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5 Blog Posts That Attract The Most Comments

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Last week I wrote a post on 4 Posts 200 Comments and Lesson Learned

So today I wanted to build on that and go over some blog posts that work well for attracting more comments.

Writing great content is your first step to getting comments on each of your posts. Knowing that, there are some posts that just work better at getting comments then others. Below is a list of the post that have worked well for me.

You also want to write content that is relevant to your blog, all posts below can be used in any niche on any topic.

How To’sget comments, posts that get comments, tlak to me, make money blogging

People like to learn how to “do things” themselves. Writing a step by step outline on how  your reader can do

something is very powerful.  To make this even more powerful, add references to what your talking about.

How to posts work best when you offer a beginning, middle and an end on how to do something new. Be as detailed as you can, so your reader is left with no unanswered questions.

Doing this type of post also allows you to get returning  traffic too, since you will be branding yourself as someone to go to for help on the specific “how to” post you wrote.

Now this goes without saying… BUT I’ll say it anyway haha

Make sure the how to you write is on something you have a good amount of know how on, you don’t want to offer half ass info that will lead your readers in a negative direction.

I have seen bloggers offer a “How To Get Traffic” ebook yet they have a 1 million Alexa rank on a 2 yr blog.  So make sure you know what your talking about, before you start a how to post.

Another great tip, is to add pictures and videos as much as you can, for me I learn better watching a video then I do reading a post.

Top Lists

I like top lists, they take some time to pull the information and to put this type of post together, but the feedback is huge if done right.

Example of this Top 50 Places To Advertise For Under $25

It doesn’t matter if your post is on information that is easily available online, people like to have it all in one place, saving them time and energy searching for it themselves. Your readers will show their support and appreciation for the work you did putting that resource together for them.

You can do a Top List post on pretty much any topic, but again try to stick to your blogs topic.

Another benefit is these posts do very well when pushed on social media sites.

Share Your Story

I’m a big believer in bringing your story and personality to your blog. This works well for many reasons…

People want to know your real and a normal guy/girl just like they are, they will relate to you easier.

Also it makes it much easier to build relationships with your readers since you have already shared some of who you are with them.

Be honest and real here, people will smell bullshit a mile away!

Example is Jeremy at shoemoney.com He had a great story, he was really really fat..lol  and he shared how he lost the weight, that’s awesome, people relate to that, since we all need to lose a lil weight.. well at least I do..haha

He also share about his Adsense earnings.. years later I still remember 2 big things about Shoe, he was fat and lost the weight and he earned a HUGE Adsense check.

Sharing your story is powerful! Share your failures and successes with people, no one is perfect, not even you, people feel they can trust you when you share the good and the bad.

Think of it like this.. used car salesman are pretty much seen as scumbags, why?  Might be because no matter if true or not, they ONLY push perfection.. that car is great, that car is fast, that car fits you, blah blah

So sharing good and bad will attract more comments and readers.

You can also share about specific situations that you have dealt with and how you worked thru that negative and turned it into a positive.

Run A Contest

As far as contest posts, I’m not big on doing these, but I do know many bloggers that have used contests to get huge amounts of comments.

First, contests take time and planning and you also want to make sure you are offering things that your readers will want.

Contests work well because the people that sponsor the contest and the people that participate will leave comments in support of the contest.

If done right, this will drive new readers to your blog long term.

Funny Posts

We all like to laugh and if you don’t, then up your Prozac dose haha (see I made a funny there) :)

So mixing in some funny within your posts will help your readers enjoy reading that much more.  What’s better then learning something and getting a good laugh at same time? If you said nothing.. then you are correct! :)

For me, I blog about blogging tips, making money blogging and making money online, so I try to bring a little funny to every post I write, but there is a fine line to follow.

Normally the more funny you bring the better, but there are some niches and topics that you will need to find that balance between bringing the funny and sharing information and branding yourself as the go to guy in your niche.

If you can teach your reader something new and make them laugh, then you are almost guaranteed to get a comment and a reader for life.

Another thing is social media buzz, what gets the most Viral juice thru social media?  It’s always those funny pics or hilarious Youtube videos right?

Have you seen peopleofwalmart.com?  OH MY GOD, The best laughs you will ever get.

So if you can bring the funny to your writing people will share it faster because they want to share the funny with friends and this will drive more traffic and comments back to your blog.

These are just a few of the post I like to write and have had some nice success with so far.

You have any posts you like to write to drive comments?  Let me know!


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  • Wayne Wamush


  • Elyana

    I love the post and i guess i need to say thank you for the tips although i do like a blog post to grow organically, if you know what i mean.

  • http://bivori.com/ Suresh Khanal

    Sharing your won stories are really interesting to everyone and gets more engagement. Everyone is interested to reiterate your success or avoid themselves to fall in troubles if they know what causes it.

    How to posts too are great and helps to build your authority quite soon. However, I agree to:

    “Make sure the how to you write is on something you have a good amount of know how on, you don’t want to offer half ass info that will lead your readers in a negative direction.”

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Thanks Suresh :) Talking about things you REALLY know is the best way to see real results and build trust.

  • http://www.opensourcevarsity.com/ Ivan Bayross

    I really wanted to read this Blog post John (and I did). Its excellently written. You do have the gift of engaging (and adding value) to your Blog post reader (me).

    However, (not complaining just sharing) I was put off by a form that opened almost immediately when I landed on this page, and prevented me reading what I wanted.

    There was no clearly visible way to dismiss the form either. A giant- Close Me -button somewhere visible would have made my reading experience so much more enjoyable.

    Just when I was ready to bounce off the page the window disappeared and I get the opportunity to read a really stimulating and educative Blog post.

    Just Sharing, not cribbing (or maybe I am :-)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Ivan Thank U for the comment and I’m glad the post was helpful ( once you finally read it) :)

    That is a pop up and I have used one on n off for years, there is an x on the corner and on my end seems easy to see, but I know on mobile it can be a pain. I am working on fixing it :)

    I keep the pop because it works, it pulls opt ins better than almost any other form. Not my opt ins to complain ratio is VERY low.

    Now if the complaints were the same or higher than the opt ins I get, then the form would be gone in a min.

    But right now, that is not the case so it stays.

    I hope that explains my mindset on the form and why I use it.

    Now what I hope is that form doesn’t keep you from revisiting the blog over and over again my friend.

  • http://www.opensourcevarsity.com/ Ivan Bayross

    John, I did read the Blog post. Its contents are well written and educated me. I mentioned that in my first comment. I truly appreciate your writing style.

    Okay I totally understand why you use the pop-up that you use.

    BTW, I use a desktop / laptop to access the Internet (I’m 63+years old) and not a great – Mobile – fan :-)

    Do check the popup across the five major browsers, IE, FF, Safari, Chrome and Opera. I use Chrome (the latest version) and I could not find a way to turn off the opt-in box.

    Perhaps the opt-in box code needs to be tweaked? or a plugin codespec updated? and the popup Opt-in box would have persuaded me to sign on :-)

    That said, I shall not pester you about this issue any more. AND
    I’m definitely coming back regularly to your Blog site to read great content.

    Enjoy the day ahead its going to be a great one.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Ivan.. that is weird since I checked it against the top 5 browser when I added it, btu that was 1.5 yrs ago and things change.

    I will look into it TY for the heads up and happy to hear you will be revisiting :)

  • http://www.opensourcevarsity.com/ Ivan Bayross

    Perhaps its just a plugin upgrade that will set this right, don’t sweat it, unless of course one or two others write in. If you give me and Email ID I can use, I’ll grab a screen shot and send it across, if you think that would be of use to you.

    Its amazing that you talk about being a Kidney Transplant Recipient. I’ve worked very hard for a friend to raise about 6000 USD/- from various sources to help partially fund his sisters kidney transplant.

    The over all operation and post op care cost more than 10,000 USD/- Glad to tell we you that amount was collected and paid to the hospital and his sister is was operated and is healthy today and doing well.

    More power to you guys.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Ivan happy to hear your friends sister was able to have her transplant and that she is doing well. :) Not an easy thing to go thru, but good to see another person get one and is doing well.

  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Lorie Lewis

    Such a great article you have, I really admire you for being such a creative person.

    This article is full of advice and information from which I have learned a lot. And writers should know more about being sensitive and being a good writer as well, but they should especially learn how to make their stories more attractive for all the people who reads thier stories.

    I really appreciate your advice.I will follow these tips you have shared to improve my blogs. Thank you for inspring us to do more.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    TY Lorie, I hope the advice helps you :)

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