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Welcome to the Money Dummy Affiliate page. We will be updating this page with a few New and Updated products to help you make even more money.


Twitter Dummy Guide

Thank You For Your Interest In The Twitter Dummy Guide

Twitter Dummy offers a generous 50% sales commissions. Currently, hundreds of people are taking full advantage of joining the successful Money Dummy affiliate program.

You will get paid directly into your PayPal account on the 1st of each month.

E-Junkie is our affiliate platform of choice. It’s FREE and super-easy to sign up.

How To Get Sign Up…

1. Sign up at e-junkie as an affiliate (if you’ve not already).

2. Now you can join the Money Dummy affiliate program by clicking this link.

Once you’ve done this – go to the ‘affiliates admin’ section and look for the ‘Get affiliate Code’ link. Select the Money Dummy affiliate program and then the ‘Twitter Dummy Guide’ option.

3. Grab the code. Cut and paste it to the appropriate banners (provided below) or shrink the URL for your Tweets.

Time To Get Promoting…

Below are a few of the top ways to promote the Twitter Dummy Guide:

1. Promotions via email are converting best. While blog posts and tweeting the offer are also converting it seems for this promotion email is best..

2. Try to offer a bonus with purchase. This has converted very well.

3. Promotion on Twitter. Most sales are made a few minutes after the tweet. Those doing best with Twitter are tweeting during peak times and doing multiple tweets over a number of days to reach their full network

4. Piggy back your promotions. By posting on your blog, emailing your list and sending a few tweets. Follow this over 3 days. This way you have the best chance to reach all your readers/followers.

My main request is that you keep your promotions personal, relevant, don’t be a spammer and do not over hype!

I believe this guide will help anyone build and maintain a strong Twitter community using the guide exactly how it is described, so there is no reason to over hype.

For best results: I highly recommend you get a copy of the guide. For best results you have to be a product of the product  to have more success.

It’s not needed but those who are having the most success with the affiliate program have been using the guide personally.


Need Help or Have Questions?

I am here to help be successful with the Twitter Dummy Affiliate Program, If you have any questions about the affiliate program please contact me through my contact page.


Banners To Help You Promote The Twitter Dummy

Feel free to use any of the following images to help you promote the guide.

INSTRUCTIONS: Right Click and ‘Save As’ these images to use.

125×125 – 468×60 – 250×250 – 250×300 – 120×600 – 160×600 – med ecover

banner-125x125 cover-3D-medium




banner-468x60 trim






banner-120x600 banner-160x600




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