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15 Top People On Twitter To Follow – May

Posted by in social media, Twitter, Twitter Marketing

I’m happy to be sharing another list of some great, smart and supportive followers on Twitter.

Now this list is only 15 people long, not the normal 20.


For me, this list has always been a way to share the people that are connected to me on Twitter, that I see are using Twitter, around me, with me, in support of me.

If I see you doing that on an ONGOING basis, then you get on my radar and I add you to a list.

I know, super scientific strategy lol

Now this month I was a little slow with producing continent so the “ongoing” activity was lower than normal. Now there are about 15 people I saw this month that I could of added to the list… but they are newly connected to me.. so I have to see how they play out.

One hit wonders don’t do much for me, and they won’t do much for you, so why share them… agreed? Good :)

Now this list is ONLY as effective as YOU make it,  take it and follow and connect with the people on it.

I have said it before.. if they are helpful enough, and supportive enough to me.. what do you think they can do with and for you?

The one thing that will NEVER change on Twitter is… RELATIONSHIPS TRUMP EVERYTHING!!


May List: 15 People You Should Follow On Twitter


  Sujan Patel ‏-

Bio: Growth Marketer. Co-founder of ContentMarketer.io & Narrow.io Skydiver & Thrillseker


   Nicole Orozco ‏-

Bio: StartUpNation ‘s Top 100 Business In America | Web Designer


  Penny Freeman ‏-

Bio: Editor-in-chief xchylerpublish, author of historical fiction & fantasy, blogger, journalist, student of history and literature


  Joe Kelly ‏-

Bio: #SEO #socialmedia #WordPress & #graphicdesign consultant. I help smaller fish compete with the sharks!


  Elaine Perry ‏-

Bio: Author. Blogger, Entrepreneur. Founder & Publisher shallownation Arts, culture, social media, motivation, productivity, entrepreneurship, leadership, influence.


  Phil Aknd ‏-

Bio: Business Consulting, Management Consulting, Project Management, social media beginner.


  Torsten Mueller ‏-

Bio: Husband and dad of 2 lovely daughters, life-long learner, entrepreneur and business owner. Helping to achieve your goals. Let me know how I can help you.


  Terri Nakamura ‏-

Bio: Graphic designer & fun person; likes humor, Apple, cool, interesting, design, art, business, tech, pop culture, news.


  Tony Darrick Baker ‏-

Bio: Drastic Change requires Drastic Action. Internet Marketing Pioneer in Online Publicity, eCommerce, and Social Media with a special love for international travel.

  Ahna Hendrix ‏-

Bio: CEO ARCH_Digital. God lover. Yogi. Traveler. Compulsive reader. Foodie. Health enthusiast. Dancer. Author. Loud laugher. BIG smiler. Say hi!


  Michael Cudahy ‏-

Bio: President at Big Brand Boost – Social Media, Marketing Influencer & Brand Marketing.


  Eren Mckay ‏-

Bio: Dangers of Starting a Site w/out knowing these tips. Social Media Strategist, SEO Consultant, Product Creator.


  M.J. Logan ‏-

Bio: Author of #Children #Christian #fantasy Medical Prof-Free Spirit who truly believes in happily ever after- Purpose in life to encourage & inspire others.


  Carl Ramallo ‏-

Bio: Top 5% #Entrepreneur #MotivationalSpeaker, #Leadership


  Shannon Lavenia ‏-

Bio: The Boom Your Business Strategist helping businesses scale their growth with the power of systems.


There you go, 15 great people you should follow on Twitter, oh and if you are not following me yet, you can find me at @JohnAguiar

Great way to start your new year, just, Follow, Connect and Share with them.



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  • Shannon Tice Lavenia

    Thanks for the mention! It’s an honor and your lists are great!

  • http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/ John Paul

    Happy to have you on Shannon.. and TY for the support you give me on Twitter :)

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