bluehost customer service are always happy to help and they actually  talk to you for FREE.










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