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Top 8 Content Marketing Trends for 2016 – Infographic

Posted by in Entrepreneurs

With 2016 almost gone, this content marketing trends Infographic by CJGDigital shows us some trends that we have already seen and will start to seen in the coming months.

For me, content is VERY important, but what is JUST as important is knowing how to PROMOTE that content. Knowing how to get it in front of as many people as you can.

Let me share a real world example:

I have a 63 Lincoln Continental that I take out on the weekends, so let’s say Saturday I grab my car from storage and clean it all up, quick wax, clean the tires, shine the chrome.

Now the car is glowing it is so clean and looks amazing, “my car, the content” is perfect, but now I decide to just leave it there all day, “no one sees it, my promotion sucked”.

Now if I had taking the car for a ride by the park, the beach, the ave, 100’s even 1,000’s of people would have seen it, and enjoyed it.

So even though my content was perfect, I didn’t bring it to people for them to see, making my content useless.

As you read thru the 8 content marketing trends below, follow them, learn them, believe in them, but also remember the content is ONLY step 1, you need to add the promotion, step 2, to get the most out of that content you created.

Also #8 has come true BIG time if you have seen any of the craziness over the new game Pokemon Go, I love when predictions get proven :)

Quick View of the 8 Trends:

1. Content marketing will drive both B2B and B2C
2. Focused on people more than search
3. Rise of AI
4. Automated creation from aggregated content
5. Content creation from automated algorithms
6. New social media publishing options
7. Higher demand for visual mediums
8. Interactive content getting more appeal

The Infographic goes into much more detail in each of the 8 trends, take some time to read it and see which trend you can add to your own marketing efforts.


Hope you enjoy the 8 Content Marketing Trends Infographic Below:

Content Marketing Trends 2016 infographicsource: cjgdigital

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