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A2 Hosting Review – The Need For Speed

Posted by in Branding, Reviews

A2 Hosting Review Updated September 30, 2016 – For the past couple months I have been looking into getting faster, more reliable hosting for this site and my other sites.

Today I am talking about A2 Hosting and what I think about their SSD style hosting.

I will say this to start, SSD hosting is still shared hosting, but runs much faster then traditional shared. So it is a great option for people that want faster hosting, but don’t want to pay the high cost of VPS.

Let’s jump into my A2 Hosting Review and See The Good and The Bad.

a2 hosting review

Things I Like About A2 Hosting

Below are a few key features I like about A2.

Hosting Speed

A2 Hosting is all about speed with things like 10 GB redundant networks, 8 core server, and 24 GB RAM and something they call Railgun Optimizer (which helps load HTML 140+% faster).

They also offer full Solid State Drive (SSD), which will get your site loading 300% faster!

Fast Page Loads

The more data centers you have to choose from, the better your chances are at getting fast load times. A2 has data centers located in both US and Europe that you can choose from to get the fastest responsive speed.

cPanel Control

Like most hosting providers, A2 has cPanel control panel making managing your sites domains, hosting, email etc… much easier.

Good Server Uptime

It’s one thing to have fast hosting, but it’s another to have it come with very good server uptime.

Their uptime stats are tracked by a 3rd party program called WebsitePulse from four different locations, Washington and Los Angeles (US), Brisbane (Australia), as well as Desseldorf (Germany), and they monitor it every 5 minutes

Advance Hosting Features

A2 Hosting offers a few cool advanced features built into all their hosting packages. Even on their $2.95 plan

Server Rewind Backup:  Server Rewind helps easily restore your data from saved snapshots when recovery is necessary.

Free Cloud Flare:  Cloud Flare helps deliver your content in the faster route and blocks various malicious threats before they can even reach your site.

Free Hack Scan:  Hack Scan helps block hacks before they can invade and damage your site

Customer Support

One pet peeve I have had with hosting companies in the past 12 months is customer support or lack of.

I called A2 a couple times for tech questions and was always happy with the process and outcome.

A2Hosting provides  24-7 Guru Crew support to help customers. The support team is 100% US based, made up by professional experts who have more than 5 years experience in the field.

The Wrap Up

For me, A2 Hosting has what I want in a good hosting company…

Fast load times.
Good to great uptimes.
Good customer support.

So for me, A2 is a good buy for anyone looking for new hosting.

Visit A2 Hosting Now


Full Disclosure: A2 Hosting paid me to test their service and write a review. But before I said yes, I told them I would need to use the service for a few week before I made a decision on writing the review. This review came from me personally using the site and seeing how well it works.  If they sucked, this review would not of happened, money or not.




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  • http://www.reviewhell.com/ Brent

    Nice review! Honest and straight to the point, exactly how reviews are supposed to be written. :)

  • http://www.adriennesmith.net/ Adrienne

    Hey John Paul,

    I have to admit when I learned that you had been with Bluehost for 8 years with no problems I was shocked. I had been with them almost 5 years but started having major issues about 7 months before that. Of course it was my blog, my database issues and my traffic that were the root of the problem when you’re on a shared hosting plan.

    I went with another company that was newer and because they were newer could handle me on their shared plan. That was until they were hacked and their service just became nonexistent.

    I had to move to a VPS service because I just couldn’t deal with my site not being up most of the time. I found it infuriating myself and I can imagine how my readers felt. I’ve never heard of A2 but I’m sure if you’re recommending them then they have to be a good one. I wish you the best of luck with them.


  • http://avgjoegeek.net/ avgjoegeek

    John – I almost went with these guys. I ended up going with another one for my own geeky reasons. But they appear to be a decent host. Definitely a LOT better than any EIG owned company.

    The only thing is now everyone seems to offer CloudFlare inside of CPanel now. As much as I love the service? Its become a pretty mainstream offering.

    Btw – what kind of speeds were you seeing with their shared service? Hopefully better than the typical 4-5 second load time you normally get with a shared host?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Jason I was seeing under 1.5 load times and my normal with the normal setup I have I see 1.5 – 2.0 load times and that goes up and down depedning on the day.

    Overall good service.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    I agree Adrienne it gets pretty annoying when your doing all the things right to bring traffic in and your host let’s you down.

    I am still looking at a couple option but am leaning towards full VPS my self.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    TY for that Brent, glad you enjoyed it :)

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