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Are You Prepared For A “Stop Button” In Your Life and Business?

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I wanted to do a quick post about something that I went thru this weekend.

I’m going to share a personal story but I promise it will open up to some learning that you can apply to your life and business.

the stop button

This past weekend I spent it sick with a stomach bug, stomach pain, headache, nausea. For “normal” people this is bad way to spend a weekend. but for me, it’s a VERY stressful way.

Most of you know I had a kidney transplant, but what you may not know, is I have had 2.

My first was when I was 18, my mom donated one to me. That lasted 2 years and it ended without warning… I just got sick, cold sweats, nausea, all the symptoms of the flu.

It wasn’t the flu, my kidney had rejected and stopped working for good.

I was so sick “to stubborn to see the doctor” that if I had stayed home another day or two I may of died.

Crazy right?

So now, with my 2nd kidney transplant that has been with me for almost 14 years I still get stressed each time I get sick, even a cold I start to think…

“Oh Shit.. Is this the end?”

It’s stressful but something I deal with better since it’s been 14 years. But this weekend… man.. it was ugly and had me stressing, thinking back to when I was 20.

So that got me thinking…

What if It was the end of this kidney?

What would happen to my business?

Would I still be able to do the things in my life and business i plan to do this year?

What would I do?

The good news is that I have built my business in a way the past 10 years to handle this outcome, to be able to run even if I’m not at 100%. But that would be just maintaining.. that wouldn’t be a GROWING and EXPANDING plan.

Now I have been pretty active in 2016 with new projects and getting new shit done, so I am in a good place.

Can you say the same?

Can you say you are taking action on life and business projects?

Or are you putting things off for later since you think… “I have time for that later”.

My STOP BUTTON would be illness, end to my kidney transplant.

What would your stop button be?

Health issues?

Lost job?

Financial crisis?

Even, god forbid, death in your family?

Are you prepared or have a plan in place when your STOP BUTTON hits?

The best way to help you overcome that STOP.. is to get active, take action…NOW!

Below are a few ways that will motivate you to TAKE ACTION NOW in your life and business.


1. You Are On Your Own

I know, hard to hear, but the reality is, you are alone, you are the one that will or will not make changes. The faster you swallow and except that HUGE reality, the sooner you can get to work and make changes in your life and business.

There is freedom in really owning that responsibility, at the end of the day no matter what you read, what you learn, your results come down to you taking action or not… Period!

The life of an Entrepreneur :)

2. To Be Better You Must Do

Listen we all started in the same place, newbies with no idea what we were doing. We do, we learn, we make mistakes, we do again and so on.

Let me share another harsh truth.

“That cycle never ends no matter how good or experienced you think you are”!

I have been here 10 years and I still make mistakes, I still learn from my mistakes…so if you are waiting till you KNOW IT ALL before you do something… you will be waiting a very long time.

3. Erase and Start New

No matter what you did in the past or didn’t do, today is a new day.

I give you permission to say “Fuck It” I forgive my laziness, my procrastination, my fear my whatever kept me from taking action.

Feels good right?

Now move on, start new and start making changes in your life and business that you have wanted to for weeks, months maybe even years.

Get laser focused on one project, you biggest project and get to work, one project done si better than 10 projects half done.

4. Time Comes and Goes Either Way

You know what the worse feeling is for me? Regret, when time passes and I didn’t do or say something I should of.

One of the biggest ways this hits me is in losing weight, I say I’m getting to the gym, I’m going to lose 20 lbs and…4 months later…I lost nothing, I never got to the gym.

Time waits for no one…

“Life teaches us to make good use of time, While time teaches us the value of life.”

The more you get done today, the more free time you will have later…Start taking action towards what you really want out of life today.

I hope this post helps you start to see the value of taking action now and NOT later. We all get a STOP BUTTON in life.. some more than others.

Do what you can today to better prepare you, your family and your business in the future.

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  • http://rayhiltz.com Ray Hiltz

    There are a few things in life that make us come face to face with our mortality, John – losing a loved one, getting seriously ill or narrowly escaping an accident and receiving an organ transplant.
    My brother-in-law recently got his 2nd one and while he’s doing very well now, we were worried as time ticked on and his was failing quickly.
    He took his kidney disease hard but then turned it around and started a company that makes Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Belts, (which he invented) PD Solution Warmers, & Accessories for CAPD, APD, & CCPD Patients.
    He now manufacturers them in Maine.

    It’s the old “lemon into lemonade” story.
    Unfortunately, the reality slap that comes from facing our own mortality tends to fade in time and we get into the familiar and safe rut we were in before until the next slap comes along.

    Thanks for this though provoking post.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Thanks for stopping by Ray… and happy to hear your brother-in-law is doing well now and luv that he took it and turned it all into a positive.,.. not easy to do.

    I agree and sadly at time I fall back too.. even though the past few years.. I have fallen MUCH less…

    But if life was an even normal ride it would get boring fast :)

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