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20 Top People On Twitter To Follow – February

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The other day I was looking back at posts I wrote about Twitter over 5 years ago, and the one thing I said then, that STILL applies today is…

Relationships – surrounding yourself with the right people, quality people, nice people.

I can almost promise you that will be the same reality in 5 years from today.

No matter what you do, no matter how you do it, surrounding yourself with helpful, smart, supportive, motivational people will help you do things faster, and better.

This is SO true on Twitter, since things move SO fast, that you need good people surround you to see what you throw out there, hopefully they catch it, see it and share it along.

Now multiply that scenario by 25, 50 100 or even 1000 people doing that for you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What would happen to your blog, your brand and your business?

I’m thinking VERY good things!

So to start you off, I have 20 great people from MY community that I believe you should follow.

20 people to follow on twitter

February List: 20 People You Should Follow On Twitter


  Shelly Kramer ‏-

Bio: Digital marketing brand strategist, information junkie with a penchant for quick wit. Partial to Milk Duds. And #beer.


   Fran Quinn ‏-

Bio: Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re thinking.


  Roberta Christopher ‏-

Bio: Assistant Professor passionate about nursing, research, wellness, quality, safety, informatics, EBP, and innovative instruction. Views are my own.


  The Marketing Scope – ‏

Bio: Online marketing magazine. Taking a closer look at marketing via articles, eBooks, best practice guides, webinars, podcasts & more.


  vipin nayar ‏-

Bio: I Help Bloggers, Entrepreneurs To Use Blog Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Social Media, SEO, PPC, & Email Marketing.


septamush  septamush – @septamush

Bio: A writer, blogger, social media manager, virtual assistant, a student, chef-in-training.


  Kim Lavigne ‏-

Bio: Helping people Birth Their Call  Social Media Manager


  Roman Jancic ‏-

Bio: Student of Internet Marketing.


  Zen Yinger ‏-

Bio: The Power Of Your Communities Will Make Your Brand #TheNextBigThing ☆ #CEO- ZenSocial

  Maddy Osman ‏-

Bio: Digital Marketer & #SEO Copywriter


  Mohana Rajakumar ‏-

Bio: The modern #mother #writer #scholar. Trying to do it all but not all at once. Published 8 ebooks, more on the way. I have a lot to say.


  Renilde De Wit ‏-

Bio: Community & curation. Digital, content, customer experience, transformation, marketing, social & more. Oversharer. Mom of 4.


  Sam Hurley –

Bio: Growth Hacker + Digital Marketing Influencer in SEO | Social Media | PPC


  Dawn Davis-Lawrence ‏-

Bio: #digitalmarketingCoach #CEO BEVA Enterprise


  Big Red Tomato Co ‏ –

Bio: I show #ecommerce #smallbiz owners how to grow their business, work less & earn more. Accountant, consultant, writer, dad, husband & kite flyer web.


  Sathish Isaac ‏-

Bio: Online | Digital | Social Media | Reputation & Perception Consultant | Entrepreneur | Christian


  Christopher Hurt ‏-

Bio: With my father and younger sister, I live in Merriam, Ks. I enjoy anime, cars, computers, and politics. I won’t pay for followers.


  impuls❤️marketing ‏-

Bio: #SocialMedia #Agentur #SocialMediaMarketing #Startups #Strategy #Unternehmer #Freelancers


  Mark Northall ‏-

Bio: Social Media Trainer Individuals SMEs and Companies.


  Brent Carnduff ‏-

Bio: Husband, father of 2, #SEO, #marketing specialist & speaker, staff writer SEJournal, former teacher & basketball coach, avid reader & writer.


There you go, 20 great people you should follow on Twitter, oh and if you are not following me yet, you can find me at @JohnAguiar

Great way to start your new year, just, Follow, Connect and Share with them.


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  • BrentCarnduff

    Thanks John Paul for including me in this list to tweeters! Cheers!

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