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Free 3-Part Twitter Training Video Series

Time For A Change – Launching A 3-Part Twitter Training Series

Posted on 14. Jan, 2017 by .


Free Twitter Training Video Series Launching.

Time to change how you USE Twitter for marketing. Training videos launching January 17 – Get Them Now.

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twitter fails

Twitter Fails: How You’re Using Twitter All Wrong

Posted on 31. Dec, 2016 by .


Twitter Fails: How you’re using Twitter all wrong. When you learned how to use Twitter, you had a plan, now you’re wasting time and not seeing results.

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How Do You Get Verified On Twitter 2016

How Do You Get Verified On Twitter? – Infographic

Posted on 21. Dec, 2016 by .


Infographic: How do you get verified on Twitter?

There are 6 steps you need to follow to get verified on Twitter and how to get your account setup correctly.

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linkedin tips and advice

8 LinkedIn Tips For Blogging Entrepreneurs

Posted on 07. Dec, 2016 by .


10 LinkedIn Tips to Help Blogging Entrepreneurs Boost Exposure.

My advice comes from 9+ years of using LinkedIn to get more traffic, leads and customers.

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15 Top People On Twitter To Follow – November

Posted on 02. Dec, 2016 by .


New list of 15 people on Twitter to Follow for November.

I also did something different on this list, I have embedded a follow button for each person to help make it that much easier for you to follow ALL 15 :)

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i am thankful

7 Life Changing Things I Am Thankful For

Posted on 23. Nov, 2016 by .


10 things I am thankful for in my life and business. As an entrepreneur you have to be thankful for what you have today since it can be all gone tomorrow.

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19 types of entrepreneurs

19 Different Types of Entrepreneurs – Which Are You?

Posted on 08. Nov, 2016 by .


19 different types of entrepreneurs, which one do you fall under? As an entrepreneur you will see that you fall under more than one of the types.

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3 blogging mistakes

3 Important Blogging Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Posted on 26. Oct, 2016 by .


Are the blogging mistakes you make hurting your blog? Let me start this post by saying that making mistakes is a GOOD thing, it shows you’re taking action with your blog.

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