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200 Follow Friday People To Follow and Twitter Dummy Guide Winners

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Follow Friday Top 200

Today the Top 10 #FollowFriday List turns 20, how fast they grow up :) I started about 3 months ago and with your support the idea has done well and and I Thank U for that.

Today I decided I would do a full recap of all the past #FollowFriday Top 10 people… 200 People long list.follow friday

So if you have missed following any people in the past 3 months, this is a good time to connect with them now on one list.

Before we get to that HUGE list, let’s jump in and see who won their own Twitter Dummy Guide from commenting on Tuesdays post: 10 Things I Learned On My Twitter Journey To 100,000 Followers


Twitter Dummy Guide Winners

Since the comment count wasn’t high enough to choose every 3rd person, I went with every 2nd person to choose the winners.

First copy goes to my 100,000th follower – Justine @Premakarini

2. Cynthia

3. chrystabairre

4. Ryan Smith Photo

5. Nicole McPherson

6. Antonia Leonor

7. Yasmeen

8. Matthew Wright

9. Sheila Korte

10. Eugene Farber

Congrats to all the winners!


Top 200 #FollowFriday Favorites Recap

image FamousBloggers

Bio:  SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic, Design, Social Media, Making Money Online Tips and we also teach you How to Blog and Start a Business

image DanielSharkov

Bio:  I’m Daniel Sharkov, a student and a blog owner. I’m into blogging for a bit more than a year. I write about Blog Monetization, Design, Social Media and more

image SheilaAtwood

Bio:  WordPress freak, avid gardener, fishing fool, living the Mtns of Utah.

image Murlu

Bio:  Want your online business to kick more ass? Let me know how I can help you.

image socialmouths

Bio:  I help people be successful online through Blogging, Social Media and Online Marketing. Caffeine addict.

image KeepUpWeb

Bio:  I’m a friendly computer geek. I blog common-sense & low-cost tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Drop by and say “Hi”.

image AnnTran_

Bio:  Happily Married, Spiritual Seeker. Enjoys Travel, Beaches, Wine, Hiking and Photographing Nature.

image lorimcneeartist

Bio:  artist/blogger,#arttip, social media, poetic painter,quote junkie, novice photog, friend to birds & animals, busy mom living a healthy mountain life!

image workingforwonka

Bio:  Entrepreneurial Survivor. Built A Career Working For Quirky, Entrepreneur Bosses – Now I Write About Them – Follow Me, I’ll Guide You To The Light.

follow friday, twitter expertetiquette

Bio:  author, coach and expert in business, social, dining, multicultural etiquette. Etiquette tips, books, resources, etiquette seminars, and 101 private training.

twitter followers, twitter Rick_LaPoint

Bio:  Sales & Marketing; Internet Selling & SEO Strategies; Website Design, Graphics, C++ Software Developer; Public Speaker. Play electric guitar & Gourmet Cooking.

follow friday, twitter extremejohn

Bio:  Founder of Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc., Insane Limos, Inc., and Extreme Spray Tan, Inc. and blogging CEO.

get twitter followers, twitter diary4life

Bio:  A blog with tricks and tips for your personal development diary. A great place to meet other like minded people.

follow friday, twitter maria_muir

Bio:  This That & The Other, Blogging Tips, Social Media, Inspirational, Motivation, Guest Posting, Humour & Alternative News

get twitter followers, twitter arkarthick

Bio:  Entrepreneur, Blogger, Photography/Designing/Social Media – Enthusiast. Humorous, Creative & Positive Thinker. Love to be Friend & Gain/Share Anything Awesome!

follow friday, twitter AskKim

Bio:  Developing Awesome Relationships, Providing Life Coaching, Mentoring & Online & Social Media Marketing, Networking & Personal Development!

get twitter followers, twitter dragonblogger

Bio:  Part time tech blogger who works with WordPress and helps others with blogging tips

get twitter followers, twitter VIVAssistants

Bio:  VIVA virtual Business Support Services. Certified DBE. Government Vendor Support (A/E/C & Municipalities)/ Spanish-English Business Services/ Exec Admin Support

follow friday, followfriday, twitter followers Hadel

Bio:  Love to Dance!!A Poet,& A Peace Maker ;-) Also,Warning,I twitter a lot!!!

follow friday, followfriday Viggo_Andersen

Bio:  Social Media Junkie who share Tips and News about Twitter, Facebook, Google, Blogging, Apps & Web Services, Android, iPhone and listens to Grunge & Metal.

follow friday, followfriday, twitter followers randyclarktko

Bio:  Member of the TKO Graphix marketing team, Under the Radar rock band, beer geek, proud dad, loving husband, living the dream

follow friday MichaelaPetrik

Bio:  Digital marketing enthusiast, passionate traveller, aspiring inline skater.

follow friday, followfriday, twitter followers BlazingMinds

Bio:  Owner and Famous Blogger of Blazing Minds, lover of tech, life & people who make me laugh. A Twitter celebrity in the making.

followfriday PhotosByReana

Bio:  I am a photographer in training….No matter where I go, my camera comes with me….I’ve been taking pictures for 10 years!!!!

follow friday, followfriday, twitter followers ateegarden

Bio:  Researching & discovering human potential, marketing, spiritual living, founder of Life Marketing Strategies, love Disney of the 70′s and 80′s.

follow friday, followfriday, twitter followers AbeBellini

Bio:  Entrepreneurial related content| SEO | travel| athletics

follow friday Tnsblog

Bio:  Devesh, founder and owner of Technshare.com. He is a passionate blogger and internet marketer.

follow friday, followfriday, twitter followers RedheadWriting

Bio:  Writer, disruptive presence, devil’s advocate (the devil, on occasion), snarkmeister, hash tag abuser in a 10 step program because I can’t commit to 12.

image KeepUpWeb

Bio:  I’m a friendly computer geek. I blog common-sense & low-cost tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Drop by and say “Hi”.

image cmgmyr

Bio:  Drummer, web developer, computer geek, and entrepreneur.

image Bomb_hipster

Bio:  Im a 19 year old Ghost Writer. Avid blogger/business man. Moden Day Hippie With that Sticky.

image MARLdblE

Bio:  I love: Female Entrepreneurship, Marketing, 20SB, 3T, Beachbody fitness, Spirituality, Helping chicks start kick-a$$ online businesses, Laughing, & Loving Life!

image TheSalesLion

Bio:  Passionately writing about all things inbound and content marketing, small business, and life success principles.

image newbizblogger

Bio:  I am a Online Business Advisor & Trainer sharing online business tips & training with like-minded Entrepreneurs & hoping to change lives one person at a time.

image ChrisManning3

Bio:  Helping people live their dream life now – not in the future. Not happy settling and want to know how to change things? Follow me for helpful advice.

image LiivLee

Bio:  Vancouver based writer living, exploring and enjoying life to the fullest. Senior Editor & Write

image stephspiro

Bio:  Twitter addict. Journalist. Blogger for @lovecinema. Lover of movies, pop culture, psych, social media, creativity, sharing. I tweet a lot. You’ve been warned.

image theresawalsh125

Bio:  A Sales Professional with Over 6 Years of Experience, Small Business Owner and a Wannabe Writer. Join Me on My Quest to Find Out How to Increase Sales.

image LeoWid

Bio:  I love Social Media and Startups. I blog twitter tips. Say hi anytime :)

image EzyBlogger

Bio:  A Blogger and Internet Marketer from Malaysia.

image ShaiLaserson

Bio:  Passion and Work Equals Success. I have a passion for People, Marketing & Technology.

image Faissalhaithami

Bio:  I’m a blogger & online marketer! simple person ^_^ that enjoy learning what I could & helping people for what I know!

image pockets_blog

Bio:  Looking for ways to tackle my consumer debt. Love finding bargains, coupons and great deals. Curious soul and social media enthusiast!

image levcastelan

Bio:  Internet Marketing consultant focus on Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Elearning

image nittyGriddyBlog

Bio:  A Kinda Social Media Journal | Net News & More. SM Enthusiast. Copywriter. MarCom Conslt. Avid Learner. I Follow SMedians, Insightful, Engaging & Witty Peeps.

image LiveUrLove

Bio:  Practical shooter/IPSC, shooting trainer, scuba diver, traveler, internet addict and many other things. Loves to share tips and advice. Hence the blog :)

image YesVictory

Bio:  Blogger, tweeter, aspiring writer. Don’t forget tech enthusiast. You know, the usual.

image alexwhalley23

Bio:  Owner and Founder of BuRP! SEO Consulting and the official Build.Rank.Profit Blog. Learn how to Build, Rank & Profit from Niche Websites and affiliate marketing

image AdamStanecki

Bio:  Father. Husband. Business owner & educator. Health & fitness geek. Writer. Thinker.

image stefantopfer

Bio:  CEO & Chairman of WinWeb, provider of business software, web & outsourcing services. Blogger @ No.1 ranked Small Business Blog

image buzzblogger

Bio:  Social Media Addict…Blogger…Bookworm…. and Running Nut

image melissamoog

Bio:  Entrepreneur, IB Baby Planners CEO, IBPA President, TV/Media Savvy, Author, Niche Creator, Luvs Safe/Non-toxic Baby Gear, Happiest as Mama 2 Isa & prego w/twins

image seommotips

Bio:  Teacher, Blogger and a helpful simple man, started SEO MMO Tips blog to help new bloggers create, promote and monetize their blogs.

image mattleblancart

Bio:  Marketing account director by day, professional abstract artist by night. I blog, I tweet, I paint, I live and I learn. Dieppe NB Canada.

image backngroovemom

Bio:  domestic CEO, mother of boys, dog lover, volunteer, getting groove back, helping one mom at a time get grv back, developing a braduct, and I bake, too!

image SusanLorelei

Bio:  A smile and kind word goes a long way! Love this gig called life. Being positive is a daily choice. Hold your tongue and stay out of trouble….

image Edupreneur

Bio:  Education and Social Entrepreneur

image Element321

Bio:  Novice Web Design and SEO Consultant. I also enjoy organic gardening as one of my hobbies.


image alice_elliott

Bio:  I’m the human representative of the Fairy Blog Mother, and a visual marketer that likes to help others to succeed.

image sweetsfoods

Bio:  Blogger. Foodie. Social Media Addict. Health & Fitness Enthusiast. Runner & Biker. Like Internet Marketing, Search Engines Optimization too..better Follow Me!

image 2cre8

Bio:  eMarketing trends & tech enthusiast. Believes in balance. Simplicity in form + function. Mompreneur. Foodie. Design. Art. Music. ? iPhone. MAC/PC Coffee! #BA75

image alex_batogevsky

Bio:  becoming social media expert. three languages speaker. awesome inline skater. deep thinker and thoughtful observer.

image KathleenKrucoff

Bio:  Artist ~ Jewelry Designer. Married to my soul mate; we share our home with 3 adorable basset hounds.

image qnet21

Bio:  Native American Tech Firm-Architects Hi-Performance Networks, Language Pres. Technical Infrastructures, Healthcare and Ed. Hi-Tech Computing Platforms. B.T.L.I.

image Evelyn_Parham

Bio:  Blogger, Vegan, & Video Blogger. Reading, writing, blogging, vlogging, singing, natural hair and helping others become healthier, one step at a time.

image socialpotsamy

Bio:  A creative thinker, a crazy communicator, a world citizen, always in search of good questions

image jhatchdj

Bio:  Full Time-Professional Wedding Entertainer, DJ and Master of Ceremonies 17yrs Exp. Owner CNY Photo Booth

image TechnicallyEasy

Bio:  Helping others understand technology.

image Roxx_ii

Bio:  Songwriter/Singer ~ Music is an extension of our feelings, thoughts and opinions ~ Express Yourself!!

image FollowEve

Bio:  Wife, mommy, blogger, marketing manager, Internet addict, foodie, iced coffee junkie, lover of shoes, scarves and all things Apple.

image MindofAllan

Bio:  I’m a writer and a Life explorer. I help people develop the lifestyle they want while partying and living out insane adventures. Follow me on my journey!

image RyanBiddulph

Bio:  Helping you make money online without chasing prospects.

image McCollinsMedia

Bio:  They call it by fancy names. We call it story telling. There are brands, and there are people. We connect them. Through stories, through rich experiences.

image barbarajen

Bio:  engaged by… the power of social media to build connection and community; possibility; humor; art and culture matters; the Why

image mike_trow

Bio:  Versatile International Sales Consultant Sharing Ideas on Global Sales & Marketing, Social Media & Events. Dog Lover & Wine Appreciator!

image Denkmaschinen

Bio:  Computer\Web 2.0/Smartphones/Social Media/Music-Lover/ Passionate Blogger and Confessing Symbian Advocate

image Sidekicker

Bio:  Life Time DJ Producer Promoter MMA FAN!

image BasicBlogTips

Bio:  Blogging tips, YouTube tutorials and social media optimization.

image leinsoy07

Bio:  Proud father and husband. THEN…proud Veteran, MBA graduate, Accountant, blogger & social media fanatic, entrepreneur in the making, coffee lover…

image KDillabough

Bio:  Business coach, mentor, muse: lover of life & livin’ it to the max! Former Olympic broadcaster/coach. Single Malt fan. Passionate about helping others succeed.

image bizchickblogs

Bio:  Business, health, technology, relationships and family, food, style, and culture.

image MiaChambers

Bio:  Global Citizen. New Media Virtual Assistant. Sushi Lover.

image jmcguirelex

Bio:  Public relations pro, social media junkie, Kentucky Wildcat fan

image 1DeVineGal

Bio:  Created DeVine Lip Shimmers. Mom, Wife, Proprietor, Volunteer, I used to be pretty, funny, people liked me,… and then I had teenagers!

image fundraiser_eric

Bio:  Husband, Father, Animal Lover. Volunteering, Fundraising and Advocating for great social causes. Crazy about beagles and furry cats. Make a Difference.

image kristendny

Bio:  Author, book-length fiction, poetry and more genres: psychological thriller, gothic horror, parallel universe, fantasy

image thisisourlife08

Bio:  We are Gabe and Liana Gomez, happily married for 3 years! We are starting a blog on how we have made married life happy and interesting! Please follow us!

image SmartBoyDesigns

Bio:  At times I wonder if I’m crazy. Then I just settle on knowing it’s really all of you. The ones I call my friends.

image 2morrowknight

Bio:  Co-Creator of the #TwitterPowerhouses Series, and #TwitterCharityFacts. Blogger for @Huffingtonpost and @op_editorial, Marketer, Do-Gooder, Master Surfer!??

image rcvane

Bio:  The Social Media Artist. Art & Photog. Into naturopathic med, natural birth, rock climbing, be-kind-to-mother-earth & each-other stuff. Teach me wise tweeters.

image jonknep

Bio:  Freelance blogging,research & working on projects of my own. Proud dad. Tweeting about blogging, web, etc. Living the dream & working to make it dreamier

image MichaelVanOsch

Bio:  Founder of thinktankmen | Bus.& Life Advisor to Men | Author, Speaker, Men’s Group Leader | Freedomaire(TM)

image AdamTroudart

Bio:  Internet marketer. Designer. Blogger. Runner. Optimist. I like helping you succeed online. My tweets are fresh, hype-free & pitch-free. Come join the party!

image CodyMWard

Bio:  Digital Marketing Professional for B2B Financial Services Company with Specialties in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, CRM, & Analytics. (My posts are my own)

image PatyGallardo

Bio:  Mujer 2.0 Asesora de imagen, comunicacion Press & PR. Marketing Social Media. ? Especialista en Color. Branding @ElcolorComunica Blog:

image abnormalmarket

Bio:  We provide Online Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses – Web Design, Website Optimization, Social Media Management, SEO, PPC, and Blogging.

image griesam

Bio:  Business student with complementary studies of Entrepreneurship. Tweeting mainly about Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Blogging Leadership

image misandi

Bio:  Random Acts of Kindness can bring joy & happiness to the lives of many. Lets make the world a better place. Spread PEACE, LOVE & JOY wherever you go~?


image rowenabolo

Bio:  A Student of Life. Information Marketer and Social Media Entrepreneur.

image coachdiana11

Bio:  From Coach to Entrepreneur. Sharing my experience on this journey and supporting other coaches to make a living doing what they love.

image Edupreneur

Bio:  Education and Social Entrepreneur. Expertise in operations,management, program development. Getting my feet wet in Social Media.

image kikolani

Bio:  Blogging and social media enthusiast. Geek girl who enjoys photography, tennis, and salsa dancing.

image RobCubbon

Bio:  Designer and Marketer – websites, print marketing, email marketing, blogs, re-branding, presentations, WordPress, SEO, SM, etc. Based in London, UK.

image kirapermunian

Bio:  Internet Marketer / Blogger

image PatyGallardo

Bio:  Mujer 2.0 Asesora de imagen, comunicacion Press & PR. Marketing Social Media. ? Especialista en Color. Branding @ElcolorComunica Blog:

image ditesco

Bio:  Business Consultant, Internet Marketer, SEO

image CodyMWard

Bio:  Digital Marketing Professional for B2B Financial Services Company with Specialties in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, CRM, & Analytics.

image susanlynncope

Bio:  Event Planner specializing in corporate & private events. Lover of art, music & the small things in life. Sharing my life in words. Feel inspired & simply be.

image YvonneWindell

Bio:  From Witbank South Africa. Passionate about wildlife, art & music. I follow right back…. promise! xox

image AdamTroudart

Bio:  Internet marketer. Designer. Blogger. Runner. Optimist. I like helping you succeed online. My tweets are fresh, hype-free & pitch-free. Come join the party!

image Mick_Gill

Bio:  I am interested in Media & Internet, Technology & Fun Stuff that I find around the Internet! Technorati Top 100 Blogger ?

image rcvane

Bio:  The Social Media Artist. Art & Photog. Into naturopathic med, natural birth, rock climbing, be-kind-to-mother-earth & each-other stuff. Teach me wise tweeters.

image AllieRambles

Bio:  I’m Allie. I have been sharing and teaching, learning and earning passive income online since September 2010. Love: Hot coffee. Hate: Slow drivers fast lane.

image vofec

Bio:  nature loving graphic designer, snowboarder, food maker, organic gardener & a random tweeter [reiki II level]

image SocialMediaSMG

Bio:  Chris Lucas shines the spotlight on #SocialMedia Shaker Mover n Groovers. Enjoy The Who, What, When, Where, Why & Hows of #SocialMedia n More!

image rbakercnn

Bio:  Digital Preservation, Archives & Research

image DanielleFordLV

Bio:  Mommy. Entrepreneur. Model. Poker Pro-in-Training. Dreamer. Harry Potter Fanatic. Practical Joke Champion. Christian. Humanitarian. Disney Princess.

image TheTop10Blog

Bio: Top Twitter People lists, great guest articles on a myriad of topics, my own ramblings, super interviews and a lot more! Just good fun, please do join me.


image JaviervW

Bio:  Marketing strategist, business coach, Hispanic Mkt, innovation, branding.a Travel junkie.

image abbie_tanner

Bio:  Founder of A Business Innovation, a marketing and business development consultancy for clients in financial and other professional services.

image Boky84

Bio:  My life story can be read on

image rajmalikdc

Bio:  Ex-WalMart greeter, Subway Sandwich Engineer, lawyer, passions are small biz, entrepreneurs

image Texascopywriter

Bio:  I’m a pro copywriter, blogger, & digital journalist & owner of All Media Freelance

image randyclarktko

Bio:  Member of the TKO Graphix marketing team, Under the Radar rock band, beer geek, proud dad, loving husband, living the dream

image CarolineMues

Bio:  Content Writer. Mom. Volunteer. Business & the Arts. I also reach out to expand awareness on mental health issues to break the prejudice against mental illness.

image ErenMckay


Bio:  Mom to 3 boys who loves God, has a sense of humor, is a bit weird, and tweets about spiritual encouragement, family, SEO and helpful resources for your website.

image ramon_rmj

Bio:  MBA with Marketing focus. Social media, client/customer relationships are my passion!

image DinoCarlton

Bio: Realise the Potential Within! Find the latent strength + VALUE in people teams and organisations | Leader | Business & Change Consultant | KJ | Yachtsman | Yoga

image bryanmeredith

Bio:  Married, father of a gaggle of girls. Student of all things technological. Comments I make here are my own opinions.

image JakeARamsey

Bio:  Law Enforcement | Here to make friends & unwind from the daily grind of what I do. Movie buff, romantic, friend to all. Feel free to say ‘hello’ :-)

image ChrisGrandecom

Bio:  Financial planning rebel w/a cause. Investor, traveler, educator, & listener.

image kirri_white

Bio:  Success coach, Mummy, blogger, fitness enthusiast and Lover of Life. I’m all about sharing the love – in a fun and G-rated way!

image Benny_Hsu

Bio:  On a journey to design my dream life, finding what excites me, creating freedom of time and place to do what I love to do. I love ice cream and movies.

image wsilch

Bio:  Empresa de consultoria especializada en mercadotecnia por internet

image bullishink

Bio:  Reader, Writer, Photographer, Lifestyle Designer.

image MarianneWorley


Bio:  Marketer, writer, freelancer, blogger, serious student of social media, baseball fan, history lover, avid reader, French Bulldog mom, and determined job seeker.

image CptTremendous

Bio:  I’m a student with an interest in web and graphic design. I also blog :)

image bigmoneywebs

Bio: My Name is Valentine an entrepreneur,founder of http://bizyolk.com a business-website that offers website listings around the world.

image mayhemstudios

Bio: Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan

image seanEclark

Bio:  Head of Web at Adnams, Southwold. Passionate Web & Tech Geek, Chess Fanatic & Runner, blogging about Twitter, WordPress, iPad, SEO, YouTube, Google & Chess.

image Brian_Rakowski

Bio:  Internet/Network Marketer and Aspiring Teen Heartthrob

image SteelMagnoliaa

Bio:  Innocent, kinda polite. The kind of girl that says her prayers at night.

image SmartIncomeBlog

Bio:  Dad, Blogger, Comic Book Geek, Android disciple, fantasy football addict, career independence crusader, travel enthusiast

image southrngurl6489

Bio:  A blogging internet freak. 30 something and loving life. In a Long Distance Relationship, and trying to help others in this situation cope.

image JohnFalchetto

Bio:  Dad, serial Expat Entrepreneur, helps expatriate professionals & entrepreneurs build their lifestyle abroad, runner, husband

image michaelpowers


Bio:  I’m a Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast – Huge Vancouver Canucks Fan – I am a Ball Hockey Player, Workoholic, Devoted Husband.

image Savvyandsocial

Bio:  I enjoy making new connections through social media,helping businesses through SM management. Into scrapbooking & Stampin’ Up!

image LinkWheeler

Bio: LinkWheeler provide a premium web 2.0 linkwheel service that simply can not be beat.

image KorteTravel

Bio: Over 20 yrs travel exp. Cruise Planners/Amex Franchise Owner, BNI Member. US Army Veteran/Am. Legion Member. Empire Avenue. Let me be your Go-To Travel Agent.

image ShanSteffen

Bio:  Philosopher, Logical Artist, Human SEO™, Marketing Strategist, ECommerce Entrepreneur, Writer, Blogger, Book Devourer, Dog Mom, Tea Lover

image InkwellEditor

Bio:  Founder/SEO Content Manager at NewMediaWords, an SEO writing company. Publisher of a tips/help site for SEO writers.

image richiereveley2

Bio:  I’m a gadget freak, technophile, and connoisseur of all things web related. Im also a hopeless Bona Fide Twitter, Facebook and Squidoo Addict.

image _DebbieRussell

Bio:  Contagiously Creative Marketer, Personal Branding Specialist, Social Media Marketing, CIC, Eco-Friendly, Parrothead, Boater,& Enthusiastic!

image VsAfterBedtime

Bio:  After Bedtime Blog is where this mom empties her head of all things life & blogging. Known 4 DIY blog & social media tips and ranting about my teens.

image 1DeVineGal

Bio:  Happily Married Entrepreneurial Minded Mom of 3 – Wine Lover – Helping Make Women’s Lips Beautiful – Find Your Inner Sparkle and Laugh Everyday!

image Techpupil


Bio:  I am a 17 yr old guy from India who loves to blog about Blogging.

image gyfooma

Bio:  most people judge you anyway so you create my bio.

image hishaman

Bio: Famous Bloggers Club founder, web-design, Social Networking, Blogging tips


image SoloBizCoach

Bio: Hello my name is Fred Leo – the Solo Biz Coach. I help aspiring entrepreneurs create awesome businesses.

image HowellMarketing

Bio:  TN Social Media, Howell Marketing Strategies CEO: (PR, Mktg, SM) Memphis SMC; Emerge Memphis; Wife, Mom; TN River Rat; Grateful; Listed: Twitter Badass #BA75

image girlygrizzly

Bio:  I am Mom, Pal and the Manager of Pioneer Outfitters and the lead guide of the Extreme Pro Team Guides. Capricorn 1, Week of the Ruler, Day-The Indomitable One.

image JWean

Bio:  Dedicated Loan Officer NMLS #132221 looking to help Indiana Homeowners & future homeowners w/ their mortgage needs.

image Chronotope

Bio:  AramZS – Official Student Media Community Manager @ George Mason University. Building better narratives online. Transmedia enthusiast. Avid reader.

image sherryscarvings

Bio:  Self taugh artist of 25+ yrs. My Medium most used, is Oil Paints. I love painting landscapes, wildlife, Native Americans, folkart, and still life.

image j_barrick

Bio:  Marketing guy, social media advocate, brand strategist. Husband & Dad. #ungeeked Toronto Discussion Leader and Author of ‘The New Strategist’ blog

image WeBlogBetter


Bio:  Blogging tips & tricks. I’m a writer who loves to blog and inspire others.

image Femmeonomics

Bio:  Tackling the business of being a professional woman.

image EAwrite

Bio: Author, Freelance Writer, Publicist, Philanthropist and geek. Yes, really. Did I mention writer, geek, oh and writer? Life is a Roller Coaster so buckle up.


image ivanwalsh

Bio: Editor, Business Synchronicity, business blog reaching 25,000 each month. Improve your Business Plans, Marketing Plans & Productivity.

image gupshupblog

Bio: Follow me If you are a BLOGGER :)

image HelenLindop

Bio: I help mums grow businesses around their young families. Co-author of Start A Family Friendly Business. Powered by tea and chocolate!

image j_barrick

Bio: Marketing guy, social media advocate, brand strategist. Husband & Dad. #ungeeked Toronto Discussion Leader and Auth

image techlunatic

Bio: Official Twitter Pro Of TechLunatic #SEO,#SEM #Marketing #MakeMoney and tips, Follow the updates to leverage your online presence

image Venture4

Bio: A new Social Enterprise based in Leigh in the Wigan borough.

image GreatTips4all

Bio: Make Money Online, Blogging, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Personal Development, Life, Great Quotes…I always follow back in less than 24 hrs!

image nancyjarial


Bio: wife, mother, marketer, designer, coffee drinker, list maker, planner, balancing job @tkographix and mom-job. grateful for it all.

image newvitalitynews

Bio: B2B content marketing and web development, specializing in the health, wellness, fitness and beauty industries.

image AnrusTranslate

Bio: In 2009, I decided to start my freelance career. Now I’m a full-time freelance translator from English into Russian and happy about it!


image GarratyGroup

Bio: We provide online marketing & web design services specifically to small biz. Love discussing all small biz issues, especially social media!

image backngroovemom

Bio: domestic CEO, mother of 2 boys, dog lover, writer, got groove back, lifestyle designer, helping 1 mom at a time get grv back, braduct developer, & I bake, too!

image BillBateman1


Bio: Insurance wholesaler – husband – Dad – Networker – Internet wanna be

image SteelMagnoliaa

Bio: Young fashion entrepreneur, lifestyle and fashion blogger . Also, innocent, kinda polite. The kind of girl that says her prayers at night.

image DaleFrankIns

Bio: Dale Frank Insurance is Western Mass’ Premier Auto, Property and Casualty Insurer and your go-to provider for Financial Services.

image atxtrina

Bio: sassy mexicana, mamá to Ethan, i like to feast on food, play good tunes, create stuff and my artsy with a little bit of fartsy.

image alexishelmrath

Bio: Self-development, sarcasm, and cake. I really like cake.

image mattmedeiros


Bio: Web professional and entrepreneur. Operating companies with my father and brother.

image ConnerLawTweets

Bio: Attorney, Bibliophile and Lifelong Opponent of the Oxford Comma.


image jennyplant

Bio: Interested in using social media for business, personal development, coaching and all things entrepreneurial.

image matt_oit

Bio: Learn how to earn money from your own website?

image LibbyVee


Bio: I’m a journalism student trying to live large and make it big. Intern, social media addict, travel fiend,

image mindcoach

Bio: Success Coach | Peak Performance Strategist | Personal Vision Guide | Mental Strength Expert

image brasonja

Bio: Sincere, friendly, curious, ambitious. Review writer,info provider,like social media, web design, photography, architecture,…join me at gplus.to/brasonja :)

image UWWBrendan

Bio: Public Relations & Business Student at UW-Whitewater I’m a regular guy, I just happen to have extraordinary hair.

image DianeKristen

Bio: Author, book-length fiction, poetry and more genres: psychological thriller, gothic horror, parallel universe, fantasy

image 140on360


Bio: Dad. Economist who blogs about marketing. I like paleo, nomadism, the singularity, agorism and the 17th century.

image acgtranslation

Bio: Freelance translator; Polish/English MED/SCI/BUSINESS; Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry, MBA. Lecturer and chemical researcher, bilingual with 2 bilingual kids

image HoundsHolHse

Bio: Mother, Photographer and Owner of small homely dog kennels called Hounds Holiday House.

I told you that is was a HUGE list haha  Hopefully you can connect or reconnect with some or all of the peeps on the list.

Again Congrats to all the Twitter Dummy Guide Winners.

If you didn’t win, then you can read more here – Twitter Dummy Guide

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  • http://www.famousbloggers.net Hesham Zebida

    WOW John,

    So.. This is why you was hiding last month :)

  • http://afterbedtimeblog.com/ Vanita Cyril

    @JohnAguiar thanks for the shout out! would it be crass of me to mention that I changed my twitter name to @VanitaCyril:twitter  Growing up and learning from the pros 😀

  • http://www.unleashingthetiger.com Dean Carlton

    Hey J-P – thanks (again!) for including me in your list – honoured, my friend!

    Have a great weekend!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    anytime Dino.. happy to have you on.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Normally I wouldnt be cool with it.. but since it is helping you get people to your new Twitter page then Im fine with it :)

    Its all about learning tweaking and keep rolling.. I see you on Twitter, and so far your doing what you need to to see the big results :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Man you dont even know. I am pulling myself in 10 directions getting projects done. Im a mess lol

  • Milabloch

    Thank you, John, for your great work! I’m honored to be on your list. But I’m mostly impressed with your generosity — sharing your secrets and guiding people to their success!
    Yes, it’s true that you never miss a chance to be amazing — you thank your fellow-followers each and every time for RTs, comments, or questions.  You rank high on my list of “Class Acts”..
    Always with gratitude,

  • http://blazingminds.co.uk/ BlazingMinds

    Hey there John, many thanks for having me listed, it’s much appreciated, but I think you know that already 😉

  • Tiffany Booth

    HI John-
    Great site! Thanks for the fab list :)


  • http://vitalyvt.com/ Vitaly Tennant

    Thanks for sharing this list … hopefully they follow back =)

  • http://sweetsfoods.com/ Gera

    Hi John!

    Amazing list and I know how long takes to
    make it! Many thanks for including me and it’s an honor to be there :)

    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

    Note: the twitter profile #2 I’m getting “Sorry,
    that page doesn’t exist!”


  • http://www.newbizblogger.com/ Michele Welch

    WOW, thanks for listing me JP! Really cool of you. 😀

    Great list here. There are actually a few I am not currently following. I have some work to do today. 😉

    Thanks again and stay cool!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thank U Mila.. I Appreciate the comps. Also happy to have you on the list again.. well deserved.

    I do what I can to help.. Im not perfect but I do the best I can.. all we can do right?

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Karen you are welcome.. and happy to have you on the list again.. You are great :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks for your first comment Tiffany.. hopefuly first of MANY haha

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Vitaly.. if you are doing things “right” on Twitter, then will follow you back.. they are all great and the reason for my small successes on Twitter.

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks Gera.. glad you like the list.

    #2 must of closed his account.. weird. oh well plenty of others :)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Happy to have you on the list Michele. Sorry for the extra work lol

  • http://onlineincometeacher.com/ Matt Smith

    Nice list John!  200 great people to connect with on Twitter.  Keep up the excellent work :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Muir/100000457132662 Maria Muir

    Cheers John, always appreciated. I’m a bit late but I haven’t been on the net much recently and missed this post. Must have taken an hour or two to write this up, but well done you :o)

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Maria.. happy to have you on the list as always :) I need a few days off the net :)

  • http://twitter.com/michellecruble Michelle Ruble

    Another GREAT list – going to take your advice like always and follow the ones I am not currently – thanks John you are a superstar!!!!

  • http://luisgalarza.blogspot.com/ Luis Galarza

    Excellent list John, and great selection of Twitter users!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com John Paul

    Thanks Luis… Glad you liked the post and the Tweeters.

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