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Blogger Tools That Every Blogger Needs To Use

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Blogger Tools That Every Blogger Needs

As bloggers we have different tasks to do each day to keep our blogs moving forward, here is my list of the blogger tools I use every day to improve my blog and make my blogging a little less stressful.

Some of these blogger tools may be some you know of, but never really put the time into using, so I hope this post will get you to see the benefits to putting them to work for you.

A Tool Isn’t A Tool Until You USE It!

At the end of the day, using these tools will help you build a stronger blog that will get youblogger tools, blogging tools, tools for blogging, johnpaulaguiar.com better results for the time and effort you put in.

My Blogger Tools List…

www.google.com 2010-8-15 22-19 (2)

One of the first things I installed on my blog was Google Analytics. The amount of information you get is ridiculous, from where your traffic comes from, how long it stays, where it likes to go on your blog, etc..

I use this tool every day to see what marketing is working and what’s not. Another bonus is that Google Analytics is very easy to use.


adwords.google.com 2010-8-15 22-20

I use Google Keyword tool each time I write a new post. Once I have a post idea, I come here to search the keyword to use. You will get information on the best keyword to use for your post title and tags, but it also gives you a list of “similar” keywords people search for, this is important because ranking for similar keywords related to your main keyword will get you ranked higher for that keyword.

I stick to my main keyword to have no more then 10,000 monthly volume, this will give you the best chance to rank higher.


www.google.com 2010-8-15 22-21

This is one of those blogger tools that every blogger needs to use, PERIOD! Yes it is that good.  The amount of info that Google Webmaster Tools will give you for FREE is crazy.  You can test your  blog and see what is working and what isn’t, also you can do A – B testing on different versions of your blog.

Try a different color scheme or sidebar size, etc.. test it before you actually make “Real Time” changes.

It took me some time to figure this tool out, but it is worth the time you put into learning how to use it.


www.bloggrader.com 2010-8-15 22-22 (2)

Blog Grader is a cool lil tool I use couple times a week.  It let’s you see how your blog is doing in search engines, in social media, how much traffic your getting and much more.

Cool thing is they also have a Twitter Grader tool that let’s you see how your doing on Twitter.


header (3)

I go into full detail on my review of Ninja Affiliate

I use this plugin every day, recently I have started to use it for tracking banners ads in my sidebar to see which ads convert best and using it as a tracking tool for off blog marketing to track clicks and converstion.

As much as this tool works for me, I would buy it again if I had too.

Read my full review of Ninja Affiliate


www.pixlr.com 2010-8-15 22-24

I screen grab everything haha I’m like addicted.  I been using this tool almost daily for the past 6 months and it just gets better.  It is a Firefox plugin, but I believe you can get it for Chrome too.

With the Pixlr grabber add-on I can Grab an image then Edit, Share, Save or Copy it.

I use the Pixlr Editor to edit my grab soon as I grab it, add text resize, etc..

I will be sharing a new way I promote a new post in an upcoming post, and this tool is what I use to do it all

Get the Pixlr Firefox Plugin

There you go, my blogger tools I use almost on a daily basis to see where my blog is at, and how I can take it to the next level.

What blogger tools do you use on your blog?

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  • http://twitter.com/zoeyclark Pinar Tarhan

    didn't know about blog grader! tried it right away. I love a free tool that gives you results and tips right away.

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  • http://www.joshgarcia.com/ Josh Garcia

    Hey John,

    I must say, there are two that I never used before. That's Blog Grader…Just tried it and must say it is awesome!

    The other is Pixlr. Going to install it and test it out.

    Chat with you later, Buddy!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Pinar.. TY for your first comment :)

    Yea Free tools are are great, and when they are easy to use with quick results makes them that much better.

    Try their Twitter Grader too,, very cool tool.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Josh, TY for the comment. Yea Blog Grader is sweet, and free haha

    Pixlr is just AWESOME.. I have tried about 10 different screen grabs past 2 yrs, and this one is best, and you can take it right into their editor, which is pretty damn good, and again, free.

  • mkakan

    i use 3 of those services..Google is doing a great job with these free services…will check out the last three ones

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    TY for the comment. Yes Google offers some quality tools to bloggers. Let me know what you think of the other 3 when you get time to test them.

  • dragonblogger

    I use the first 3, but not Ninja Affiliate (don't do much affiliate stuff yet). I also use Windows 7 built in Snippet (which also exists for free for Vista, but not Windows XP) since it can cut images out of anything on the desktop, where the browser plugins are limited to only cutting images out of the browser window. (I do lots of software review so need snippets of software outside of websites though). Before that I was using Dashblog which is similar to Pixlr, I will have to see what capabilities that one has.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    I used Dashblog then it started to go wrong for me, thats why I went to Pixlr,, no comparison. The editor works great too.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Yea it's a great tool.. Gives you more specific blog help then the website grader.. and the Twitter grader is awesome.

    Simple and free tools.. that actually work.. you can't beat that :)

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  • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

    I just realized, I had never used blog.grader.com I had used website grader and twitter grader but not the blog grader, what a great tool! I am definitely going to leverage this more.

  • http://www.sweetsfoods.com/ Gera

    I use all the Google stuff but the first time for me about Pixlr. I use for screenshots Fireshot add-on is powerful too.
    I've used Website grader, blog grader but not the twitter version going there…in a few moments.

    Thanks for sharing all the delicious tech stuff :)

    Have a great week!


  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Gera…TY for the comment. Yea I used Fireshot.. I still like Pixlr better, the editor is awesome. Twitter Grader is cool, gives you nice over view of how you do with twitter and where you rank for your area.

    Tech stuff is great..lol I'm a nerd down deep,,lol

  • http://www.jeremiahwean.com Jeremiah M. Wean


    I use SnagIt for my screen capture, although lately it has been acting up on scrolling screen capture. It replaces the printscreen as a hotkey to activate it. I agree couldn't live without a screen capture tool. I also use Camtasia for screen capture video.

    Although I don't do any affiliate selling, the idea of MaxBlog Press Ninja seems like a great idea just for it to do the work of having it scan previous posts to hyperlink certain keywords to a newer post, etc.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Jeremiah..TY for the comment. Yea I use Cam too and Jing.. But for basic screen grabs I luv Pixlr.

    Max Press Ninja is awesome tool. The fact that it goes thru all your posts to link up keywords was a big reason I got it too, and that's just one cool feature haha.

    If you get it, let me know how you like it.

  • http://www.blogtechonline.com BlogTech Online

    Hi john I have checked my blog BlogGrader,it's really a nice tool which gives tips

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Yea I like it alot. simple to use, and gives you solid information on how to better your blog.

  • http://www.bizchickblogs.com Tia Peterson, BizChickBlogs

    Hey John Paul – You seem to be blogging more these days. :) I'll have to catch up!

    I have to try blog grader. It seems very cool.

    Thanks for providing a list of what you use!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Yea.. trying to keep a twice a week schedule. We will see how it goes..lol

    Yea Blog Grader is cool, andddd FREE! lol

  • Melody

    Thanks for an excellent post. For my blog, , I use the Google tools plus I study my hosting site's traffic analytics. But I didn't know about the other tools you mentioned – and I'm going to try them as soon as I post this response. Thanks so much for the great tips! By the way, I do find discrepancies in traffic stats between Google Analytics and my host site's stats. Do you find that to be the case too?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Melody.. TY for your comment.

    Yea you will find that Google Analytics isn't perfect, but for a Free tool it is pretty damn good. Your sites AWStats will be much more reliable.

    I like to look at both that way you get a good idea of whats going on.

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  • http://andbreak.com/ Julius

    I have been using most of these tools except for Blog Grader and Ninja Affiliate. I actually thought about buying Ninja Affiliate but haven't done so. I recently stumbled upon some software that looks a lot more promising.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Blog Grader is very cool. and Free lol I have to say that Ninja aff is awesome for what I need it for. I have about 30 links on blog and off for tracking. and easy to use.. Look at if you have questions on it let me know.

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  • http://www.balancebiketrainer.com Kenneth Elliott

    Half of these tools I use already and half I have never heard of but I could see a use of them. Thanks for the information.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hey Kenneth..TY for your first comment :) Glad you liked the post.. yea try the other,, def try Blog Grader.. awesome and so simple.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hey Kenneth..TY for your first comment :) Glad you liked the post.. yea try the other,, def try Blog Grader.. awesome and so simple.

  • http://zezebel.blogspot.com/ Zezebel

    I love that blog grader. I had been seeing it before but this is the first time I am using it. I don’t know that it can be a tools for blogging. Thanks John. This really a great help for newbies like me.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Zeze..TY for your first comment :) Im glad you liked the psot.

    Yea, Blog Grader is very cool. and useful and free. haha

    TY for the comp, I appreciate it.. hope the blogs helps.

  • http://thelibzter.com Libby

    Hi John, great list! I don’t have any toolss to add that I can think of, I think you covered all of the ones that I use and then some! I also LOVE google analytics and check mine every day. I have used a website checker before to check my grade but didn’t know about the blog grader, but I just tried it and its very similar to the website grader. It seems like a great resource – the only thing that confused me is that their stats for the number of comments and tweets on the posts are off, they said there were less tweets and comments on the posts than there actually are….have you ever noticed that?? not a biggie, doesn’t really matter, just something I noticed! :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hey Libby.. Glad you liked the post. Yea Blog Grader is a great simple free tool. As far as the stats being off.. I never had an issue, but it is a free tool, so use it combined with other tools you have to get a good over all view of how your blog is doing :)

  • http://web2andmore.net Kevin Tea


    Thanks for some services that I never new existed like Blog Grader which has confused me in one respect. It has my average length post as 51 words whereas a lot of my blogs can be like War and Peace! I wonder if it just captures the first bit of text before the Read More line? I’ll give Pixlr a whirl though I usually use print screen and then paste into Irfanview.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Kevin..TY for the comment. Yea I believe Grader takes the content before the break. It is a free tool with useful info, I wouldn’t reply on it 100%, but added to other tools it is very useful and simple to use.

    Pixlr is great, I still use it daily, and for me and my needs it works.

  • http://www.abnormalmarketing.com/ fionamceachran

    These blogging tools are pretty cool, but for tracking stats, I find I’m using “Statcounter” more and “Google Analytics” less. Unless Google has improved recently? But no-one has said anything…

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    TY for the comment Fiona. I use Google and AWStats and couple others to track stats. Google is a good tool to begin with, easy to use, huge amount of info and so many resources out there for newbies to learn how to use GA better. But once you get your blog to a place it is driving more n more traffic, you will need to move past GA

  • http://www.chancenotes.net Tommy Douglas

    Thanks for tip on blog grader very helpful

  • Debbie Russell

    Really nice information. I am following you on Twitter & just wanted to compliment you on your quality tweets. You showed me a couple of tools to check out.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hi Debbie. TY for your first comment :)

    Glad you like the post and the tweets I share.. Visit any time :)

  • http://turkishtravelblog.com Natalie – Turkish Travel Blog

    Hi John paul, Great list. I also use Google Wonder wheel to gain ideas for posts. Can I check your definetion of using PIXLr though.

    “With the Pixlr grabber add-on I can Grab an image then Edit, Share, Save or Copy it”

    Are you saying that you randomly grab images off peoples websites?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    When I say “grab an image” it means I am grabbing anything , not just images.. but Pixlr makes it an image so that is why I said, Grab an image haha

  • kirapermunian

    Thanks for the share! I’ve been using Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics for my sites. It works work well. From the data presented from these tools I could then have more time to which part of my blog needs optimization.

  • http://outdoorlifereviews.com/dietandexercise/joovy-zoom-360/ Pat_greer

    I have 20 blogs on blogger
    I now have 4 on wordpress
    I recently stumbled over a tool that automatically put links to my wordpress site on all my blogger posts
    Now i want to add another wordpress link but I can’t find the tool

    Any ideas?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Yea.. drop all yurt blogs and focus on one or two

  • http://seommotips.com Suresh Khanal

    Great tools. Some are new to me and needs to check how well they can support my need. Thanks Justin for the useful post.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Hope the list helps Suresh.

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