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12 Best Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

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Best Social Media Tools

It doesn’t matter why you use social media, or what your goals are. The biggest issue for everyone using SM is the amount of time it takes to really get the best results.

Luckily we now have so many tools to choose from, I have a list of the best social media tools I use to help me stay on point with my time.

Now like I have said before, having tools is a good and bad thing. best social media tools

Don’t try to use EVERY tool you see, find a few you like and work for you and learn to use that tool perfectly to get the bet results.

This way you are not jumping from tool to tool wasting even more time that you could use to actually be on SM sites.

Ok, enough chit chat… let’s get to the list. :)

Here are my 12 Best Social Media Tools



best social media tools hootsuite

Hootsuite – I can honestly say that HootSuite is the one tool I would be lost without. This one tool is what helps me stay in front of my 100,000+ followers every day.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard you can use to monitor your streams or lists  and post to multiple social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  It allows you to schedule the time you want to publish your messages and gives you full control or the messages that go out.

HootSuite also gives you stats of all your messages and how well they do. Oh and their Android app is pretty good too.


Listorious – Is a Twitter search engine that allows you to search for Twitter accounts. Listorious also let’s search other peoples lists. This helps you find even more targeted people faster.  Searching lists makes things faster for you then if you were using Twitter’s search feature.


best social media tools bufferapp
bufferapp – Is a great little tool if you want to schedule tweets fast. this is good if you are not selective of which tweets go out when and in what order. If you’re looking for a fast and easy to use tool for scheduling, then Buffer works really well.


dlvr.it –  Is a tool that enables you to easily publish your content across a multitude of social media outlets.  In addition, dlvr.it offers statistics on how followers on these various platforms respond to your content.

Once you link your RSS-feed and from there dlvr.it will auto-post the content to dozens of social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, MySpace, Status.net, among others.

It also offers engagement statistics, so you can gather data on how your audience is responding to your content and on which platforms you get the most response.



Social Oomph – Is the original Twitter tool and still very useful today. Now it is a little confusing to navigate the site, but once you figure it out it’s very helpful and it’s Free.

You manage your Twitter following, unfollow inactive accounts, find out who isn’t following you back and more. There are many ways to sort including by profiles with no images, inactive, no bio and more. There is probably 30 other things this tool does that is fun and or helpful



Plume – I have tried all the Twitter apps for Android, Twitter, Tweetcaster, etc.. and I am now using Plume. You need an app to help you stay engaged. Half of the time my replies to people come from Plume when I am away from my computer.

The app offers a variety of great features and is always synched with your online Twitter activity. Check and reply to saved searches, Twitter Lists, trending topics, @ mentions, Direct Mentions.

I will be doing a full review of this app soon.


Blogpulse – Provides the latest trends from blogs around the world, showing you the most blogged about topics, recent trend graphs, and extensive blog trend search options.

This is one of the best social media tools for tracking what people are talking about and good place to find quality content to share.

Social Mention

socialmention best social media tools
Social Mention – Great tool to keep you in the conversation of whatever your into. Social Mention focuses on real time social media search and analysis. They provide social media alerts similar to Google Alerts, sending you daily email updates about your keywords that pop up on social media sites.

G+ Search

best social media tools gplussearch
G+ Search – Works like Google web search, you just enter a term into the search bar and the search engine produces a list of results. You can then narrow down by clicking on tabs titled: Posts, Profiles, Buzz, or Google Reader. The results include video, images, and news links that people have shared on their profiles.


Tweriod – It is a tool you can use to analyze your followers streams to help you figure out when most of them are active on twitter.  Knowing when YOUR followers are on Twitter will give you the best times to tweet your stuff.

Trust me, this is something that will be different for all users. Just because “Joe Blow Twitter Scientist” says to tweet at so and so time, doesn’t mean that time works for you.

Use this tool to figure out what works best for YOU!


stickies best social media tools

Stickies – Ok this isn’t so much as a “Social Media Tool” but it is a tool I use to mage some of my SM.

Stickies are basically post it notes for your desktop, and you know you luvvvv post it notes haha.

This just make them organized and on your desktop where you can see them all the time.  I use them to keep track of my top tweeters, peoples posts I want to share, account info for my accounts and for client accounts and etc…

More creative you can be with them, the more they will help you and they are Free to download.

Finally the best social media tool is…

you tool

YOU! Yes, you staring at the monitor right now!

YOU are the best social media tool.

I say this because if you don’t know the fundamental things that bring you success with social media, then none of these tools above will help. A good place to start and learn those fundamentals – The 5 Fingers To Social Media Learning.

I used to drive a sweet Lincoln LS… sporty and luxury, V8 rear wheel.

One day some old guy decide he wanted to go right from the left lane without a blinker. Problem was I was already beside him..ooops. So he smashed my side door and broke my mirror.

Yet I still washed it like it was a new car…friends would be like “your car is a mess why the hell are you washing and shining the tires?”  haha  But I didn’t care man… car still looked good from the right side where all the girls were :)

Problem was… no matter how washed it was, it was still a smashed mess.

Working these tools without having the fundamentals down is like washing and waxing my smashed car… Not smart :)

Leave me a comment below and tell me what your best social media tools are.

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  • Worldtravelmom

    This was a very useful post. The list seems to change periodically but the one constant for me has been Hootsuite. Don’t know what I’d do without it. Looking forward to checking out some of the other tools I’ve never heard of that could make things even easier. Thanks again!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks for comment.. glad you like the list. I agree for me the main constant has been hootsuite too :)

    Oh next time you comment can you please ONLY use your name in the name field… Thank U :)

  • http://quickmeups.com/ Zachary @zacharykreid

    This is a couple of years old. Any new ones you recommend? I’m only 2 weeks in (just got my first 100 followers!) and am I already starting to see random follows picking up. I told you last week I thought 1,000 in a year would be good, now I’m eyeing 10,000! Won’t make it without tools, I planned to try followerWonk but it’s part of the Moz brand and after a 30 day trial it would be expensive! I don’t make money from this (yet) so want to start small (read: free). Any help greatly appreciated!!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    2 years or not all those tools are helpful especially for someone so new like you Zachary.

    But being so new, you should focius on the fundamentals more then tools.. tools wont help if you dont know what your doing. So learn the basics then use tools to expand, support and save you time.

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