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8 LinkedIn Tips For Blogging Entrepreneurs

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8 LinkedIn Tips to Help Blogging Entrepreneurs BOOST Their Exposure.

My advice comes from 9+ years of using LinkedIn to get more traffic, leads and customers.

And my BIGGEST win from using LinkedIn was getting the attention of an oversees startup that turned into a 8 month $42,000 client contract.

linkedin tips and advice

For the past 12 months I have been spending more time on LinkedIn, it’s one of the top 4 platforms I use most.  Here they are in the order I use most and get best results are.





All 4 are social media platforms, but LinkedIn is more professional, you reach more professional people and the content you share and the way you use LinkedIn is different then how you use the other 3.

To help you better understand and get the most from your time on LinkedIn, I put together 8 tips, advice to get you on the right track and help you stop wasting your time.

8 LinkedIn Tips for Blogging Entrepreneurs


1. Create Your Profile…Right

First you will want to create your profile, because of all the LinkedIn Tips I share below, they won’t help you if your profile isn’t setup right.

Start with customizing your LinkedIn url, to fit your name or brand.

Also make sure to upload a picture that is clear and easy to see you, remember this profile is about you, the professional you, so pictures with your cat or kids or a picture from 20 years ago when you looked “cute” at your prom WON’T do.

To go with your picture, you want to upload a header image on your personal pages.

Keep in mind the same advice I shared above, this is your professional profile, so your header must be easy to read, high quality, and targeted to your topics of expertise.

Your header photo must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file and should have a resolution of 1400 x 425 pixels.

People are visual, so your picture or header may be the things that brings them in to learn more about your or your business.

Also take the time to fill in your tagline and information about yourself and what it is you do, add links to the things you do, like your blog or website.

Think SEO when filling out your profile, one, it will attract the right people who search on LinkedIn and  two, it’s good for Google too.

Now that you have things setup, make sure you keep it all up to date, review every few months or when something changes, like you launch a new business or a new blog.


2. Don’t Be Annoying With Your Edits

I probably should of made this #1 but I’m hoping you read this whole post BEFORE you go making changes to your LinkedIn page.

Before you start making a lot of edits to your page, you will want to go into your Privacy settings area and turn off the sharing profile edits setting.

Now when you make all your changes, you connections will NOT get an announcement for every change you make.

If you plan to make ONE change like updating a job, or promotion or update a new link or summary change then you can leave the settings alone.


3. Be Smart With Status Updates

When it comes to posting updates on LinkedIn, I leave the cutesy, funny, or untargeted updates for Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn you want to share targeted, helpful content around what you tell people you are there to help them with.

ex:  I’m there to teach people how to use Twitter, Social Media and Blogging better to grow their blogs or business.

Sooo the content I share is very targeted to that.

Now I do share quotes and image quotes once a day, because they still fit my target and professionals like to be inspired and motivated.

If you ONLY follow one of my LinkedIn Tips, please make it this one :)

“LinkedIn is NOT the place for your selfies, or dog pics, or pics of the food your about to eat.”

Think of LinkedIn as an office meeting, you wouldn’t stand up in that meeting and start showing how cute cat looked this morning when you woke up.

But you WOULD stand up in that meeting to share content that was targeted to what the meeting was about, so you would be adding value to that meeting.


4. How To Send Connection Requests

If there is one thing I HATE about LinkedIn is the BS requests I get from people wanting to connect.

Not sure who told people to write things like this…

“I read this article you wrote [and had these thoughts]. I’m also building a career in blah blah and I would love to be connected to you”

I feel they  are super annoying because they are so damn fake.

Plus you now look like every other momo on LinkedIn that is following the same advice… not a good thing.

What works better?

Take advice from Twitter, before you ask to connect, how about you first show interest in that person:

Like the stuff they share.

Leave a comment on the stuff they share.

Once you do that THEN you send them a simple connection request and say…

“whatever the hell you want, just be sincere and real and keep it simple.”

Also keep in mind, your following can be a little soft on Twitter and Facebook, but on LinkedIn, who you are connected to MATTERS more, so stay targeted and professional.


5. Use The Summary To Show Off

Your summary is where you can hit people with the best or the best of you or your business.

This is where you share your expert, what are you good at, why should I care, and write so you standout.


Your summary works even better when you have a nice profile picture to grab attention.


6. Get Skills Endorsements

The skills section is where you or your connections can endorse you for skills your or they feel you have or have experience with.

These endorsements show up on your profile within that same skills section, as you can see my skills image below.
LinkedIn Tips John Paul Aguiar skills

Basically the more endorsements you get (up to a 99 score) the more influential you will look to people for that particular skill.

Now you don’t want to get int a tit-for-tat with people, but it is a good idea to endorsements some of your connections for the skills you feel they excel at.

Also by having a complete profile, that is regularly updated with status that target your topics and connections, you will start to receive endorsements from people regularly.


7. Publish Content On LinkedIn

I have not published content on LinkedIn yet, but have posts ready to go. I have seen many people get great results with publishing that I had to add it here.

Plus how can getting your content published on LinkedIn be a bad thing?

More eyes on your stuff  and proving what you know to people you want to know you know your stuff.

Whoa, try saying that sentence 5 times fast :)

You basically use LinkedIn’s internal publishing platform and use status updates to alert your followers to new content.

Now what do you share?

For me, I am going to be sharing my most popular posts from my blog that were posted at least 3 months ago.  I will edit the post, update it and change the title to say the same thing but with different words.

Also to get the most from publishing on LinkedIn, you want to follow a regular, consistent publishing schedule the same way you do on your blog.


8. Don’t Just Have It – Use It

Having a LinkedIn account is better than not having one, But USING your account is much smarter.

The more you share status updates, publish content, connect with people, like and content the more active your account will be.

This will look good to the people you want to notice you plus give you a better chance to rank higher when people search your topics in LinkedIn search box.

You can also join groups on LinkedIn, I have been part of the same groups for over 6 years and I will say that a good amount of the likes I get on my new posts comes from the attention they get in the groups I am a member of.

So you want to join a group and you want to share your new blog posts into the groups that FIT the posts topic.

But the real magic is when you are in groups and comment, or like other peoples stuff as well.

That LinkedIn advice is is pretty much exactly how I have used LinkedIn for over 9 years with some nice success.

If you are a blogger or entrepreneur then following my 8 LinkedIn tips will have you getting more attention and driving more traffic to your blog.











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  • http://inspiretothrive.com/ Lisa Sicard

    Hi John, great tips! I see so many people on LinkedIn who never really use the platform. It is different from the other social networks as it is a PROFESSIONAL social network, so you are right – forget those cute photos etc. Keep it professional with the shares. I have to work on the profile part of mine more, thank you for the tips and I have yet to write a post there. That will be on my to do list for 2017.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Glad the post was helpful Lisa and got you thinking on some changes for the new year :)

    Yes, keep the cats and food on Facebook lol

  • http://joelbauer.com/free-webinar/ Joel Bauer

    Great tips. I have found Linkedin to be a great platform to connect with people.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Glad you liked the post Joel.. I agree.. great platform IF used correctly :)

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