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Best Firefox Add-Ons for Twitter Domination

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Below are a few of  the best Firefox Add-Ons that I use to take Twitter to the next level.  If you use IE then your out of luck..lol   Get On Firefox Already!

Power Twitter

“This is My personal favorite!”  Adds many features to your Twitter Web interface like you can narrow your search to a specific user on Twitter, Facebook updates, it allows URL expansion, you can do custom settings to Twitter, you can even upload photos, you can include other media sites like YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps and many more.

Twitter Search

FireFox extension that enables you to search content on Twitter web site. This extension even looks into the tweets left by other Twitter users. You can find people on Twitter using this FireFox extension. A Twitter search engine loads into the search engine list on the FireFox web browser.


Allows you to search and follow the stocks you like. It displays tweets related to that stocks you have selected from the Twitter Web site. This is really useful if you are doing online trading and want to know up to date information on the stocks you follow.

Twitter Fox

This FireFox extension keeps you updated about your friends on Twitter. If your friends update their tweets, it immediately notifies you about that. Also, you can update your own tweets with the help of text input field present in Twitter Fox.

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It’s simple – they go through your tweets, find those with links and post them to your delicious account. This way you’ll never lose the links you posted on Twitter.


This is like a Twitter messenger. Using this FireFox extension, you can easily send and receive messages from your friends and Twitter via Twitter right from your browser.


Let’s you post your current page to twitter via twitthat.com


The search plugin for TwitterJobSearch.com – the world’s first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter.


Twitter sidebar for FireFox. It has 6- section interface. You can use tabs to separate content on the Twitter page. It enables you to view your timeline and Twitter public timeline. You can also view the latest tweets left by your friends and followers. You can view your friends list replies send to you and also view your account stats using TwitKit.


Allows you to share music links with your friends. When you come across a music file link and want to share it with your friends, just right click on the link and select ‘Song.ly: Share this song’ from the context menu. Now your friends will get the link of the music file, they can listen to the music right from the browser.

There are many more FF Add-Ons to choose from, these are the one’s that I have used in the past few months with great results.

To Your Online Success

John Paul

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